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Friday, August 28, 2015


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization

* * *

In his 2013 book The Grand Deception, Mujahid Kamran describes some of the workings of what Churchill called the “High Cabal” that, unseen, really controls the world and, in particular, some of the means used historically by one of its affiliates and franchises, the United States of America, the takeover of which began in embryo about a century and a third ago. Dr. Kamran knowingly lauds the American people as overwhelmingly strong preferers of peace, harmony, and tolerance (though the propensity for spontaneous violence in some quarters throughout is fostered by policies instilling domestic resentment and grievance).

“Whenever US governments wish to shove the US into a great war,” Kamran writes, its agencies, through planned efforts arrange for incidents that lead to the loss of innocent American lives [and] resulting anger … diverted against the ‘enemy’.” And he notes that this tried and true practice, not having gone unnoticed, contributed mightily to widespread suspicion regarding the authorship of 9/11. And in addition, I might add, to growing suspicion of any and all violent incidents killing Americans mostly, but not solely – which happen almost every day now – and that the print and electronic press obligingly make their central stories.

To my mind, to say that the hidden powers-that-be have by now overplayed their hand and begun to wear out the deceptive value of this much-used trick, employed lately for all sorts of apparent purposes, would not be an exaggeration. And just as most came to the tardy realization that the carnival magician was insulting people’s intelligence to separate them from the coins in their pockets a century and more ago, fewer are being fooled every day now. As for us, we can only point out the trick when we spot it to all and sundry and strive toward the end that the no-longer-fooled will soon comprise an irate quorum in our society. Encouraging in this regard is the fact that our term “false flag” has recently crept its way into general American and British conversation.

Politically, the controlling élite’s strategy of bankrolling and owning tried and true groomed and initiated secret status-quo, openly change-agent winning candidates, relied on to protect their patrimonial status, has begun to wear through admitting sunlight across the western world. One current harbinger of this is the shockingly successful rousing social democrat Labour Party leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn in Britain. And then there’s the at least putative Greek rebellion, probably not over yet. Other examples, of course, are Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, surging respectively in defiance of the owned establishment stiffs in the two big parties in the U.S. The story in each case, regardless of precise ideology or program, is the electorate’s brewing disdain for and cold rejection of élite control – of being herded.

But the High Cabal directing the élite we see (even if barely) contemn democratic oppositions as you contemn the stratagems of ants. In ruthlessly forging the world they demand, they will not be mocked, even if by surges among us millions strong. If the wave of rejection rises too high to manipulate or divert aside, they will declare martial law, suspend constitutional documents (“goddam pieces of paper”) outright, and proceed.

According to another salient 2013 book, On Western Terrorism: From Hiroshima to Drone Warfare, by Chomsky and Andre Vitchek, upwards of 60 million deaths have occurred due to U.S. military and CIA interventions since 1945. “Would they really murder three thousand of their own people?” you ask. The next step for controlling élites in the west and China against finally awakened, balking needlessly excess populations to be cut back will be the imposition of the chip Aaron Russo warned us of that they can simply turn off at will. End of story. Please tell me it isn’t so!

The truth matters NOW – now get excited!

JH: 8/28/15

Monday, August 24, 2015

Attorney offers prep assistance for winning blanket 9/11 WTC suit

John Remington Graham
Counselor at Law

180 Haut de la Paroisse
St-Agapit (LOTB)
Quebec G0S 1Z0 Canada
TEL-FAX 418-888-5049

February 4, 2013

Hon. Cyrus Vance Jr.
New York County District Attorney
One Hogan Place
New York, New York 10013 U. S. A.

In re: Collapse of the Twin Towers and Building #7 at the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001

Dear Sir,

I am a member of the Minnesota Bar (#3664X), now living abroad, but still handling selected business in the United States. Because you do not know me in person or by reputation, I enclose herewith an abbreviated résumé. Suffice it to say here that I have been a criminal and trial lawyer more than forty years, practiced on general or special admission in sixteen States, and served as a chief public prosecutor, in which capacity I did nearly all grand jury work in my office, including a number of very sensitive cases. I am interested in forensic science and medicine, and in prosecutorial ethics, hence I followed with sympathy and admiration your handling of the difficulties encountered by your office in the case of Monsieur Dominique Strauss-Kahn. From personal experience I know what you went through.

Over the past year, I have consulted on a volunteer basis with an organization known as Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (hereinafter AE911Truth), which is international in membership, and formed around an authoritative nucleus of many hundreds of experienced professional architects and engineers who have concluded, after a careful examination of now-available-and-organized scientific evidence, that the Twin Towers and Building #7 at the World Trade Center collapsed on 9/11, not on account of aircraft collision and office fires, but expertly engineered controlled demolitions, which could not have occurred without active planning and activity of enemies of the State of New York and the United States.

As a private citizen supporting the objectives of AE911Truth, I write this letter transmitted to you through our counsel William H. Schaap of the New York Bar by certified delivery in order to propose a scheduled meeting regarding the above-described subject matter, between you and/or deputies in your office selected by you, and a committee of three or four persons speaking for AE911Truth, consisting of its chief executive officer and founder Richard Gage of San Francisco, AIA, a veteran architect, at least one member of the New York Bar who will act as our counsel on the occasion, and also myself. Our committee would like to meet with you and/or chosen members of your staff at a time and place in the near future to be designated by you. We request an answer in writing to this request for a meeting at your earliest convenience, say in a month or so, including an explanation of your position, if you elect not to meet with us, or, as we hope, an invitation to meet with you and/or your staff at a certain time and place under such reasonable conditions you deem proper. Please feel free to contact me for working out mutually convenient protocol and details of the meeting.

We are not interested in press fanfare or a media blitz in connection with a meeting over this sensitive subject matter. Our objective is a sober, businesslike discussion in hopes of securing the cooperation of your office in securing appointment of a special prosecutor to appear before a grand jury in your district to examine accumulated, now-available forensic evidence which touches upon the subject matter hereinabove indicated, and assessment of possible liability for criminal acts, omissions, or misprisions prohibited by the laws of the State of New York. Please note also that we are not interested in getting involved in other aspects of the 9/11 tragedy outside of, or not impacting the State of New York.

I have been working with Mr. Gage and other members of his organization to frame a realistic offer of proof for your consideration as first prosecutor for the State of New York in New York County, including the Borough of Manhattan, where the incidents here in question occurred, to wit:

Upon the testimony of experts, qualified by academic training, personal experience, and/or professional licensure, stepping forward from over 1700 architects and engineers from the United States, Canada, Europe, and other parts of the world, and using appropriate exhibits to illustrate the facts, it can be proved to a high degree of scientific certainty, under applicable rules of evidence, that the Twin Towers and Building #7 at the World Trade Center collapsed on September 11, 2001, not on account of aircraft collision and/or office fires as claimed by reports published by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) which ignored virtually all pertinent and critical evidence, but on account of controlled demolition, or, in other words, by detonation of powerful, military-grade explosive and incendiary agents planted secretly, massively, systematically, expertly, and strategically throughout the three buildings prior to the day in question, in a manner calculated to induce structural failures which caused the three buildings to collapse.

Key evidence of controlled demolition, absolutely inconsistent with official explanations in the reports of FEMA and NIST, includes (1) the durability and design of these buildings sufficient to withstand the impact of aircraft and internal fires; (2) the extremely high temperatures (2800-4000 degrees Fahrenheit) which were required to melt, and actually melted steel structures and concrete material in the three buildings; (3) the near free-fall acceleration and (4) the symmetry of the collapse of the three edifices, (5) including even Building #7 which was not struck by aircraft, yet came down in a manner visibly indistinguishable from a professionally engineered demolition; (6) the lateral ejection, at a calculated speed of 60 miles per hour, of hundreds of structural steel members from, also (7) mid-air pulverization of an estimated 90,000 tons of concrete during implosion of the Twin Towers; (8) discovery by public officials, in the dust at Ground Zero and across downtown Manhattan, of literally tons of previously molten, iron-rich microspheres; and (9) discovery in the same dust by an international team of scientists of fragments of unignited nano-thermite.

Given established, state-of-the-art knowledge in architectural design, building, and engineering, it may be inferred to a high degree of scientific certainly that the planting of explosives would have required deliberate and planned effort, under the direction of demolition experts, over the course of several weeks at least, more likely months, perhaps years, and that such a well-executed, clandestine effort could not have been carried out without active assistance of persons who had detailed knowledge of the buildings and regular access to them.

Aside from the distinct problem of discovering the facts related to the aircraft colliding with the Twin Towers, identification of suspects and culprits in the controlled demolition, and assessing criminal liability for such activity (e. g., treason, murder, manslaughter, arson, or misprision of treason or felony) must proceed in a logical, step-by-step manner from the fact of controlled demolition, and turn on examination of witnesses before a grand jury under the guidance of a special prosecutor with adequate independence, professional experience, moral courage, and unimpeachable impartiality.

We think that we have uncovered evidence which is equivalent to the proverbial “smoking gun” in proving up controlled demolition. The reports by FEMA and NIST are no match for the clear and overwhelming evidence which we are prepared to introduce before a grand jury and in open court.

AE911Truth has published material aimed at education of the general public in the United States and other countries concerning the events here in question, and their material includes video presentations which include passages from interviews of key experts in various fields, including fire protection, demolition, architecture, metallurgy, physics, chemistry, and structural engineering. You are invited to watch a convenient, one-hour, internet-accessible video at This particular video is suitable for a general audience of intelligent, independent-minded people. While the dramatic format is not what a grand jury would entertain, we recommend this piece, because the substantive content is pertinent: it will introduce you to some of our witnesses and their credentials, outline the kind of evidence we can present, and explain our humanitarian mission in the public interest. We trust that your office and our organization have the same patriotic motivations which transcend all partisan themes or overtones. We are aware of those who have attempted to debunk some of the elements of our proposed proof. We have anticipated, and are able to answer their claims decisively. And we are prepared to assist your office and/or the special prosecutor, if appointed, in mastering the forensic evidence, including all objections to it, and the refutation thereof.

In this connection, we wish to stress that we are not claiming that 9/11 was caused by any particular faction domestic or foreign, whether operating within the public or private sector. We are saying that the destruction of the three buildings was professionally and expertly engineered by those who did not have the best interests of our country at heart, that the truth must be revealed and known, and that, if possible, those responsible for the wrongs committed on 9/11 should not be protected, but ought to be brought to justice in an orderly, civilized manner, including the protections of due process of law.

Keep in mind that misprisions or covering up can be crimes, and immunities granted to those implicated in such concealment can be used to extract critical information, which can in turn make the truth known and promote justice. We are not indulging in a mere pipedream here, but have in mind realistic objectives. We stress that our suggestion of a special prosecutor of unquestionable integrity and standing, perhaps a former judge or an eminent law professor, or somebody of like stature, is meant to take pressure off your office, rather than implicate you and your staff in an imbroglio. We are suggesting a grand jury behind closed doors, precisely because we want to avoid press fanfare and public oratory during the investigation. We hope for deliberation which is calm, dispassionate, rigorous, thorough, and disciplined.

In any event, we await your answer in writing at your earliest convenience. I shall be pleased to act as the go-between here, assuring you in advance of discreet handling.

Thanking you for your attention, I remain

Respectfully yours,

John Remington Graham

Copy to Richard Gage, AIA

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


By James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


Anyone plagued by the delusion that I’m supporting Donald Trump for president needs to reread in full my last missive in this space. Actually, it wouldn’t be at all seemly for me to prefer any of the vast cloud of mainline candidates here (Bernie). But Trump, undeniably beyond narcissistic though he conspicuously more than is, did us a favor by vividly highlighting the bought, paid-for, and screw everybody else beholden status of all of his GOP rivals for top-puppet – a not particularly flattering designation befitting all but JFK (who ran on his father’s money) among modern U.S. presidents.

Sometimes, we need to revisit and reiterate our end objective as activists. Mine can be expressed in a single word: self-government – enjoyed by the free individual, as far as that is practical for every other individual, and by the local community, group, or nation in a manner fully equally representing the needs, views and desires of every individual when it’s not. (For instance, we can’t each build our own transportation network or devise our own traffic rules, etc., etc.). And as rigged as our modern politics surely is at present, I will participate to support any proposal or election candidate’s agenda credibly counter-tilting in the other direction, away from élite cooptation, rather than relinquish in a sort of tantrum my right to participate to influence beneficially, however slightly.

So, how does such a principled disposition comport with 9/11 truth? It comports because I don’t believe 9/11 can be accurately viewed in isolation. 9/11 is perhaps the most vivid expression among many we experience daily of control over us by a completely unrepresentative power élite (NWO) which has hijacked our Constitutional instruments and processes appropriate for self-governance and re-appropriated them surreptitiously to achieve their own entirely separate and, as the history of many decades now has clearly shown, psychopathic agenda, brutally oppressive and destructive of humanity. Very few or none of the grinding and horrific things that have befallen us on a mass scale over the past number of years would have happened if the Enlightenment age promise of unmanaged human self-government had been sufficiently safeguarded and retained. And going forward, it seems reasonable to expect that regaining or recreating the capacity and fact should serve us immeasurably better than the continuance of domination by an itself ungoverned élite.

But is such a change back and rebirth of freedom even possible? Only if we bear in mind and take to heart that the greatest superpower there is worldwide – enabled in many ways to coalesce as never before these days – is world public opinion. If we activists can manage to inform and jell that to will and act in concert – even ten or fifteen percent of it, which would be capable of igniting the rest who favor personal freedom and a decisive check and influence on future directions – then decidedly, yes!

That’s where I come down: because recovered self-government will unfold with equality, freedom, democracy, independence as its attributes. Beyond a doubt, what people everywhere, weary of trauma, most desperately want is the uncontested, unmanaged power to decide. There’s literally plenty for everyone, so give people what they want – every sort of needed access now manipulated or privileged. Think inclusive – let’s pop it all into shape!

JH: 8/19/15

Monday, August 10, 2015

Chris Hedges - The Human Dichotomy at the Core of Much Evil

Evoking the Wrath of Nature By Chris Hedges August 10, 2015 "Information Clearing House" - "TruthDig" - MOUNT WASHINGTON, N.H.—The wind on the peak of Mount Washington—the East Coast’s highest point, where some of the most erratic and treacherous weather in the world occurs—reached 60 miles an hour the day I was there with my family. Backpackers huddled in the biting chill next to large boulders or congregated in the lobby of a snack bar and gift shop that extract money from the thousands of tourists who ride the cog railroad or drive up the auto road from the base of the mountain each summer. This strange confluence, where those who hike to the peak and those who ride in cars and trains meet in uneasy silence, is emblematic of the clash of cultures that threatens to doom the planet and the human species. One group knows and respects the power of nature, is able to feel its majesty and is aware of our insignificance and smallness before the cosmos. The other, enamored of the machines that obliterate distance and effort, and that insulate us from the natural world in a technological bubble, is largely dead to the rhythms that sustain life. The narration given during the rail trip up the mountain is about the technological glory of the rack-and-pinion rail line, in place since 1868. This narrative presents the weather and steep slopes as ominous elements that human engineers defeated. In truth, the lacerations caused by the rail tracks and the automobile road—along with the tawdry tourist attractions on the summit that include a small post office from which visitors can mail picture postcards—desecrate the mountain. The backpackers at the summit were resting, many after climbing up Tuckerman’s Ravine, where parts of the rocky ledges are at 45 degrees, a trek that can take five hours. Some had been hiking for days or weeks. Half a dozen thru-hikers, instantly recognizable by their spartan backpacking gear, motley clothing, layers of dirt and bedraggled hair, had started in Georgia last spring at Springer Mountain. By the time they finish this fall atop Mount Katahdin in Maine, they will have walked 2,181 miles at a pace of about 15 miles a day and largely cut themselves off from the outside world for almost half a year. They and the other hikers watched the gaggle of tourists, many of whom rushed a few steps to the official summit of Mount Washington to get their pictures taken, buy sweatshirts at the gift shop or eat hot dogs, chips or plastic-wrapped sandwiches in the snack bar. Those whose lives pay homage to the sacred are considered by many in the modern world to be eccentrics and cranks. On the other hand, those who live disconnected from the sources of life, who neither fear nor honor nor understand the power of nature, who place their faith in human technology and human power, are celebrated and rewarded with power as they propel the planet and the species toward extinction. The natural world, if we do not radically reconfigure our relationships with each other and the ecosystem, will soon teach us a severe lesson about unbridled hubris. “The fate of our times is characterized by rationalization and intellectualization, and, above all, by the ‘disenchantment of the world,’ ” Max Weber wrote. “Precisely the ultimate and most sublime values have retreated from public life either into the transcendental realm of mystic life or into the brotherliness of direct and personal human relations.” Hannah Arendt called our malaise “world alienation.” She warned that it leads to contempt for all forms of life. We do not have the power to make a new world. We only have the power to destroy or preserve the world we inhabit. We will either recover the sacred or vanish from the Earth. Those who do not respect the force of nature, who do not intimately know and understand its power, are doomed by it. The Native Americans got this right. The Abenaki (pronounced OBB-uh-nan-hee and translated as “people of the dawn”) lived for thousands of years in the shadow of what we know as Mount Washington. The tribe called the mountain Agiochook, or “Home of the Great Spirit,” and named the life force Manitou. The Abenaki believed that when one violated or desecrated the natural world, Manitou unleashed destructive fury. Within the tribe, the mountain and the rest of the natural world were infused with spirits for good and spirits for evil. The Abenaki knew the destructive power of hurricane-force winds, subzero temperatures, floods and avalanches and the inevitability of death, which could arrive without warning. They had the capacity for awe. They did not venture above the tree line onto the tundra and rock near the summit of Agiochook. This space was reserved for the gods. But the arrival of the Europeans, driven by an avarice that blinded them to all but profit, saw in the mountain potential riches—they mistook crystals in the rock formations for diamonds. Darby Field, an Irishman hoping these “diamonds” would make him wealthy, climbed the summit in 1642 despite warnings from his Indian guides, who refused to go with him. Later, farms, homesteads and settlements sprouted. Armed Europeans—aided by the diseases they brought, such as smallpox, tuberculosis and syphilis, as well as alcohol—obliterated native communities. The few Abenaki who remained were often kidnapped and enslaved domestically or sent in chains to work in the sugar plantations of the West Indies. Land, timber, minerals, animals and mountains—as well as human beings—had no intrinsic value to the Europeans. Nature existed only to make money. The Abenaki engaged in three armed rebellions—King Philip’s War, Queen Anne’s War and later Father Râle’s War, the last named for a French Jesuit priest, Sébastien Râle, who spent 30 years with the Abenaki. The priest was murdered and scalped by the British militia in a nighttime raid on an Indian settlement along the Kennebec River in what is now southern Maine. The attack also left 80 Indians dead, many of them women and children. The attack was not part of a war. It was, like other raids on Indian settlements, part of a massacre. The Massachusetts provincial assembly had placed a 100-pound scalp bounty on Râle’s head, along with bounties for any Abenaki scalps. By the Revolutionary War, there were fewer than 1,000 Abenaki left. They had once numbered in the tens of thousands. The Europeans of the era ridiculed the beliefs of the American Indians, along with their communal structures, in which everything was shared and all had a voice in tribal decisions. They routinely referred to them as “savages” or “heathens.” They painted the militiamen who terrorized and slaughtered Indian communities as military heroes and agents of Christian civilization and progress. They scoffed at legends and beliefs like the one that the remarkable stillness of the lake at the base of Mount Chocorua was sacred to the Great Spirit and should not be violated by the sound of the human voice. The Europeans did not believe that nature could seek vengeance. They were sure they could domesticate and control the wilderness. Mount Chocorua is named for the great chief Chocorua, one of the last of the Abenakis, who was killed around 1720. He was hounded to the summit of the mountain that now bears his name by white settlers and either shot or pushed off its precipice. He is reputed to have damned the Europeans before he died, saying: “May the Great Spirit curse you when he speaks in the clouds and his words are fire! May lightning blast your crops and wind and fire destroy your homes.” Chocorua’s grim curse is now reality. Greenhouse gas concentrations, including carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide, continue to rise. Last year was the hottest since we began scientifically tracking weather, and 2015 is expected to top 2014. Glaciers and ice sheets are melting at an accelerated rate, causing the oceans to rise. Even if we stop all carbon emissions today, some scientists say, sea levels will rise by 10 feet by 2065 and as much as 70 feet over the next couple of centuries. Major coastal cities such as Miami and New York will be underwater. Droughts plague huge swaths of the planet. Wildfires, fueled by parched forests, have been burning out of control in Southern California, Canada and Alaska. Monster cyclones and hurricanes, fed by warming air currents, are proliferating, ripping apart whole cities. Massive species extinction is underway. And we could face a planetary societal collapse due to catastrophic food shortages within the next three decades, according to Anglia Ruskin University’s Global Sustainability Institute. Food shortages are being driven by the warming of the planet, an ever-burgeoning population and “widespread shifts in consumption patterns as countries develop”—code for the growing and unsustainable global demand for animal protein as developing countries urbanize and income levels rise. The blind, self-destructive exploitation that lies at the heart of capitalism, the placing of monetary profit above the maintenance of life, the refusal to understand and accept limits, have turned the victimizers into the victims. Ignoring the warnings of native communities, we have evoked the deadly wrath of nature. And I fear we may not be able to find our way back. “These differences in theology, in myth and ritual, in politico-economics, and in psychological theory produced entirely different conceptions of the place of man in the natural world and of the divine scheme of the cosmos,” Richard Slotkin wrote in “Regeneration Through Violence: The Mythology of the American Frontier.” “To the Indian the wilderness was a god, whether its face at the moment was good or evil; as a god it deserved and received worship for both its good and its evil, its beauty and its cruelty. Similarly, all the gods and the earth itself were referred to as members of one’s own immediate family, as close blood relations. For the Puritan the problem of religion was to winnow the wheat from the chaff, the good from evil, and to preserve the former and extirpate the latter. The evil was of the world, of nature; the good was transcendent and supernatural. Hence it was quite appropriate to destroy the natural wilderness in the name of a higher good—and quite inappropriate for anyone to worship, as the Indians did, the world or the things of the world, such things being evil by nature.” There were a handful of Europeans and Euro-Americans who understood the sanctity of the natural world, including the Unitarian minister Thomas Starr King, whose 1860 book, “The White Hills: Their Legends, Landscapes & Poetry,” called on the reader to respect natural beauty and power and drew on poems on nature by writers such as Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. King, like Ralph Waldo Emerson, believed that humans cut off from nature and the plight of the oppressed—he was a fierce abolitionist and advocate for the poor—could not grasp the power of the divine, that morality was formed primarily by empathy and intuition, not religious doctrine. Respect for the natural world, he argued, connected human beings with the sacred and the interdependence of life. King’s book remains the best work about the White Mountains. He wrote: The world, as the almighty has made it, is not such a world as a monk, a mystic, a broker or a Calvinist would have made. They would have left out the pomp of sunsets and the glory of dawns, the delicious tints and harmonic hues of flowers and meadows, the grace of movements, the witcheries which moonlight works, the spiritual fascination which the gleam of stars produces. The broker would say it is a useless waste of Heavenly chemistry; and would have gone for the cheapest furnishings; the Calvinist that it injures the religious faculty of man and would have robed the earth and hung the heavens in black and grey. But God thinks differently. His universe is not only an algebra for mathematicians, and a sermon for theologians, but also and equally, a poem for the taste and heart of man. And I cannot interpret beauty in any other way than as one evidence, and a splendid revelation, of God’s love. I spent last week backpacking in New Hampshire’s White Mountains with my wife and two youngest children. One night, before the moon rose to a height that dimmed the constellations, I stood in an open meadow with one of the children. The dark silhouettes of the peaks at the southern end of the Presidential Range loomed with a reassuring comfort above us. He and I searched out constellations—Orion, Ursa Major—and stars such as Polaris. We held our fingers up to the night sky. In the space covered by just one of our thumbnails were 100,000 galaxies. We reminded ourselves we were specks that lived on the tip of an ever-expanding universe, the surface of a vast and constantly inflating balloon. “To go into solitude, a man needs to retire as much from his chamber as from society,” Emerson wrote. “I am not solitary whilst I read and write, though nobody is with me. But if a man would be alone, let him look at the stars. The rays that come from those heavenly worlds, will separate between him and what he touches. One might think the atmosphere was made transparent with this design, to give man, in the heavenly bodies, the perpetual presence of the sublime.” We peered out to where the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy is supposed to be, somewhere near the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpius. This supermassive black hole has perhaps 4 million times the mass of the sun and is 25,000 light-years from Earth. It is a place where space and time bend until time stops, where all our equations and understanding of the physical universe no longer make sense, where what we perceive as reality is overthrown. Light, trapped inside, cannot escape. No physicist can explain the internal dynamics of a black hole. Yet it seems probable that 13.8 billion years ago a black hole exploded and caused the universe to be created. At the core of a black hole, from all we can determine, lies the infinite or perhaps portals to other places in the universe. No one knows. The world does not fit into the rational boxes we construct. It is beyond our control and finally our comprehension. Human beings are not the measure of all things. Existence is a mystery. All life is finite. All life is fragile. The ecosystem on Earth will die. It will be slain by our failure to protect it, or it will succumb to the vast array of natural forces, from colliding asteroids to exploding stars—including, one day, our sun—which turn into supernovas and throw out high-energy radiation that have doomed countless planets in the 100 billion galaxies beyond ours. We have lost the capacity for reverence. We slew those who tried to warn us. Now we slay ourselves. Chris Hedges spent nearly two decades as a foreign correspondent in Central America, the Middle East, Africa and the Balkans. He has reported from more than 50 countries and has worked for The Christian Science Monitor, National Public Radio, The Dallas Morning News and The New York Times, for which he was a foreign correspondent for 15 years. © 2015 TruthDig

Saturday, August 8, 2015


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


Remember my recent reminder that the proper, core role of the 911 Truth community is not to advance theories as to what took place on 9/11/01, but rather to demand that the government/media/establishment and its apologists substantiate with proof, or at least some modicum of credible evidence, the cockamamie theory they largely succeeded at foisting on the world? Well, the same media purveyors who were and continue to be integral to that all-time classic still-active gem of prevarication are working overtime right now to sell the same gullible world the story that Donald Trump not only had the gall to refuse to pledge blind allegiance in advance to the eventual Republican nominee selected, bought, and wholly paid for by the powers that be (Billionaire Boys’ Club, Neanderthal Branch), but even worse, also had the effrontery to crudely attack Fox media darling “moderator” Meagan Kelly during the first rough-and-tumble GOP debate.

For their own shared purposes of support for the sham of the so-called popular-selection political system fully under élite control, and in revulsion for its would-be revealer, even the self-styled “liberal” media exactly reversed the order of who attacked who. Meagan Kelly (and the other Fox “moderators” – I think they might more accurately be called “agitators” instead – brutally savaged Trump and Trump alone among the 17 candidates, fairly obviously intending to so wound him as to destroy him. And he, like the tough old elephant he is, refused to go down or fold up and simply gave back as good as he got – albeit the inexcusable foul he was upbraided for was his decidedly crude, ungentlemanly playground-style response when slammed on and in the media by certain female detractors down the years.

While Donald Trump’s demeanor toward the presumed ladies in those instances was not commendable, to be sure, that was really not what the on-air exchange launched by “moderator” Kelly was about at all. As I said, the purpose of the several pronged straight-on coordinated attack by her and the other so-called Fox “moderators”, was simply to get this sufficiently audacious interloper, Trump, who was merrily outing the candidates of the accustomed controlling billionaires as more-or-less foolish, boring, and inept out of the contest he was thus ruining and running away with in its early stages, not to return.

And no wonder the self-funding Mr. Trump, at least superficially a mere (though spectacular) showman and stupendous buffoon of a political novice, has become such a popular favorite for the myriads of horribly disillusioned conservatives and populists who don’t give a fig for any party apparatus or for wholly-owned politicians. Although his precise or even general political opinions are certainly not mine, and derogatory is far from my style, I’m hoping wholeheartedly that he is in it for the long haul, fully intending to do what I see him doing – continuing to uncover and undermine the highly-treasonous rigged game of the concealers for all to see, and not just playing mischievously but briefly with the scurrilous power brokers’ and attendant media mavens’ crass little minds.

Trump has already singled out for ridicule us 9/11 truth partisans as allegedly a species too weird even for him. And such is understandable, regardless of his real thoughts. Because proving himself unmanageable politically is one thing, but using his superlative media skills to seriously question the official version of 9/11 would probably get him killed or jailed for life in solitary.

I suspect he knows the truth, as, surely, many of the superbly connected in the more rarefied climes of sociopolitical life in the western countries, in or out of government, do. And he has famously quipped that every syllable uttered by the Bush administration was a lie. And yes, once again, it is understandable that he wouldn’t risk re-opening the issue of 9/11 publically and set it, a flailing, unmanageable nightmare monster, squarely on the nation’s doorstep via his untamed rhetoric. Yet, as his daring campaign continues to pick up steam among the nation’s nobody’s, and I assume it will, one can at least hope he will see fit to unleash the fundamental reality underlying so much. Anyone know how to reach him?

JH: 8/8/15

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Global Research - Forensics of the Flight MH17 Coverup

The MH17 Pilot’s Corpse: More on the Cover-Up By Eric Zuesse Global Research, August 05, 2015 Url of this article: It might be the decisive piece of evidence proving who and what and how and why the MH17 Malaysian airliner over the conflict zone in Ukraine on 17 July 2014 was shot down, but the pilot’s corpse has been hidden even from the people who have the most right to see it. The corpse of the pilot of the MH17 Malaysian airliner might contain in it bullets, or bullet-residues, that can prove a Ukrainian military jet intentionally fired into the pilot; or else it might contain only missile-shrapnel, which would be consistent only with the plane’s having been erroneously shot down by a ground-based missile such as the Ukrainian government says it was; but the Malaysian government has prohibited anyone to see it — not even his relatives, who are still trying to find out how and who murdered their loved-one and the 297 other people who were aboard that tragic plane on July 17th of 2014. Until recently, the Malaysian government itself had had no access to the coroner’s report on the corpse: it was done by a Dutch coroner, in Holland. The corpse has been hidden from everyone, and the Malaysian Government isn’t even being permitted, by the other four nations on the official investigatory commission, to say anything to anyone outside the commission — not even to the pilot’s family. The coroner’s report on the pilot’s body exists, but has been seen by no one outside of the now 5-nation investigatory commission. (The commission was originally just Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, and Ukraine, but Malaysia was recently added. The Dutch government heads the commission. The Dutch government had helped to install the current Ukrainian government, whose Air Force is a suspect in having possibly shot down the MH17 airliner. Netherlands, along with the U.S., and also along with George Soros’s International Renaissance Foundation, had funded Hromadske TV, which propagandized heavily for forcing the democratically elected Ukrainian President, Viktor Yanukovych, to leave his Presidency before the next election would be held, and which then propagandized Ukrainians heavily for the ethnic cleansing operation to get rid of the residents in Ukraine’s Donbass, the only area of Ukraine that had voted 90%+ for Yanukovych. So: the Dutch government had actually helped to install the current Ukrainian government — which might have shot down the MH17, and yet which is a member of the official ‘investigation.’) This cover-up of what might be the decisive evidence in the MH17 case was revealed when Russian Television sent reporters last month to interview the pilot’s family. See the brief Russian documentary interviewing the pilot’s wife here: The pilot’s wife says, at 5:42 on the video, “We were not allowed to open” the coffin. Q: “Not allowed by who?” A: “Not allowed by the [Malaysian] government.” The existing four-nation team had required the Malaysian government to sign onto their secret 8 August 2014 agreement, in order for Malaysia to be allowed to join. This agreement says that Ukraine will have a veto-power over any report that the commission produces — and this veto-power is the reason why the ‘investigation’ continues dragging on. The now-five nation commission can’t yet produce a report that the Ukrainian government will sign onto. Then, the interviewer in the documentary says that she had taken her camera-crew to the crash site two months after the plane’s downing, and says that they saw there, still in the field of grass, the pilot’s chair. This video at 6:21 shows it — its bare frame, because the padding had blown off. Here is the pilot’s chair: Those 30 mm round holes through it are bullet holes; they’re definitely not shrapnel holes, which are larger and very irregular (not at all round). Furthermore, the bullet-holes through the side-panel of the chair’s backrest are fairly head-on instead of at any steep angle; and, so, might have been from stray bullets among the gunner’s fusillade into the left cockpit-side that was focused around the pilot’s belly-area. This chair backrest is thus yet further evidence suggesting that the pilot’s corpse had bullets, or bullet-residues, in it. For more background on the pilot’s corpse’s evidentiary importance to solving this crucial mass-murder case, see this. For my reconstruction of the evidence, and of where it points to regarding guilt and motive, see this. RUSSIA’S GAME ON THIS: On July 29th, Russia vetoed at the United Nations an attempt by the U.S. and its allies to transfer the MH17 investigation to a rigged UN commission that would be set up in order to enable the guilt for the cover-up to be transferred away from Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, and Ukraine, the four nations that set up the existing official corrupt ‘investigation,’ whose ‘findings,’ at this late stage, would be believed only by outright suckers in the West — and that number of people might not be enough now to protect the actual guilty parties in the case. Russia wants the guilty parties to bear the blame not merely for the mass-murder itself, but for the subsequent and ongoing cover-ups. If the official ‘investigation’ finds Russia and/or the people of Donbass to have perpetrated it, then Russia will presumably make public, evidence, which it has thus far withheld just in case America and its allies turn out to be that brazen. So, Russia might even be eager for that to happen. The official ‘investigation’ has already announced that its conclusions will be made public in October. Until then, the commission is doing everything they can to forestall, if not prevent, a scandal-squared, from resulting. (For example: if anything, Richard Nixon’s Watergate cover-up doomed him even more than the Watergate-crime itself did.) Here are some of the typical ways the Western press have reported on Russia’s veto: “Russia threatens UN veto on Julie Bishop’s MH17 tribunal” “Why Russia Vetoed the MH17 Tribunal” “Alternative solution needed for investigating loss of MH17: Russia’s Security Council veto means other means may be used to find those responsible” For some unexplained (though accepted-without-question by the Western press) reason, the Western powers aren’t satisfied for the official ‘investigating’ commission (though itself entirely Western until the recent addition of Malaysia to the commission) to be blamed for producing the official ‘findings.’ Western leaders had wanted the UN to be blamed instead. Russia voted no on the Western proposal (which was fronted by Malaysia, on behalf of the West); China abstained (perhaps in the hope that the West won’t go after them, too). The result is heightened fear within the official ‘investigating’ commission. On 3 August 2015, Russian Television headlined “Dutch Safety Board asks for RT’s assistance in MH17 probe after documentary,”and reported that: The Dutch agency heading the international probe into Malaysia Airlines MH17 crash in eastern Ukraine has contacted RT over the footage used in our recent documentary on the tragedy. RT’s documentary discovered fragments of the plane still in Donetsk. The RT Documentary film, titled “MH17: A year without truth,” showed fragments of the crashed Boeing and pieces of luggage still scattered in the area at the time of filming. The RTD crew collected the parts of the plane’s exterior they spotted, bringing them to the administration of the nearby town of Petropavlovsk. “With great interest we watched your documentary, ‘MH17: A year without truth,’” Dutch Safety Board spokesperson Sara Vernooij wrote to RT. “In this film, RT shows parts of the cockpit roof which were found near Petropavlivka. We would like to gather those pieces and bring them over to the Netherlands so the Dutch Safety Board can use them for the investigation and the reconstruction.” On 17 July 2015, Rupert Murdoch’s Australian Courier-Mail published behind a paywall, and his The Australian republished open on their website, the complete transcript, plus video excerpts, of 17 minutes of video footage that had been taken by the independence fighters in Donbass at the wreckage site while the fires were still aflame on the fateful day, 17 July 2014; and this remarkable footage, never before made public, and published by a lifelong anti-Russian, shows the rebels’ “Commander,” trying to understand what he was seeing, and saying that there are two planes destroyed in the area, one a Malaysian airliner, and the other a Sukhoi fighter-jet, the latter from which had parachuted out five (or else two) people. Someone off-camera in the background is saying, “They decided to do it this way, to look like we have brought down the plane.” In other words: these people speculated immediately that the presence of the downed fighter-jet indicated that the Ukrainian authorities were trying to pin onto the rebels the blame for shooting down the airliner. Here is that link, and the relevant passages in the transcript itself: “Full transcript: Russian-backed rebels ransack the wreckage of MH17 in shocking 17-minute video” • JULY 17, 2015 12:01AM • Video [just an excerpt, but the transcript is complete, only excerpts from which are reproduced here:] Cmdr: Yes, there’s 2 planes taken down. We need the second. Background: The second one is a civilian too? Background: The fighter jet brought down this one, and our people brought down the fighter. Background: They decided to do it this way, to look like we have brought down the plane. ... Cmdr: Let the firefighters extinguish the flames. (Phone ringing) Yes Kalyian. I understood you, but we’re already at the crash site. A passenger plane was brought down. They brought down the passenger plane and we brought down the fighter. ... Cmdr: The parachute jumpers are there. Background: But there are two planes, from my understanding. Background: And what’s the other one? A Sukhoi? Cmdr: A Sukhoi. The Sukhoi brought down the plane and we brought down the Sukhoi. ... I mean ... the two pilots landed on parachutes. (Phone ringing) Cmdr: Yes, speak. I’m here, I’m in Grabovo. Right at the place. I’m not at the bird site, I’m in the field. I didn’t get there yet. Cmdr: Five parachutes jumped off this plane. Five people jumped off this plane. ... Of course, at that chaotic moment, everything was new, and so the assertions by those people (for example, as regards whether there were five parachutists, or only two) were uncertain. One early reader of this article, who looked at that video, made the following insightful observation: “Ironically, the Dutch wanted the piece of cockpit roof of the plane. That piece showed no bullet or shrapnel impacts – which in essence excludes a Buk missile. Buk missiles engage the target from above.” That’s entirely correct. So: Might the Dutch Safety Board actually have been trying to nail down a case so strong against Ukraine, as to now be negotiating with Ukraine Ukraine’s capitulation – the degree of guilt that Ukraine must sign onto in the final report? (Sort of like in a plea-bargain.) How could Obama (whose power stands above all of the nations on the commission) deal with such a situation? CONCLUSION: It’s like the way the West handled the 2008 economic crash: extend-and-pretend. While Western leaders transferred their aristocracy’s investment losses onto future taxpayers and pretended that the enormous governmental debts that resulted from these ‘bailouts’ to the aristocracy won’t destroy the economic future for the public, no one can yet say with certainty that they were lying about that. As ridiculous as extend-and-pretend seems to be, no appropriate historical precedent exists to show with any near certainty that no way will be found for it to ‘succeed.’ Russia has apparently placed its bet that it won’t succeed, in regards to the MH17 case. Russia’s game seems to be: In the short term, we’ll suffer contempt from the West’s suckers while Western leaders keep on doing this; but, the longer the West’s leaders do that, the worse the outcome will be for those leaders. So: will that game on Russia’s part work? The precedents don’t look favorable: After George W. Bush kept lying about “Saddam’s WMD,” and became exposed simply by none being found, did his extend-and-pretend on the truth there hurt his Republican Party? They extended the lie so far that even today most Republicans still think that WMD did exist there in 2002 and 2003, and they even think that WMD were subsequently found there — though none of that was at all true. Even in 2015, 51% of Republicans agree with the statement, “American Forces Found an Active Weapons of Mass Destruction Program In Iraq.” (32% of Democrats do. 46% of Independents do.) (40% of Republicans said it was “Definitely not true” or “Probably not true,” but yet even they continued to label themselves as “Republican,” even after their own Party had deceived them for so long on such a crucial matter, which had produced America’s invasion of Iraq.) Despite such brazen lying, the Republican Party still has as many suckers as before. (And, in the Democratic Party, Barack Obama is still overwhelmingly supported, despite being now exposed, to all open-minded people, to be the best asset the Republican Party has hadwithin recent decades.) Extend-and-pretend can work for a very long time, indeed. Russia’s game could fail. But it might nonetheless be their best chance to win. If the West’s game succeeds, then the entire world will fail as a result. If some power-group — here, the West’s aristocrats — can get away with lying, no matter how long they persist in it, they might as well own the entire world: the public are then just their slaves. The public might as well have no minds at all. Anyone who accepts a politician who has lied is either an aristocrat or an idiot. There are only a few thousand aristocrats in the world, but there are, it is clear, plenty of idiots — perhaps the majority of people — so that everyone else, the decent people, suffer constantly the many idiots who believe the few aristocrats. That combination is toxic to democracy. The MH17 case started before the event itself, as Barack Obama’s desperate attempt to get the EU to agree to hiking the economic sanctions against Russia. It succeeded. Now the world is waiting to see what Obama’s long game is, and whether Putin’s long game (which is the only game he’s got) will beat it. Whatever the outcome, it’ll be interesting. Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author, most recently, of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity. Disclaimer: The contents of this article are of sole responsibility of the author(s). The Centre for Research on Globalization will not be responsible for any inaccurate or incorrect statement in this article.