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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Freedom's Phoenix -- False Flag Infestation?

False Flag Infestation?
By Daily Bell Staff - January 25, 2016

Who Organised the Attacks of January and November 2015 in Paris? ... According to the official version, the attacks of January and November 2015 in Paris were sponsored by Al-Qaïda in the Arab Peninsula (AQAP)—for the execution of the editors of Charlie-Hebdo—and by Daesh for all the others. – VoltaireNet via

Dominant Social Theme: Don't look at the man behind the curtain ...

Free-Market Analysis: It is becoming abundantly clear that in the early 21st century anyway, the world is probably being run by false flags.

This may sound like a radical thing to say but in this Internet era so much has already been admitted.

There was Operation Paperclip that transported the best Nazi minds to Russia and the US where they set up "competing" space exploration agencies.

There was Operation Gladio that saw the US incite fears of communism and socialism throughout Europe by funding radical splinter groups that engaged in civilian violence, including bombings.

There was Operation Mockingbird that saw US intel forge tight bonds with the nation's top papers that included sending agents along with journalists on foreign reporting assignments.

That probably just scratches the surface. David McGowan, now dead of cancer, pointed out that the mid-'60s music scene seemed to have evolved from the sons and daughters of military families settling in Los Angeles's Laurel Canyon.

Meanwhile, Jim Morrison's father was a high-ranking Navy officer who supported the Vietnamese false-flag attack that triggered the Vietnamese war.

Gary Webb reported on CIA involvement in US drug running and sales and then committed suicide by shooting himself twice in the head (or so original reports indicated). In the 1980s, former president Bill Clinton supposedly helped organize cocaine trafficking out of Mena, Arkansas.

More recently there have been reports that US terror attacks and school shootings are not what they seem to be. The Sandy Hook shootings in particular have been subject to skeptical scrutiny. The Boston bombers carried white knapsacks but the bombs apparently went off in black ones.

And now comes Thierry Meyssan of to question just who was really involved in the terrible French "terror " attacks (see excerpt at the beginning of this article).

According to the Croatian daily Slobodna Dalmacija, the weapons used in the January attack against the supermarket, and others used during the attack in November, came from the Serbian manufacturer Crvena Zastava, and were moved to France by the same dealer, Claude Hermant ...

... In conclusion, either Mr. Hermant was working on infiltrating the terrorist cells who perpetrated the attacks, without their action having been prevented, or else – and this is less probable – his current superiors, probably in the Élysée, themselves participated in the organisation of the attacks. But it still has to be determined why, and in whose name, Claude Hernant's superiors acted as they did.

Meyssan states that it is possible Hermant's current superiors, probably in the Elysee, themselves participated in the organization of the attacks.

In today's other article, we pointed out that inevitably it is the middle class, sooner or later, that comes under attack from its own government. In the 21st century it is a process that seems to be expanding and quickening, with all the negative connotations that such an evolution entails.

Today, Western governments combat "terrorism" by suspending civil liberties. But a good case can be made that there is no terrorism other than what Western governments themselves are sponsoring.

Ignore these evident realities at your own peril.

- See more at:

Friday, January 22, 2016


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


Trump and Sanders both bewail that present-day America falls far short of its self-proclaimed and potential destiny, in different respects – Trump in a holistic sense, of not being able to wrest its share of economic lucre from other nations by diplomacy and swagger, Sanders in the sense of providing amply and justly for all of her citizens.

Both have their points, but both miss the point in so far as both offer fixes for symptoms, and not the forever unmentionable pathological syndrome responsible for both aspects, its root causes, and its other even more dire repercussions.

Dare they blame, in this day and age, the economic system predicated on the Fed, the so-called Federal Reserve, the American guise of amalgamated international central banking that parasitically cripples the economy of by far the most productive engine in the world, ours, as it does also the economies of Europe, Canada, Australia, etc., through their own compulsory chapters? This by loaning back to each of them annually the sum their revenue struggles to only partially repay with full-blown compound interest. Meaning over time they must essentially pay their governmental obligations twice. Thus the alien entity most responsible for our foundered economy and individual woes turns out to be the international central bank cartel, and not deviously-negotiating foreign governments.

The protesting politicians dare not breach this essential fact, nor the tandem factoid that liquidity in such a perennially heavily-burdened economy as ours cannot be sustained under the current larcenous arrangement by the normal productivity of the country, but must be heavily subsidized by an enormously bloated and vigorous military supply and mobilization sector enforcing the perennially rough grabbing of and hijacking access to fuels, narcotics, and other strategic materials belonging to less-fortunate others. Or that the political permission to sustain this inherently outrageously cancerous sectoral add-on must be sustained by a vast 24/7/365 veritable industry devoted to inventing and pulling off endless false-flag operations (initiated in a big way by 9/11), falsified reporting, the fostering of endless false terrorist groups, and preposterous myth enhancement and advancement intended to redefine not only America itself but the vaguely-sentient human organism universally.

Hence, it falls to us – you and I – to do what our rebellious politicians either won’t, or don’t dare do, lest the big guns dependent on heartless crime eviscerate them in a blink. We must find ways to enlighten the world, so the world will know what to demand desperately, both overwhelmingly and irresistibly in concert – that is to stop the daylight robbery, halt the insidious game at once at its source. Let’s make the very most of the freedom we still have left at least fleetingly during the transition to permanent lockdown, to inform and mobilize.

JH: 1/22/16

Monday, January 11, 2016

Paul Craig Roberts - Washinton's Unctuous Grasp / Is this what we want?

The Proof Is In: The US Government Is The Most Complete Criminal Organization In Human History,
By Paul Craig Roberts

January 10, 2016 "Information Clearing House" - Unique among the countries on earth, the US government insists that its laws and dictates take precedence over the sovereignty of nations. Washington asserts the power of US courts over foreign nationals and claims extra-territorial jurisdiction of US courts over foreign activities of which Washington or American interest groups disapprove. Perhaps the worst results of Washington’s disregard for the sovereignty of countries is the power Washington has exercised over foreign nationals solely on the basis of terrorism charges devoid of any evidence.

Consider a few examples. Washington first forced the Swiss government to violate its own banking laws. Then Washington forced Switzerland to repeal its bank secrecy laws. Allegedly, Switzerland is a democracy, but the country’s laws are determined in Washington by people not elected by the Swiss to represent them.

Consider the “soccer scandal” that Washington concocted, apparently for the purpose of embarrassing Russia. The soccer organization’s home is Switzerland, but this did not stop Washington from sending FBI agents into Switzerland to arrest Swiss citizens. Try to imagine Switzerland sending Swiss federal agents into the US to arrest Americans.

Consider the $9 billion fine that Washington imposed on a French bank for failure to fully comply with Washington’s sanctions against Iran. This assertion of Washington’s control over a foreign financial institution is even more audaciously illegal in view of the fact that the sanctions Washington imposed on Iran and requires other sovereign countries to obey are themselves strictly illegal. Indeed, in this case we have a case of triple illegality as the sanctions were imposed on the basis of concocted and fabricated charges that were lies.

Or consider that Washington asserted its authority over the contract between a French shipbuilder and the Russian government and forced the French company to violate a contract at the expense of billions of dollars to the French company and a large number of jobs to the French economy. This was a part of Washington teaching the Russians a lesson for not following Washington’s orders in Crimea.

Try to imagine a world in which every country asserted the extra-territoriality of its law. The planet would be in permanent chaos with world GDP expended in legal and military battles.

Neoconned Washington claims that as History chose America to exercise its hegemony over the world, no other law is relevant. Only Washington’s will counts. Law itself is not even needed as Washington often substitutes orders for laws as when Richard Armitage, Deputy Secretary of State (an unelected position) told the President of Pakistan to do as he is told or “we will bomb you into the stone age.”

Try to imagine the Presidents of Russia or China giving such an order to a sovereign nation.

In fact, Washington did bomb large areas of Pakistan, murdering thousands of women, children, and village elders. Washington’s justification was the assertion of the extra-territoriality of US military actions in other countries with which Washington is not at war.

As horrendous as all of this is, the worst of Washington’s crimes against other peoples is when Washington kidnaps citizens of other countries and renditions them to Guantanamo in Cuba or to secret dungeons in criminal states such as Egypt and Poland to be held and tortured in violation both of US law and international law. These egregious crimes prove beyond any doubt that the US government is the worst criminal enterprise that has ever existed on Earth.

When the criminal neoconservative George W. Bush regime launched its illegal invasion of Afghanistan, the criminal regime in Washington desperately needed “terrorists” in order to provide a justification for an illegal invasion that constitutes a war crime under international law. However, there were not any terrorists. So Washington dropped leaflets over warlord territories offering thousands in dollars in bounty money for “terrorists.” The warlords responded to the opportunity and captured every unprotected person and sold them to the Americans for the bounty.

The only evidence that the “terrorists” were terrorists is that the innocent people were sold to the Americans by warlords as “terrorists.”

Yesterday Fayez Mohammed Ahmed Al-Kandari was released after 14 years of torture by “freedom and democracy America.” The United States military officer, Col. Barry Wingard, who represented Al-Kandari said that “there simply is no evidence other than he is a Muslim in Afghanistan at the wrong time, other than double and triple hearsay statements, something I have never seen as justification for incarceration.” Much less, said Col. Wingard, was there cause for a litany of multi-year torture in an effort to force a confession to the alleged offenses.

Do not expect the Western prostitute media to report these facts to you. To find out, you must go to RT or to Stephen Lendman or here to this site.

The presstitute Western media are part of Washington’s criminal operation.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts' latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West, How America Was Lost, and The Neoconservative Threat to World Order.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

J. M. Talboo, ed. - Replies to a hit-piece in The Guardian

Responses to 'The truth is rushing out there: why conspiracy theories spread faster than ever' Posted by JM Talboo

What follows are six responses to a recent hit piece in The Guardian regarding 9/11 truth and conspiracy theories in general. The first comes from yours truly and doesn't cover 9/11 as this is the main focus of most of the others. The second is a letter to the editor from Barrie Zwicker, author of Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-up of 9/11. The third response is courtesy of Evan Ravitz, wilderness guide and editor of The fourth reply is via James Hufferd, PhD., coordinator at The fifth retort is from Chris Sarns, a writer for the organization Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. The final reply is from Ian Henshall of None of these authors necessarily agree each other, least of all me. The most important thing is that they all disagree with David Shariatmadari's article, "The truth is rushing out there: why conspiracy theories spread faster than ever."

My two cents is that there is an intellectual argument for a conspiracist worldview, that conspiracy is the norm and not an aberration. This is not a fun view of things and explains quite well why a man profiled in the article feels "happy" and "free" to no longer hold this type of worldview. The idea put forth in the article immediately after this, that the former conspiracy theorist's views "had all the appeal of a spy drama" is contradicted by the relief he felt from the alternative of viewing the world through more rose-tinted glasses. So how about a few of the other things the article mentions in passing... Were the Paris attacks a false flag operation? Does the medical-industrial complex hide cures to cancer? Are chemtrails real? These 33 conspiracy theories that turned out to be true and 42 admitted false flag attacks might offer a clue. The oft repeated meme that this material is psychologically comforting needs to be put to rest once and for all. Again, it's scary and I can't blame the guy in the article for wanting to not feel the way this type of information makes you feel or not wanting to have the strained relationships with his family that he mentions.

Conspiracy theories usually have evidence to support them or else they wouldn't exist, prime example being that there is no popular conspiracy theories about the Unabomber because there is no evidence of a conspiracy. Evidence doesn't constitute proof, but it does make things at least be worth talking about. Conspiracy theories with decent enough evidence abound and are a laughing stock because the idea of so many conspiracies is disconcerting and it's easier to laugh it all off than investigate.

But as disconcerting as this all is, the idea of remaining silent on these issues, is more so to me. Do whatever you have to do, for me it was strengthening my spirituality. Whatever you do, don't convince yourself that you're crazy just to feel sane! Instead, face facts and fear and move forward with truth and love. The world isn't all bad, but it's very far from all good and we need good help to sway the pendulum.

Recommended Reading:

Psychology Experts Speak Out: “Why is the 9/11 Evidence Difficult for Some to Accept?” Debunking Myths on Conspiracy Theories

Quotes on Conspiracy Theories - Updated Version February 28, 2014

Recommended Viewing:

9/11: A Conspiracy Theory

The Best Of George Carlin Exposing The American Government

Conspiracy Theory in America by by Lance deHaven-Smith

Reply Two:

In the 1,995 words in this article the word evidence appears once, in the phrase “anecdotal evidence.” Yet evidence—of many kinds including documents, still photos, videos, audio, seismic charts, eyewitness and circumstantial—is key in determining if an account of an event is strictly theoretical or essentially factual. This article itself is typical of scores I’ve read, especially since 9/11, that over-psychologize people who question official accounts of politically relevant events and indeed vilify people who study great amounts of factual material directly pertaining to those events.

This article itself is evidence of the slighting of evidence in an area where evidence should be front and centre. But it’s so much easier to appear wise by writing off those who practice Bertrand Russell’s “critical receptiveness” with the eye-rolling put-down “conspiracy theorist” label.
Have your man tackle just a reasonable study of the facts about 9/11, that includes the fact that Osama bin Laden was never indicted for his alleged role in 9/11 as can be seen on the FBI’s own website ( and compare the picture that emerges for your man with the official conspiracy theory of 9/11—the one involving a mastermind with a laptop in a cave in Afghanistan who neutralizes the U.S. Air Force. The one that involves three structural steel high rises collapsing, each in less than the time it takes a telephone to ring twice. Have your man psychologize facts like those.
Reply Three:

1. The general federal conspiracy statute is 18 U.S.C. § 371. People are convicted of conspiracy every day. Every day investigators and prosecutors engage in "conspiracy theorizing" in order to solve crimes. Sometimes amateurs help them. Some conspiracies are real, some are not.

2. Some famous conspiracies involving parts of the government during my life that history say are true include the Watergate Coverup, the Pentagon Papers, the Iran-Contra Affair and revelations by Edward Snowden which were described in 2002 by NSA employee William Binney, but ridiculed by snide authors and guilty NSA officials:

3. Juries and judges decide which conspiracies are real, not Guardian writers, and especially not ones who infer that conspiracies are all false and that those who look into them are wackos or deluded young guys infected temporarily with the "paranoid style" [he mentions without crediting "The Paranoid Style in American Politics," an essay by historian Richard J. Hofstadter, first published in 1964.]

4. The author gives special mention to: "the notorious “truther” movement, a current of opinion that lays blame for the atrocities at the door of the US government." Actually, people also blame Saudi Arabia, Israel and others. Since there have been NO 9/11 trials, and the government is hiding so much evidence, like the aircraft black boxes which must have survived along with hijacker passports the US says they found in the WTC wreckage, and many security videos the government seized from gas stations etc near the Pentagon event, I'm withholding judgement.

5. There have been NO trials of any 9/11 conspirators, like the hundreds of people we tortured and mistreated in Guantanamo. You can bet keeping it that way is why America's best young Special Forces apparently killed an elderly, ill and unarmed bin Laden, and dumped his body at sea. The US has also failed to prosecute post-9/11 torturers and war criminals, and has promoted many of them. Why do you think they don't, and withhold or destroy evidence that might be used for that?

6. Into this vacuum has stepped the 9/11 Consensus Panel, composed of 23 professional researchers, who through a rigorous scientific process lasting years have agreed on these 46 points:

7. Until the writer looks at what evidence is available, and addresses these 46 points, he is a willfully ignorant child calling names like "notorious truthers." Does he prefer falsers?

Ultimately, historians will decide which conspiracies are true and which are false, not content stylists -paranoid, gullible, somewhere in between, or condescending.

The best film to inform yourself about 9/11 is the multi-part The New Pearl Harbor, free online.

Evan Ravitz, guide and editor

Reply Four:

An Answer to The Guardian
James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization (

Human activity, including today’s edition of The Guardian, involves practically by definition a measure of organized planning and coordination, which is the essence of a conspiracy. My own conspiracy theory suggests to me that today’s Guardian was, in other words, not the result of random or unplanned activity, any more than yesterday’s; and that little other human activity and precious few fruits of same are results of sheer randomness, either. Collaborations to produce what you would consider beneficial results, I might well interpret as detrimental over all, and vice-versa. Hence, to label collaborations of thought and action as “conspiracies”, as some do, only when they collaboratively produce results they consider detrimental fails as a labeling device as well.
The habit of labeling people you may not care for “conspiracy theorists” merely because their interpretations of occurrences – including, but not limited to 9/11, 7/7, or any single or sets of occurrences – dispute those spread by particular governments (which often differ even among themselves) or blocs of informative media is actually arrogant madness, because access to evidence and reasoning is in no way limited to government or media organizations. And its practice raises a crucial question: are you suggesting to the rest of us that we cannot think?
In response to your other point: To conclude that central banks and the large multinational business that they, for the most part, fund and control, endowed as they are with most of the world’s concentrated wealth (well beyond the relative pittances held by individual governments) do not in fact wield enormous influence and controlling power over events and policies of nations seems absurd, naïve if you’re serious about it, and most untenable. If you wish to label the view that such do wield extraordinary controlling power as belief in a “New World Order”, recognizing that such power was formerly shared much more pluralistically, or democratically, then I’m with you and let’s conspire to recover the former state of things.

Reply Five:

The term "conspiracy theorist" has become a pejorative despite the fact that the "official story" is a "conspiracy theory".

The government and the news media have sold the public a conspiracy theory about Osama bin Laden while at the same time convincing people that only "nut jobs" believe conspiracy theories.

Thru relentless repetition of this "big lie", Americans have come to equate "conspiracy theorist" with "nut-job" while at the same time believing a conspiracy theory about 19 crazy guys getting by the most sophisticated military defense system in the world.
Just stop and think about that for a moment.
In Great Brittan, the people responsible for this colossal failure would have resigned. In France they would have been fired.
In Russia they would have been shot.
But in America, they got promoted.
People get promoted for getting the job done, not for screwing up.

The FBI charged bin Laden with CONSPIRACY to murder Americans outside the United States, but they never charged him with 9/11 because there is no hard evidence that he was involved. That's just a CONSPIRACY THEORY. So if you believe that bin Laden was behind the attack then you are a conspiracy theorist by definition. When you take the time to look at the evidence, you will see that it does not support the official conspiracy theory.

I believed the official conspiracy theory about bin Laden and his 19 hijackers until I saw this video of WTC 7 imploding. The implosion of WTC 7 is the mother of all smoking guns. It was obviously and indisputably a controlled demolition.

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to know a rocket when you see one and building implosions are as easy to recognize as a rocket. Getting a building to implode is a fine art and it just can't happen by chance. Furthermore, we now have scientific proof of controlled demolition. WTC 7 fell at free fall acceleration for about 100 feet[1]. Free fall acceleration means no resistance, falling thru air. That means that all the supporting structure on 8 floors was removed in a precisely timed manner. That can only be done with some form of explosives and/or incendiaries. The NIST computer model shows the external frame bending and twisting well into the free fall portion of the collapse[2]. Bending steel columns provide resistance and preclude free fall. The NIST model is not falling at free fall.

It is not necessary to prove "Who, how, when, and why", only "what".

[2] "In Stage 2, the north face descended at gravitational acceleration, as the buckled columns provided negligible* support to the upper portion of the north face. This free fall drop continued for approximately 8 stories or 32.0 m (105 ft)" NCSTAR 1A p. 45
*Negligible: too small to be worth considering

"The entire building above the buckled-column region then moved downward in a single unit, as observed" NCSTAR 1A p. 55

Reply Six:
1. They never define what they mean by a conspiracy theory
2. There are plenty of official conspiracy theories that are not recognised as such eg Iraq'a alleged WMDs
3. Inevitable if questions are not answered there will be wild speculation especially from people who already doubt the official line on other issues
4. The conspiracy theory slur is a copout by overworked (to put it politely) journalists who don't have time to investigate
5. Interestingly, the key 911 so-called conspiracy theories all originated with the MSM ie Dan Rather said the buildings looked like a controlled demolition and the CNN guy said he could see no sign of aircraft debris at the Pentagon, while FBI agents said they had been blocked by the CIA from investigating the alleged hijackers.

Ian Henshall
at 7:18 AM
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Saturday, January 9, 2016


A previously unpublished piece about the Federal Reserve I wrote as a guest op ed three-plus years ago, the subject alludes to the other tong of the pincer of control wielded worldwide by the central core in control.


by James Hufferd a private citizen in Adel,Iowa Phone: (515) 993-3399

We recently celebrated our nation’s independence with flags, speeches, picnics, and bombs bursting in air. But, how independent are we really as a nation and as self-sustaining citizens, when the following conditions apply?

1) With quite likely the richest resource base, most-productive population and greatest infrastructure on earth, our economy remains stagnant and increasingly depressed for growing numbers of us. Our savings and personal net worth are depleted, and many more of us have become increasingly helpless financially and dependent or penurious as the debilitated economy creaks along.

2. Under arrangements in place for the past 100 years, every cent collected in federal income taxes currently goes to pay interest on the money supply the government has to order up from the internationally-owned Federal Reserve central bank, the precise identity of whose stockholders is a closely-guarded secret. Meanwhile, our colossal and growing national indebtedness stems from consequentially having to borrow massively in the U.S. as well as abroad to fund everything else the government does.

3. This ruinous, and entirely avoidable, situation holds despite the clear and specific stipulation in the Constitution (Article 1, Section 7) that Congress is to coin and emit all money – not privatize and farm out the task to a for-profit company, either domestic or international.

4. This very constitutional stipulation, and the serious and prescient reasoning behind it, is what moved several of our earlier Presidents – Jefferson, Madison, Jackson, and Lincoln – to productively oppose, and as far as possible, prevent the ever-ready private central banking scheme from taking control of U.S. financial fortunes. A later President, John Kennedy, likewise took measures to remove the Fed from supplying our money and restore that function to the government, as required constitutionally, before he was shot.

5. The “money” that the Federal Reserve central bank profits unimaginably from providing the U.S. Treasury on order – the interest due on which beggars even our world-leading system of productivity, while overseas units of the same global central banking monopoly are simultaneously shredding Europe – is spun out of thin air. The only mechanism supporting it is the agreement, renewed daily, of each one of us to go along with the illusion. And we are, in a manner of speaking, being flummoxed, our lives trashed, by hot air used to keep it up.

The story unfolded here (simplified a bit) is not made up by idiots and cranks. Anyone with a little time and determination can check all the facts in books available to the public or with a bit of research online. Why haven't we heard about all this, if the realities are really so outrageous? Because it’s long been a taboo subject, banned from mainstream discussion.

But, when not only our national and personal independence, but perhaps our national existence might ultimately be at stake, isn't it time to at least talk openly about the Fed and what our nation’s relationship toward and dependence on it going forward ought to be?