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Monday, January 30, 2017


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


President Trump, in the heat of his interview with ABC last week, justified his unprecedented flurry of seemingly extreme executive actions and fast-developing policies on both the domestic and foreign fronts, by noting, in ironically understated though inarguable fashion, that “The world is an angry place”. ISIS is wound up and angry. The accustomed powers-that-be in the U.S. and the west are, stewed in their own malarkey, maximally angry at Russia, their bogeyman-designate, whom they have never really stopped demonizing (unless maybe for about 10 minutes in 2008). And, most angry of all, is the massive orchestrated, still-rising opposition whipped up in the U.S., beyond furious at Mr. Trump himself because, diabolically in their eyes, he derailed without warning their fast-moving train seemingly laden with their continued personal security but, unknown to them, instead bound toward nuclear war with Russia over a host of slights mostly conjured to mislead them, and toward still more futile and cruel stabs at imperial mastery over a shadowy and sinister Middle East.

The still-growing visceral anger at Trump himself, the targeted-for-death Hitler reincarnation of the media-addicts, who has surely mastered, if not himself expressed, the darkness of their unworthy leaders’ deeds and hearts. This orchestrated opprobrium seems by far the president’s most dangerous obstacle, and hence ours as a nation on the road to recovery from real betrayal. Though I can’t applaud all his goals by any means, Trump has already proven to my virtual satisfaction that he is sincere and determined and won’t surrender his resolve from being attacked, threatened, or even panned. His manner is crude, but his mind is calculating and more brilliant than his multitude of detractors’. Unlikely or distasteful as it may seem to some, he volunteered to be the leader we long hoped for to “drain the swamp”, expose and undercut America’s heartless exploiters, and he has repeatedly both confounded the “wise” and, in doing so, raised beyond fever pitch the anger and impulsive pushback we see orchestrated by real tyrants and con-men via the media they own. And, if they hoped to buy him as their buy everything, he has accelerated their wrath the more by beginning strongly and immediately to fulfill undaunted all he pledged in stunning detail, only leaving Hillary for his team at Justice.

And while doing this, he has largely pried the allegiance of organized labor, a key Democratic base for decades, away from the Democrats, and credibly identified not that party, but instead the owned, non-objective media constantly railing at him as his true opposition.

It has emerged that the U.S. media’s hyper-partisan stance lately is no accident. Because, though not responsible alone, multi-billionaire philanthropist George Soros has personally bought and bought off much of the media through his own creation, the GMO Media Matters. Related funding, amounting to more than $100 million, has gone to other major media conglomerates and organizations, to hiring demonstrators, and orchestrating the non-stop violent and vulgar demonstrations, railing against everything Trump, that we’ve seen positively glorified by a mainstream media that has chosen not to cover the detailed disclosure of at least much of Soros’s choreographing by Wikileaks.

Soros’s other mania, which rationalizes this one, is the creation of one-world, top-down central government – the EU, North American Union, NAFTA, GATT, and the like being its intermediate stages. All which Trump loathes and wants to personally partake in dismantling.

Soros has even figured out how to profit handsomely from the chaos of the migration quagmire American imperialism, with an assist from Soros himself, has created across the face of Europe. The American president is right to try to protect the U.S. homeland from joining the train of misery arising from that debacle, with its attendant violence and social disruption – albeit recent “terrorist” incidents in the west, his stated concern, have been either orchestrated affairs or fraudulent put-ups. And his resolve to obliterate ISIS itself, the fomenter, however controlled, of tremendous violence in the Middle East, would also be laudable, except that, as he said rightly on multiple occasions, his predecessor, President Obama, and his first Secretary of State, Hillary Rodham Clinton were “the founders of ISIS”, as an intel asset, a fact well-documented. How he squares that powerful bit of awareness with his resolve to eviscerate the poison asset at its root remains to be seen. Regarding Russia, Trump seems more interested in joining with that still virtual world superpower to vanquish their and our common enemies. All most infuriating and frightening to the globalists, neocons, and their huge gaggle of blinded followers. About the identity of ISIS, humans everywhere need to know.

Similarly, with 9/11, Trump, a man who thinks aloud, if often elliptically, seems to have indicated that he knows good and well it was a U.S. or more broadly western intel operation. And he knows very well saying so knowingly is a taboo – which he has, inexcusably, half breached already. It’s been suggested that his celebrated allusions during the campaign were a warning, and that he may hold the prospect of breaking wide open the treason of 9/11, perhaps along with other deep state dark secrets, over the heads of the fiercely-opposing elite – in fact, fiercely opposing everything good for America. And he might. But, my guess is that, if the self-styled elite would-be masters of the world move at any time to escalate to the next step in their opposition, assassination plots and attempts, Mr. Trump won’t finesse anything. He’ll bomb them with the whole load.

JH: 1/30/17

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