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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Nationalist Capitalism As An Alternative To Globalism

Nation Of Sheep, Government Of Wolves

2016 - 24,000 Bombed By Obama; '17 - Trump Bans The Rest

Charge Of Nepotism Enlivens French Presidential Election

Dems Hold Up Trump Cabinet Appointees

A Meta-Analysis of the Paradigm Shift Represented By Trump

Haiti's History Full of US Manipulation And Regime Change

US Complicit in Yemen Holocaust, Starvation

Trump's Uncluttering Of Governance Underway

Ten US Cities That Could End Up Under Water

Queen In "Difficult Position" Over President Trump's Visit

Winning Coalition Approves Trump's Immigration Order

Europe Begins To Phase Out Cash

Donald J. Trump A Patsy?

Agreed: Trump Should Cease And Desist Entangling Alliances

US Should Oppose, Destroy Its Terrorist Allies

Monday, January 30, 2017

A Little Factual Insight On The Current Subject of Rage

The Left Is Self-Destructing

Pound, Dollar, Euro, And Yen Will Be Worthless Within 5 Years

Will NATO Attack Russia?

Ron Paul Warns Economic Collapse Imminent

The Precipice Of Civil Unrest


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


President Trump, in the heat of his interview with ABC last week, justified his unprecedented flurry of seemingly extreme executive actions and fast-developing policies on both the domestic and foreign fronts, by noting, in ironically understated though inarguable fashion, that “The world is an angry place”. ISIS is wound up and angry. The accustomed powers-that-be in the U.S. and the west are, stewed in their own malarkey, maximally angry at Russia, their bogeyman-designate, whom they have never really stopped demonizing (unless maybe for about 10 minutes in 2008). And, most angry of all, is the massive orchestrated, still-rising opposition whipped up in the U.S., beyond furious at Mr. Trump himself because, diabolically in their eyes, he derailed without warning their fast-moving train seemingly laden with their continued personal security but, unknown to them, instead bound toward nuclear war with Russia over a host of slights mostly conjured to mislead them, and toward still more futile and cruel stabs at imperial mastery over a shadowy and sinister Middle East.

The still-growing visceral anger at Trump himself, the targeted-for-death Hitler reincarnation of the media-addicts, who has surely mastered, if not himself expressed, the darkness of their unworthy leaders’ deeds and hearts. This orchestrated opprobrium seems by far the president’s most dangerous obstacle, and hence ours as a nation on the road to recovery from real betrayal. Though I can’t applaud all his goals by any means, Trump has already proven to my virtual satisfaction that he is sincere and determined and won’t surrender his resolve from being attacked, threatened, or even panned. His manner is crude, but his mind is calculating and more brilliant than his multitude of detractors’. Unlikely or distasteful as it may seem to some, he volunteered to be the leader we long hoped for to “drain the swamp”, expose and undercut America’s heartless exploiters, and he has repeatedly both confounded the “wise” and, in doing so, raised beyond fever pitch the anger and impulsive pushback we see orchestrated by real tyrants and con-men via the media they own. And, if they hoped to buy him as their buy everything, he has accelerated their wrath the more by beginning strongly and immediately to fulfill undaunted all he pledged in stunning detail, only leaving Hillary for his team at Justice.

And while doing this, he has largely pried the allegiance of organized labor, a key Democratic base for decades, away from the Democrats, and credibly identified not that party, but instead the owned, non-objective media constantly railing at him as his true opposition.

It has emerged that the U.S. media’s hyper-partisan stance lately is no accident. Because, though not responsible alone, multi-billionaire philanthropist George Soros has personally bought and bought off much of the media through his own creation, the GMO Media Matters. Related funding, amounting to more than $100 million, has gone to other major media conglomerates and organizations, to hiring demonstrators, and orchestrating the non-stop violent and vulgar demonstrations, railing against everything Trump, that we’ve seen positively glorified by a mainstream media that has chosen not to cover the detailed disclosure of at least much of Soros’s choreographing by Wikileaks.

Soros’s other mania, which rationalizes this one, is the creation of one-world, top-down central government – the EU, North American Union, NAFTA, GATT, and the like being its intermediate stages. All which Trump loathes and wants to personally partake in dismantling.

Soros has even figured out how to profit handsomely from the chaos of the migration quagmire American imperialism, with an assist from Soros himself, has created across the face of Europe. The American president is right to try to protect the U.S. homeland from joining the train of misery arising from that debacle, with its attendant violence and social disruption – albeit recent “terrorist” incidents in the west, his stated concern, have been either orchestrated affairs or fraudulent put-ups. And his resolve to obliterate ISIS itself, the fomenter, however controlled, of tremendous violence in the Middle East, would also be laudable, except that, as he said rightly on multiple occasions, his predecessor, President Obama, and his first Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton were “the founders of ISIS”, as an intel asset, a fact well-documented. How he squares that powerful bit of awareness with his resolve to eviscerate the poison asset at its root remains to be seen. Regarding Russia, Trump seems more interested in joining with that still virtual world superpower to vanquish their and our common enemies. All most infuriating and frightening to the globalists, neocons, and their huge gaggle of blinded followers. About the identity of ISIS, humans everywhere need to know.

Similarly, with 9/11, Trump, a man who thinks aloud, if often elliptically, seems to have indicated that he knows good and well it was a U.S. or more broadly western intel operation. And he knows very well saying so knowingly is a taboo – which he has, inexcusably, half breached already. It’s been suggested that his celebrated allusions during the campaign were a warning, and that he may hold the prospect of breaking wide open the treason of 9/11, perhaps along with other deep state dark secrets, over the heads of the fiercely-opposing elite – in fact, fiercely opposing everything good for America. And he might. But, my guess is that, if the self-styled elite would-be masters of the world move at any time to escalate to the next step in their opposition, assassination plots and attempts, Mr. Trump won’t finesse anything. He’ll bomb them with the whole load.

JH: 1/30/17

Trump's Heartland Voters Stand By Him

Trump Signs Order For "Great Rebuilding Of US Military"

Vast Political Pedophile Ring In UK: Only There?

RFK, Jr.: Vaccines, CDC, A "Holocaust, Cesspool Of Corruption

Edward Snowden: NSA Has "Mind-Hack" Capability

"A Terrorist Attack Against Muslims" In Quebec City

Sunday, January 29, 2017

President Says McCain, Graham "Looking To Start WW III"

America's 25 Dying Industries

Trump Silences Republican Critics

Iraq Might Turn Tables On The US

Lawsuits Against Trump's Immigration Ban Will Fail

Extent To Which George Soros Weaponizes US Media

Opposition Has Its Issue, Trump Stands Firm

Cash Is Being Delegitimized

This Is How War Begins

Trump Winning Organized Labor Away From Dems

Trump, DHS Contest The Court Ruling

Protective Temporary Extreme Vetting Not Found Palatable

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Judge Allows Middle Easterners With Visas To Stay in US

Trump's "War On Terrorism": More Self-Deluding Quicksand

Handwriting Experts Decipher Donald Trump's Signature

A Timely Open Letter

Vile Charges Added To Hacking Story

Refugee Ban Reportedly Caused "Chaos, Panic, Anger Worldwide"

Iran Unhappy, Retaliates Against Trump's Refugee Limitation

Trump's Talks With World Leaders


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A Third Of A Million Fake Twitter Accounts Created, Deployed

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How To Defeat The Globalist System

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Eugenics Made Easy

The Cryptic Key To A Lot Of Very Despicable Disinformation

Five Impressions From President Trump's First Week

Friday, January 27, 2017

The Worst Bad News On Earth. Only The Bravest Should Listen.

A Few Details We Need To Clean Up

Roots Of The State Of Israel

Influx Of Refugees Into US From 7 Mideast Countries Suspended

US Imperial Advance Knocked Akimbo In Syria

Soros And Master Card Collude To Profit From Immigration

Study Shows Clinton Received 800.000+ Votes From Illegals

Gorbachev: "Looks As If The World Is Preparing For War"

Syria Strategy - But Still Only Half-Baked

Who Really Perpetrated Aleppo Massacre? Invite To Disclosure

Executive Orders Can Be Deadly

War On Terrorism - The Truth Will Prevail

Fake-News Purveyor CNN's Emphasis Not Journalism

TV Melodrama About President Being Shot To Air

Armageddon Coming For The Fed

Medical Fake News The Mount Everest Of Fake News

Trump's Plan For ISIS Draws Fire

NATO, Russia, Trade Among Topics For Trump And May

Meaning Of Huge Shakeup At US State Department

Clinton Mulls Return/Run Via Talk-Show Host Route

Is The Trump Administration Anti-Science?

Orwellian Human-Pig Hybrid To Harvest Organs

Defector Says Kim Jong Un's Days Numbered

US Suspends Refugee Resettlement Interviews

Miami Complies With Trump's Order Re Sanctuary Cities

Horrific Laser Naval Weapon Emerging

Thursday, January 26, 2017

So, There IS Mercury In Vaccines

Great News For Net Neutrality

Trump's Plan For ISIS

Fellow Law-Makers Not Happy Tulsi Gabbard Met With Assad

Paul Craig Roberts: The Demise Of The Left

Is It Time For A 'No Presidential Wars' Statute?

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: "No Moderate Rebels" In Syria

Dismantling the Dismal Empire: The Work Of Generations?

Same Number Abortions As US Ops Death Toll Since 1947

The Only Question We Really Need To Ask

Media Blames Assad For Chem. Attacks Despite Contrary Evidence

Trump To Order "Safe Zone" In Syria

A "Psychological Vaccine" To Protect Against Alternative News

10 Executive Orders President Trump Has Signed So Far

Not All Sides Agree To Syria Ceasefire

German Newspaper Editor Publicly Urges Trump's Murder

US Inspector Genl.Investigating Homeland Security Cyber Attacks

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Blissful Ignorance

Chicago Police Chief Feigns Incomprehension of Trump's Ultimatum

Elite Survivalism

American Dream / American Nightmare

You Need Permission To Make A Living More and More Americans Need a License to Make a Living

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: "The Syrian People Desperately Want Peace"

Fake News, Skewed State Media Propaganda: Who Threatens Who?

Is Refusing Refugees Admission Equivalent To Slavery?

A List Of President Trump's Priority Infrastructure Projects

Is Endless War Locked In, Regardless?

Wikileaks: HRC Bribed Republicans To Influence Election

How DOD, Establishment Seeded, Used The Tech Revolution

'The Presidency and the Constitution" Free Online Course

Electromagnetic Frequencies And Human Health

Is Mass Voter Fraud In Recent US Election Possible? R-rated

Universal Basic Income Urged For Entire EU

Is Trump Presidency Off To A Successful Start?;s-presidency.html

British Tanks Test Chunnel As War Route

Off-Grid Electrification Fix For 1.2 Billion Isolates

Police Probe Into Netanyahu Widens, Prosecution Said Imminent

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Most-Likely Death Scenario For Hundreds Of Millions

US: Civil War, Without Bullets (Yet)

US Drone Killing Machine Stuck On Automatic

China's Response: Missiles Reportedly Targeted On US

Will Brexit Really Hold?

Craig McKee - Are You A Truther?

Climate Change: Measures, Or Simply Claims?

US Out Of UN?

Trump's Foreign Policy: Either/Or

Trump Administration Environmental Policy Divisive

Synthetic DNA: Perks, Dangers Of New Life Forms

America's Deep Racism - Or Not?

Philippines: A New Cockpit Of Asia

Russia Still Leary Of Trump Presidency

Revolution American Style: Manufactured and Managed Dissent


Where We're At: Social Justice in Obama's Military

Monday, January 23, 2017

Expose: Pizza-gate Scandal, British Branch

Neocon Dreams Of A US - Syria War Dashed

A Preview Of Trump's Seven Imminent Executive Orders


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


The great division of mankind in our world is not that between Muslims and their allies and Christians/Jews (or, more inclusively, “westerners”). Even less between liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats, radicals and moderates or regressives. No, The only meaningful split of historic importance today is between globalists (those who favor world despotic, top-to-base control ultimately by self-chosen leaders, often shadowy, predestinated by incomparable wealth and established connections, and anti-globalists who favor each individual being reliant in so far as possible on his/her own mind and participating together as full citizens. Globalists and anti-globalists: a clear distinction, growing clearer every day as the mighty forces of globalism – the corporate elite, major media, party organizations, first-line entertainment industry, government-reliant professions – fighting tooth-and-claw (and now, to a surprising extent, insanely) , backed by a goodly portion of the world’s wealth, to obscure the division and more-tightly secure their lofty niche in the hierarchy of the globe.

But, with people growing wise to their now-threadbare accustomed lies and deception, to the artificiality-to-unreality of all their control mechanisms short of lethal violence, they are finding they no longer have the votes to maintain their stultifying grip, the oppression of all.

But still, they try, foisting the old shells of competitive parties secretly pulling all or both for the same thing – to maintain themselves while controlling the populace. And it still works to a certain, dangerous degree.

Edward O. Wilson, the world-famous naturalist, posits, in THE SOCIAL CONQUEST OF EARTH (2012), that tribalism remains one of the most fundamental human traits, splitting populations of voters and potential enemies of globalism into two up to countless more-or-less irrelevant-content loyalty groups such as political parties, the widespread emphasis on which is useful to the toothless globalists because it both diffuses and confuses. Likewise, creating bogeyman packs of mercenary “radical” berzerkers, such as ISIS and al-Qaeda, and pulling long series of false flag tricks such as from 9/11 and well before on down to today – including, according to historian Zeev Sternhell, Mossad’s puppet operation of Hamas in Israel – draws mass, unconditional support born of fear for the controlling establishment. But word is now out and about exposing all of this.

Brexit was the first serious manifestation of mankind’s “great awakening” rebellion. President Trump, who identifies his movement as part and parcel of world anti-globalism, and resoundingly, defiantly re-ratified this brave stance in his inaugural address last week, anticipates the electoral prospects of Maurine Le Pen in France, solidarity with Putin against American globalist imperialism, pledging to return control of the machinery of constitutional government back to the will of the people. (Why would Trump keep dangerously exposing himself, and why would the globalists keep foolishly committing suicide in going straight after him, if he was secretly their man?)

All the anti’s pledge to sweep the real deplorables and their age of corruption out.

JH: 1/23/17

Parallel Crisis: Foreigners Dumping US Debt At Record Pace

Germany Could Have Stopped Berlin Attacker: Gladio Again?

10 Signs Of Global Awakening

The Scathing Beatdown of the Globalists Proceeds

With Nationalism Strong, Globalists Target Cities and Locales

George Soros Faces Angry European Backlash

Like An OT Prophet, Trump Declares War On Whole Establishment

A Right To Protest, Not To Riot

Sunday, January 22, 2017

US - Majority Party's Agenda For First 100 Days

Fog Shrouds Trump's Healthcare Plans

Buffett - US Will Do Fine Under President Trump

Kellyanne Conway Refutes NYT, Huff Post's Niggling Attack

Docs Reveal CIA 'Project Star Gate' On Super Psycic Abilities

G. W. Bush At Trump's Inauguration

17 Pictures From Inside The 'Peaceful Protest'

Pope Francis's Dictum Regarding Trump

The NEW New Order

The Sheet Is Pulled Away

Idiots React To Trump's Inauguration

Saturday, January 21, 2017

China's First "Silk Road" Train Arrives in London

Mass Protests Rock Mexico

The Fruits of Globalist Elite Control

Day 1 - The Campaign To Impeach President Trump Begins

Israel Back At It, Stealing Palestinian Land

UK Expert Tells Brits Trump "Oddly Makes Sense"; Codicil

Connected Devices Become Spy Portals

New meme? Media Icon Calls Trump's Inaugural "Hitlerian"

How Orchestrated Inaugural Disruptions Fizzled

Donald J. Trump Vows To Be "The People's President"

Le Pen Vows To "End Brussels Superpower"

How Rich Are The World's Richest Really?

The Globalists' Trajectory

Friday, January 20, 2017

All The News That's Fit To Twist

Classist Mass-Murder By India's Globalization Toadies

Putrid US Regime-Change Doctrine, Machinery Strikes Home

Bottom-Line Results of Applied Technocracy

The Real Purpose Of 'Russian Hacking' Claims

Two Peace Stars To Report On Syria

Last-Ditch Appeal By Opponents To Stop Trump Swearing-In

NATO Obsolete, Needs To Be Revamped, Retooled

Thursday, January 19, 2017

CIA Puts Millions of Damning Docs Online, Media Silent

Trump Stole the Election From Who?


Israel Treats All Non-Jews As A Threat, An Enemy

Chossudovsky - 'Color Revolution' Against Donald Trump

Mysterious Bldg 7- Style Highrise Collapse in Teihran Today At least 30 firefighters killed in Iran high-rise building collapse | Fox News

Biden Announces For 2020 -- Just In Case

New Edward Snowden Interview

Governments Worldwide Losing Control

These Guys Think They're So Smart. Their Bitterness Knows No Bounds

Donald Trump’s Presidency Will Be a Fiasco for Donald Trump

For Those With Faith In Future Science

Ted Koppel: Lights Out

Earth Sets Temp Record For 3d Straight Year: Coincidence?

Earth Sets a Temperature Record for the Third Straight Year By

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Not Obama's Finest Hour

Refusnik Russia's Military: Most Powerful Force on the Planet

CNN Head Claims Trump Wants to "Delegitimize" Journalism

Assassination Attempt On Trump Operative

Futuristic Energy-Generating Homes

May: UK Will Make Clean Break From EU

How Neoliberalism Is Destroying The World

No Proof, No Trust

Assange Slated To Turn Himself In

George Galloway's Take On Trump's Viability

President Trump - The Most Unlikely Door Prize

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

President Obama Commutes Chelsea Manning's Prison Sentence

Up To $2,500 Offered to Lure Agitators In Two Dozen Cities

Can Washington's 'Operation Atlantic Resolve" Trigger WW III?

World Peace With Trump, Le Pen, Putin Trio?

Trump, Taiwan, and China: The Controversy Explained

Earth's Atmosphere To Become Giant Surveillance System

47% Of Jobs Will Disappear Within 25 Years

Not Yet Quite Ready To Throw Out Capitalism...

NYT: Don't Believe A Word He Says

Monday, January 16, 2017

Rebuilding The Means To Be Heard And Felt

Even With Rothschild Family Wealth Now Concealed...

MLK Day - Summary of AN ACT OF STATE by William Pepper

For Trump, Liberal Journalists Rediscover Purpose

Trump "Stuns" EU, NATO, Evoking Backlash

Can Trump Take Back The Presidency From The CIA?

Do We Need Central Banks?

Planned and Scheduled Civil Unrest

Who Pays For Compulsory Global Security State?

New Presidential Style: Negotiator In Chief

Why Ridiculous Official Propaganda Still Works

Clinton's Nomination Was Illigitimate: 6 Reasons

America No. 1 In All The Wrong Things

The Top 10 Trump Myths

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Europe's Courageous Independent Voice Has Sadly Died

Ex-CIA Admits in Court US Runs Afghan Drug Trade


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


Policy specifics aside for a moment (although, as they say, the devil is in the details), the meme enunciated by the US Democratic Party under Obama has been best encapsulated in phalanx of single words, like Brotherhood and Inclusion. Party-line liberals (of which I could easily have been misconstrued as one myself until the Mafia-like character of the party apparatus fully materialized during the still-recent primaries) give every indication even now of continuing to believe themselves the unique bearers of sweetness and light to the world. But a simple look at the record of late has come to indicate the exact opposite. Acceptance? Forget it. If you, as a left-out working class person, or identifying with same, decided to spurn the conniving, greedy old woman installed as nominee over they party rank-and-file’s more promising, and therefore popular choice, then you don’t qualify for consideration. Because, thievery is no excuse for rejection.

And so, your less-than-sterling general-election choice, become president-elect, deserves in spades every lie and canard that can be dreamed up and viciously hurled. BECAUSE WE ARE FURIOUS! (Read mad). There’s none of this customary “You’ve won this time; we’ll learn and do better and win next time.” No! Instead, the left-mugwumps’ abject revilement of Trump, who, quite incidentally, painted nearly the whole map red, is eerily like that of the southern firebrands for the newly-elected Lincoln in 1860 – to reject and denounce the whole unsupportive Constitution since that’s the result adherence to it mandates.

And the hell with our “brotherhood”, they seem to say, and our “unite the country/we’re stronger together” crap now. Because, OUR ox was gored, not theirs; and the good sportsmanship we demanded so loudly for the sake of the country was only assuming WE won, as planned, and that YOU would have had to swallow bile and concede.

Now, with the horrible nightmare way everything turned out, we’re just going to employ instead every conceivable means, fair and foul, to wreck or kill your-president-not-ours, Trump, to divide and destroy this country and fill the nation’s airwaves and brainwaves with “Russia, Russia, Comie and commies, Comie, Putin, and Trump (Russia) did it to us, Commie-Fascist-Nazi! Russia-to-invade-Baltic-States, (What? No evidence?) Russia and Trump to invade Canada, Cuba, a wall to isolate California, Russia and Syria, ISIS, Russia (Putin) and Ukraine, Crimea, Olympics-cheating Russia, Putin, Russian plot, let’s nuke and goad Russia to fire first, surround the Russians with troops and installations to ignite Armageddon for Trump and Russia and Assad to deal with, goad and block China, rape, pillage, desecrate, DESTROY (just as we have been doing in the once-greater Middle East for over two decades), jack the mullahs around, blow up the world (as now seems to have been the commanding psychos’ eventual plan all along, anyway – WHATEVER! Because the rotten ingrates throughout the middle 90% of America abandoned us and we LOST! And we just HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE, HATE it!”

One commonly-overlooked ingredient you have to have to have a successful country is adults. Where are they? And now we know that the colossal tantrum happening over the mere existence of the clear president-elect was orchestrated. 9/11 was one forever reeking example of supremely powerful people determined to do anything, everything to have their way with the world. And now, I fear, we have another.

JH: 1/15/17

Last-Minute Change in Inauguration Security Detail

Trump's Policy On Russia And China

Western Psychopaths To Illegally Drill In Syria For Oil

Powers Behind the MoronicallyTerrifying Anti-Trump Stuff

5 Signs Something Might Be Going Down On Inauguration Day

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Did John McCane "Launder" Fake Dossier on Trump?

Kerry: US Hoped To Manage ISIS In Syria

Is It Real or Fake Rage?

NATO Troops to Poland: Baltic States Under Actual Threat?

Amount Put At Risk By Repealing "Obamacare"

Chinese Media to Trump: Prepare For Military Clash

Touting Personal Responsibility, Trump Nixes Consumer Agency

The Psychology of Soft Slavery

Era of Destabilization in US?

Trump Responds to John Lewis's Scathing Remark

10 Aircraft Carriers - All Aggression Emanates From Washington

Why Lame-Duck President Is Pouring Troops Into Poland

Lucrative New Occupation Category - Cricket Farmer