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Friday, April 29, 2016

SCADs - Depending on the Perspective

by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


For us, who have drunk the mother’s milk of the democratic, fair, free and open society, belonging to and operated by and maintained for the greater good of everybody, controlled by dispositions of the voters and responsive to public opinion, from the womb to old age, as the saying goes, the apparent instances of high officials breaking that supposedly sacred bond have come to be known of late as SCADs – specific and identifiable crimes against democracy by or under the aegis of the state. And the number and scope of such has grown much larger in our perceptions apace with our awareness generally, now encompassing not only 9/11 and the Kennedy assassinations and stealing the 2000 and 2004 elections, but an additional myriad of events big and small, serving to fray, deliberately or not, the public trust and will almost daily. Or, I would submit, constantly.

Because, from the perspective of the inside operators of government actions, reinforced by other cooperating elements of “the establishment”, such as the media, the professions and corporate America, democracy – the will and benefit of the whole society, the voice of the majority of us – is no objective or object of reverence at all. In fact, they operate all-powerfully for their benefit alone, to achieve their objectives, not ours. And they act more-or-less rationally, subject to their own set of peculiar myths, regardless of what we may think about anything.

Meanwhile, those few hardy, or foolhardy, souls on the inside who truly try to represent our best interests and views are regarded by their fellows as oddballs, out of step with the prevailing direction and little cognizant of what’s really going on. The prevailing direction of things, meanwhile, rolls along, largely oblivious to what we may desire, even if overwhelmingly. And while the successive acts that constitute the flow may be regarded as immoral or heartless, in so far as they are understood in the lower ranks of inside operators, they are generally viewed more as amoral and, on balance, worthy of their support regardless, because they are necessary to achieving larger goals within the effective mechanism of society.

And what we call “lies” told to us by our leaders are regarded on the inside as simply effective shorthand versions of events, such as parents might give their children to avoid difficult subjects – like the stork version to explain the arrival of wrinkled new brother Jonathan – both necessary and unquestionably forgivable. As such, hardly regarded on the inside as “crimes”.

Meanwhile, the subject of the “guilt” of those few truly effective and powerful higher up is avoided because the lower echelons have seen what happens to those among them who seriously question, and so don’t go there.

Most, if not all, of us who have not been initiated (or born) into the ruling class, meanwhile, have had it drilled into our heads for as long as we’ve had heads, that ours (literally, ours!) was a representative democracy and “we, the people” were its constituents, who owned the country. And the constituted leaders we thought we freely elected to represent our views and interests were sufficiently free of undue influence to effectively do that. And that their decisions were what steered the country on its determined path. None of which, meanwhile, was true.

The actual pattern of thinking behind and sequence of perceived and planned events pursued by the true drivers of our national career we can only surmise as “through a glass darkly”, just as we who are not doctors of physiology can only vaguely know the inner workings and transformations of ours and others’ bodies.

For instance, the unelected CFR, Council on Foreign Relations, made up of the topmost leaders of industry and government and the scions of the great families exclusively – the main real (and acknowledged!) constituency of Hillary Clinton, etc., largely decide matters of war and peace that have long been rammed down our collective throats by manipulating fear, anger, and lies. Trade deals too, although the local interest groups scorched by them have risen up to counter the corporate barons’ demands lately.

But still, with regard to the awful acts of psychopaths – what we deign to call SCADs, -- 9/11 and the like – murder and inciting terrorism against citizens are still crimes and need to be prosecuted as such. Our survival as a coherent society absolutely depends on it. So, let us keep seeking and demanding redress. Because, there is a compact to be applied on that account. And that’s no myth.

JH: 4/29/16

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Review of Paul Craig Roberts, The Neoconservative Threat to World Order: Washington’s Perilous War for Hegemony (Atlanta: Clarity Press), 2015, xii + 402 pages.

By James Hufferd, Ph.D., Coordinator
911 Truth Grassroots Organization


This is an important book by a major thinker and truth-teller, a star political economist who was an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan and onetime Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal. Notably, it was not published by a prominent publisher, and it was probably not professionally reviewed as, indeed, none or virtually none of the best fundamentally critical books by truth-tellers of the immediately past generation have been.

I seriously doubt that the title was of Dr. Roberts’s choosing, since, as he points out, its subject is not a “threat” of anything, but rather an ever-present, well-established reality already, an engine of worldwide fear and chaos in the here and now.

I must preface my remarks concerning the book’s substance, a sizable collection consisting of 105 of this prolific author’s published articles from the February, 2014 to July, 2015 period, by stating that I always check first for inclusion in books purporting to explicate current U.S. global deployment for possible attribution of the key role played by the Federal Reserve system of monetary supply and control. Because, I believe the role of the Fed to be that of purposefully leaving the United States in a situation of ever-deepening debt, enhancing the global bankers’ domination and opening the door to war financiers to propose persuasively to make up the vast shortfall in a way that enriches them alone, purely at the regular taxpayers’ expense. (As an aside, I believe that such largely explains the enormous income inequality that is now lamented.) But all I find on that score in this book is Roberts’s recognition that the Fed has been manipulated for the arguably nefarious purpose of rigging the bond and bullion markets to protect the dollar. In other words, in my opinion, Roberts either misses or chooses to ignore the main incentive in fact potentiating the U.S. ruling √©lite’s addiction to war.

Hence, the “neoconservatives” highlighted and blamed, as roguish and reckless as they may be, are just the set of militaristic opportunists and adventurists who have taken advantage of the desperate manufactured need for a perennial economic boost in order to keep the financial ship afloat. (The violently-resisted alternative being the abolishment of the Federal Reserve arrangement that has kept the plutocrats, a pathologically feared cabal, fat and satisfied. When JFK attempted as much, he did not survive the gambit).

Nevertheless, Dr. Roberts’s book admirably documents the unbelievably durable obsession with U.S. imperial domination expressed by the policy, now vying again for supremacy, of determined global warmongering, a policy that, even in the notoriously “dangerous” world of the present, requires a falsified and self-fulfilling official narrative of a world on fire with terrorism for its attempted justification.

The seemingly arbitrary timeframe highlighted in this book focusses attention very largely on the long dust-up between the U.S. and Russia over the Crimea and the disposition of Ukraine. Points well-documented include the role of the US. as provocateur, first by mounting and abetting the so-called “color revolutions” in former Soviet republics – including, ultimately, Ukraine itself – intended to pry them loose for western domination, to Moscow’s diminishment, and the unsupportable series of official statements and claims made U.S. officials over aspects of Russia’s activities and intents.

The main value of this sequential collection of mostly like-themed articles, with a thoughtful review of the effects of the 9/11 false-flag thrown in, other than as a historical record, is that the direction, objectives, and modus operandi of the leading edge of U.S. foreign policy are displayed in stark relief as an analytic witness. Thus, the world-menacing duplicity and lack of straightforward candor of the U.S. in its global positioning and recent role is placed squarely on the table.

The Neoconservative Threat to World Order, despite its failure to adequately explain the causal root of the syndrome it rightly laments, in my opinion, is an important book for understanding the contemporary world and, as such, is highly recommended reading. It follows Roberts’s equally-impressive earlier collection, entitled How America Was Lost (2014).
JH: 4/14/16