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Tuesday, November 29, 2016


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


What the _____ is happening to our beloved country/world? As of now, in the freezing fag end of November (here in the north of the Northern Hemisphere), astonishing events are moving at a rate perhaps unprecedented in the last 62 million years and unsurpassed in chaos. Trump is now President-elect (as a newspaper in Australia summed it up in a headline, “WTF?”), and his anticipated agenda and whole being are protested and endlessly, savagely denounced every minute of every hour by those for whom he has emerged as nothing short of a freak show monster, a usurper literally from the dark side, a “fascist” to all who haven’t the foggiest what a fascist is. Googol-aire George Soros’s mega-mega-bucks, now that his financing of thugs crashing Trump rallies has ended abruptly with the campaign, is funding unauthorizable and thus unauthorized, senseless recounts and spates of violent and ugly protests nationwide, apparently hell-bent on four years of paid petulance and intransigence or desperately fomenting civil war, like in most of the remote countries the U.S. has criminally invaded one way or another.

Hillary Clinton is frantically, but not illogically, dodging and pulling ropes behind the scenes to avoid the ever-lurking threat of prosecution and enforced law. And she’s, characteristically, attempting to enlist the protective intervention of the presumed half of the abused nation seemingly unable to fathom her manifest guilt on an increasingly-uncovered number of fronts. She now leaks word that she will assault electorally the arch-monster Trump again after four more years, if only to gather mass resistance to open disclosure and the horrors of the dungeon, perhaps even a taste of waterboarding in the south of Cuba.

Suddenly now, Brexit, the impossible Trump triumph, with ballot-box nixing of politicians and the élite media lording it over everybody with fresh daily golden showers of lies and unending war propaganda in the U.S., and likely similar vote results upcoming in France and Italy, have royally boggled the all-knowing NWO. Their century-long, full-spectrum tyranny globalization project, thought to be bought and paid for permanently with overwhelming material comforts for grateful first-world, front-row citizens is now at last more than starting to ferment and cloy, with the lack of control plus public realization promising an explosion on this end. Their schemes thwarted by the peasants they connived to soon as possible eliminate Рperhaps sooner than planned now with a thousand nukes and cornered Russia for our disobedience. Such is their delusion and utter madness.

And some are still prophecizing, with only weeks to go, that the daily more-disciplined and statesmanlike president-elect will never take office or that he will be induced to betray all his plans and cave. Let’s pray they continue to be 180 degrees wrong, wrong, wrong. As they always are.

JH: 11/29/16

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