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Wednesday, December 28, 2016


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


It’s still dark as I write in the early morning where I live. Nothing but nature ever changes that here, really, even if you put up lights to resist it just a bit. And where do I live? Same place as you – on a speck nearest a mediocre star, our “nearest” neighbors forbiddingly cold and sizzling hot dust grains and puffs of gas we don’t want to get our perceived realm too close to, as we all go round and round in a whirling waltz, through eons passing in each other’s faint and bright-blazing shadow or glow, with what we all do, think, build, and vainly observe here not likely to effect one scintilla of the boundless rest, though any or all of them could without notice in the next instant blot out our brief, nuanced microbial culture and inscrutable stirring, our so very ardent, purposeless striving, necessarily the ultimate in reflexive sense and memory, forever. Hence:

“… Such a tide as moving seems asleep,
Too full of sand and foam,
When that which drew from out the boundless deep
Turns again home.”
-Alfred Lord Tennyson, “Crossing the Bar” (1889).

1889 – The pendulum/tide had swung back to favor the bankers and industrialist tycoons, destroyers of life and individuality, the Darwinists imposing their brutal, Structuralist, reflexive, ripened-for-reordering-and-taking sense of the universe, just then starting to gather steam – and they haven’t let up since.

2016/2017 – The tide re-crossing the bar at in-tide, distinctly echoing the 1840s/’60s, starting, unexpectedly, to again favor a bit the individual and revival of freedom, the still-sleepy subjects, yet bedazzled in dreams by material “progress”, back then of railroads, now electronic marvels in communication and truly horrendous, random, mostly far-off pyrotechnic iterations of “defensive” death. Again now, there is a starting to resist, to reclaim dignity and practical control over our own lives, in order, just perhaps, to realize at least some measure of the pretty, age-old dream of being real and meaningful citizens or, somehow, free individuals, sovereign together.

Perhaps a sunrise and the sanity of each newly-restored whole individual really could be in the offing – Brexit and the rejectionist election in America hint at proclaiming and protecting it – together with escape to a perhaps expanding degree from the horrid nightmare faster and faster foreshadowing in the overnight darkness, of eternal, universal living death. The two are in the balance.

May yours be the happiest of New Years and beyond!

JH: 12/28/16

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