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Friday, March 31, 2017

Organizer Of Women's March A Convicted Terrorist, Loses Citizenship, Deported

Wikileaks Reveals CIA Plotting To Deceive, Hiding Origins Of Hacking

Russian Hacking Scandal: All Baloney And More, And More Baloney

US "Tough Guy" Policy Of Provocation Could Mean Suicide

Obama's Underground Unvetted Refugee Railroad

Julian Assange's Happy Home At Risk In Ecuadorian Election

The Nonstop Mystery: Why No Investigation Of Clinton-Russia Uranium Deal?

President Donald Trump: Interventionist/Noninterventionist

Corbett: Russian Hacking Conspiracy Theory Unraveling

Exponential Debt Growth To Trigger Catastrophe

Japan Is Considering Preemptive Strikes Against Kim Jong-Un

Silly Fake News Keeps On Coming From Discombobulated Sources

The Globalist Elite Is Really Angry, ACLU Amassing An "Army"

Fascinating New Revelations About Antarctica, Origins Of 9/11

US AG Urged To Purge Political Ideologues Fm Civil Rights Division

US Refugee Arrivals To Skyrocket In Midst Of Immigration Battle

Dark Economic Forecast: What We Need Is A New Non-Debt Paradigm

Sharks Need Our Help

Putin's Image Of The West: Culture That Spawns Pedophilia, Satanism

The Toxically-Polluted States Of America

The Truth About Vaccines - Free Online Event

DEA Stole $3.2 Billion From Innocent People In A Decade

Ask Yourself: What If US Wanted To Make Artificial Islands In The Atlantic?

A Perhaps Better Link To The Newly-Released FBI 9/11 Photos

Henry Kissinger's Dark Letter Celebrating David Rockefeller

Henry Kissinger Writes A Love Letter To David Rockefeller

Don't Forget! Apparent Russian, Chinese Hacks Probably Fm The CIA

Putin Ready To Come And Prove There Was No Russian Interference

South America's Political Isolation In 3 Maps

After North Korea Attacks - An Ominous Asia Imagined

Old International Order Structure Weakened, Replaceable By What?

Why Blast Civilians? US Dropping 500 Bombs A Week On Mosul

Seth Rich DC Murder: Too Big To Solve?

Citing Witch Hunt, Trump Says Michael Flynn Should Request Immunity

FBI Releases Additional Photos From 9/11 Pentagon Attack

Rex Tillerson: Man Of Mystery In State Dept, Another Target For Scorn

China Going Big On Space Science

Thursday, March 30, 2017

More NATO Destabilization Agenda: Black Sea And Caucasus

More On Gaining Power By Getting People To Want What You Want

Britain Slow-Walks Into Operationalizing Brexit

Chuck Baldwin: This Is Not Going To End Well - Trump's Militarism

China's Enormous Gambit For Global Reset Not Welcomed By All

Obama Defense Deputy Accidentally Admits Spying On Trump

Brazil's Giant Can Of Worms: A Look At US Future?

The Federal Reserve Is Like Sleeping With A Python

I'm Not Right-Wing, But I'm Definitely Anti-Pedophilia

It Takes A Coven? Girls Shouldn't Read Any Books By Men

Stopping Free Speech To Kill "Fake News"

Somehow, I Thought The Law Was There To Protect Me

The Perspective Of Russia's Foreign Minister

Surprising Place Where Ex-President Obama Is

Taxes: A Labyrinthian Means Of Transferring Your Earnings To The Rulers

Name Changes By Terrorist Groups To Obfuscate Their US Asset Identity

We Are Being Harried And Frenzied To Death By Numb-Skull "Experts"

Are Microwaves Killing Us?

New Cold War Or New Civil War? Who Believes A Story With No Evidence?

Obama Admin Blocked Comey's Offer To Openly Divulge Russian Meddling

Both US Parties Divided Internally By Invasion Of The People Into Their Turf

Putin Says Claims Of Russian Interference In US Election Are Lies

Climate Change References Apparently Out At US Energy Department

President Trump To Meet China's Xi Next Week In Florida

An Expert For Everything: Analysis Of Trump's Handshake Sets Off Alarm

Scottish Parliament Backs New Independence Referendum

Saudis Pivot To China To Fill Void Left By US Recent Disfavor

US Leads Boycott Of UN Talks On Nuclear Weapons Ban

Another Try At Obamacare Repeal Perhaps Next Week

Trump's Choice: Fearfully Tolerate The Controllers, Or Attack The Swamp

If President You Don't Control Threatens Your Empire, He Must Be Insane

"Obamacare" Could Explode As Trump Predicts On May 22

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

US Commander: American Airstrike Prob Behind Mosul Civilian Death Toll

A Worse-Than-Chernobyl Russian Nuclear Accident Was Covered Up

President Trump's 100th Day Might Be During A Govt Shutdown

Judge Napolitano Reactivated, Stands By Obama Wiretapping Claim

FBI Director James Comie Caught In A Major Lie

US State Dept Issues Travel Warning For Saudi Arabia

Germany Created "Artificial Sun" To Make Clean Energy

Gotta Have War And More Excuses For War: Gotta, Gotta, Gotta

Russia's New Unbeatable, Unstoppable Zircon Hypersonic Missile

The Be All And End All Of Russia-Trump Collusion Conspiracy Theory

100 Scientific Studies Prove Cannabis Cures Cancer

Elsewhere In Personal Transport: Jetpacks

Look Out! Flying Cars Are Coming

4 Ways To Throw A Monkey Wrench Into The War Machine

Being Dead Set For Or Against A Certain Political Side

Commercial Hemp Farming Is Coming Back In West Virginia

What May Have Really Happened Regarding Candidate Trump's "Wiretaps"

Syria Threatens To Fire SCUD Missiles Into Israel If Attacked Again

Media Silent On CIA Admission, Plans For Monster Chemtrail Gambit

Bald, Reeking Dbl Std: So, Unproven Russian Interference = Act Of War?

Clinton State Department Crimes & Innuendo

In A Sense, Virulent Anti-Trumpism Is About War Party's Determination

Bitter: The Long-Of-Tooth "Washington Consensus" Vs The Truth

Upcoming Conference On National Security State & JFK

21st-Century US/UK Diego Garcia:The Low Side Of Sociopathy

Paul Craig Roberts - Last, Best Pitch On Climate Change

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Not All Elon Musk's Intentions Combining Brain And Computer Are Bad

Lyndon LaRouche, Longtime Activist's Forthright Perspective

How to Clean Up the Mess? Go on the Offensive Against the FBI!

LaRouchePAC Daily
March 28,2017

The grounds for optimism in the United States are huge, as most vividly demonstrated in President Trump's beautiful call to return to space in his March 25 Weekly Address.

Yet every time Americans turn around, a new dirty operation is stirred up feeding the British "color revolution" against the Trump Administration!

What to do? When in doubt, go after the FBI!

Lyndon LaRouche said today, when briefed on the latest news of the mess, "The FBI is no damn good. It's obvious; it doesn't need an argument." Though the FBI is probably reduced in its capacity, "It's still a bad factor."

The Federal Bureau of Investigation is an evil, treasonous organization which for more than 70 years has operated on behalf of Wall Street financiers and the British empire. The Trump Presidency was elected by American voters to crush that empire. To ensure that effort succeeds, that the American Republic and its Hamiltonian System of Economics flourishes, the FBI national gestapo must be crushed.

What Americans are facing is an unceasing stream of contrived "scandals," fabricated according to the simple formula: 1) make accusations against Trump and his colleagues, over associations with Russia; and 2) assert that Russia is the evil enemy. The m.o. is embodied in a headline last night by CNN, a leader of the pack, which stated, "The Darkening Storm Over Russia, Is Now Looming Over Trump's Circle."

The latest accusation in this hokum is against Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, for having met Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak twice during the transition to Trump's inauguration, and for meeting with a representative of Russian state-owned development bank, Vnesheconombank. You are supposed to think this is despicable. Kushner immediately joined the growing ranks of those demanding to testify to Congress to set the record straight. He even volunteered to go before the Senate Select Intelligence Committee hearing Thursday, which is otherwise set to be a circus, on the topic, "Disinformation: A Primer on Russian Active Measures and influence Campaigns."

Even so, the color revolution crowd is targeting Intelligence Committee leaders themselves. Today's pre-planned House Intelligence Committee closed-door session could not take place, because the witnesses, FBI Director James Comey and NSA Director Michael Rogers, said they have a scheduling problem.

Yesterday House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) came under fierce attack. He was asked to either resign or be replaced in his position by a gang including Democrats, Sen. Charles Schumer (NY), and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (CA) and many Republicans. Among the witch-hunt charges made against Nunes is the non-starter that he, last Tuesday, arranged to read classified intelligence documents, then the next day, briefed the President. In reality, Nunes is doing his job. He is pursuing the trail of how intelligence officials revealed—"unmasked"—Lt. Gen. (ret.) Michael Flynn, who was spied upon in the course of U.S. surveillance of foreign individuals. Nunes's accusers say, Nunes is 'not fair' to pursue this.

However, this week Nunes is continuing his pursuit, and requesting that these very same intelligence documents be made available for his fellow Congressmen to read. EIR has been told by an independent source that, indeed, someone present at the NSA/intelligence meeting, where it was decided to commit the illegal unmasking of Flynn, did in fact leak, i.e. blow the whistle, on the crime.

On the Senate side, Charles Grassley (R-IA) is going to the heart of the beast—the FBI and the British. Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Grassley revealed yesterday the contents of his March 24 letter to the dirt-for-hire outfit, Fusion GPS. This is the Washington, D.C.-based firm, that sub-contracted with a British intelligence firm, to produce dirt against Trump. Fusion contracted with the London-based Orbis Business Intelligence, which is the creation (in 2009) of two so-called ex-MI-6 agents, Christopher Steele and Christopher Burrows (who have both gone underground). They produced the 2016 "dodgy dossier" on Trump.

Grassley is demanding, by April 7, all the details about how Fusion was involved with Orbis, Steele and the FBI, and before that, how Fusion worked for the Hillary Clinton Democrats, and before that worked for anti-Trump Republicans. This shows British and FBI interference in U.S. elections, to the hilt.

Grassley's letter goes after the FBI involvement, saying, "When political opposition research becomes the basis for law enforcement or intelligence efforts, it raises substantial questions about the independence of law enforcement and intelligence from politics..."

We do have a Presidency in the United States, and that's the take off point for action. Go after the FBI! Put the criminals in jail!

Video Game "Tetris" May Be The Key To Ending PTSD

Palestinian Perspective On Israeli Lobby And Peace Process

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Democrats' Hopes Of Nailing Trump Are Riding On A Loose Cannon't-Want-FBI...

Polio Wasn't Vanquished, Just Redefined

Trump's "War On Terror" Has Escalated To Become As Savage As Promisd

Deep State, Through CIA, Has Enormously False-Flagged America

Moscow Views Potential Of Imminent US Nuclear Attack

NFL Announces Raiders' Moving To N Korea

If The Purpose Of The State Is Safety, How Does War Figure In?

Desperate Deep State Considers "Continuity Of Govt" Scheme To Overthrow

Injected Oxygen Particle Allows You To Live Without Breathing

The Unauthorized Biography Of David Rockefeller

"Hive Mind", "Smart Grid", Engineered Global Brain Coming Soon

Thousands Fleeing US Cities For The Hills Awaiting Apocalypse

Dollar Dump Begins: China, Japan, Euro Countries Biggest Sellers

Geoengineering Experiment: Block The Sun For Climate Change

Lobbies Over Citizens: The Federal Govt Fixed Only When It Breaks

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Yemenis Gather To Protest Us-Sponsored Terrorism

Senator Rand Paul Makes Waves About US Unconstitutional Warmaking

Can Silicon Valley Billions Succeed In Vanquishing Death?

China Planning A Smart Megalopolis For 130 Million Residents

US House Partisans Resort To Investigating Minutia

Q For House Freedom Caucus:These Spoilers Represent Who?

Why Not Dig Into Clinton's Russia Connection?

Terrorism Writ Large: US Terror Strikes Kill Thousands Of Civilians

Monday, March 27, 2017

Zika Vaccine Custom Designed To Alter Human DNA

Las Vegas Federal Courthouse Bans Jurors Fm Reading US Constitution

Scientists Hack, Reprogram Human Cell Like A Computyer

Chinese State Firms Eye Land Around Panama Canal Waterway

High Death Rate Of Low-Education Whites (Of Course!) Linked To Trump

Report: Trump To Revoke Climate Regs Viewed As Impediments

House Intel Chair Devin Nunes Will Not Recuse Fm Russia Probe

If This (Mainstream Impudence) Isn't Treason, Treason Doesn't Exist

The Worst "Fake News" is the Media Refusal to Inform the Population of the New Paradigm Revolution Taking Place

from LaRouchePAC Daily
March 27, 2017

Forty eight hours after the Weekly Address by President Donald Trump, inspiring America to restore our nation's lost dedication to expanding human knowledge of the Universe and of life itself, that historic broadcast remains virtually unreported in the American media. Not even mentioned in the New York Times, the Washington Post, the LA Times, or on the major TV and radio networks. Instead, the media is full of stories that Trump is "failing" because a (deeply flawed) health bill was defeated, with McCarthyite hysteria about Russia stealing the US election, and even recurring references to the "smell of treason hanging over the Trump Administration."

This is nonsense on one level. But it also is occurring as a slew of subversive "color revolutions," like that being carried out against the Trump Administration, are showing up across Europe—in the Balkans, in Belarus (with direct support from the neo-nazi brigades in Ukraine), and most importantly, in Russia, where the Soros-linked Sergei Navalny has activated a few thousand demonstrators to provoke a few arrests to be turned into headlines around the world. And, equally important, the recent adoption by President Trump of a call for a return to the "American System," something almost exclusively identified in recent decades with Lyndon LaRouche, has been given the same treatment by the mainsteam media. The columnist who goes by the name of Virgil on the Breitbart website, which was previously headed by Trump's Chief Strategist Steve Bannon, has issued two powerful reports, one on Trump's visit to Michigan this month Donald Trump, Rosie the Riveter, and the Revival of American Economic Nationalism, and a second on Trump's call for restoring the American System Trump Connects to the Taproot of American Economic Nationalism with Henry Clay's 'American System."

Virgil notes that these speeches by the President raised "arguably the most important economic-policy idea in U.S. history," and yet, "There was no mention of it in Politico, nor the Washington Post, nor in The New York Times, nor on CNN." The lies spread as facts by the sophists at these British and Wall Street controlled media outlets are repulsive and destructive, but not nearly as destructive as the effort to convey to the mass of Americans (and others) that the unfolding economic and moral transformation of our nation, and potentially the world, are even taking place. Imagine Jack Kennedy's call for man to go to the Moon "not because it is easy, but because it is hard," being blacked out of the U.S. media...

But that capacity to impose mind control on the population through the media is being broken. A President who addresses the population directly, and refuses to bend to the myth that "popular opinion," as defined by the media, must be worshiped, has now assumed office. It is far from clear that he will be successful, but the potential is great if the population rises to the occasion. Lyndon LaRouche, for one, believes that Trump knows what he is talking about. Lyndon LaRouche has always insisted that "popular opinion" and "being practical" are the greatest enemies of mankind, and of creativity in particular. In this time of revolutionary change, in the tradition of Alexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Roosevelt, the new paradigm is fully attainable. The world is turning to China's New Silk Road process, marking the end of zero-sum "geopolitics" under the British Empire, which has dominated modern history since at least 1900. The notion of a global Renaissance—in science, the arts, and political economy—is the necessary and sufficient mission now before us all.

Paul Craig Roberts: Oh joy! US Plans To Start Nuclear War W Russia

The Western Origin Of ISIS

Indep. Researcher: US, Saudi, UAE Responsible For Yemen Genocide

The Media's Determined War Against Truth And Freedom

Deadly Dueling Deep State Factions: The Press-President War

New Law Could Eliminate Informed Consent For Vaccines, Meds

US House "Freedom Caucus" Would "Vote No Against Ten Commandments"

Drone Air Force To "Track Antisocial Behaviour"

The Harm Of Refugees, To Us, Them

Lingering Question: What Really Did Happen To $10 T Pentagon Lost?

Age-Reversing Pill To Start Human Trials; Then It's Off To Mars

Paul Craig Roberts "Settles" The Global Warming Question

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Betrayal! Trump Admin Healthcare Bill "Written By Insurance Industry"

The French Election In May Will Decide Europe's Future

Wages Of Siding With Profits Over Climate Change Lethal Effects

Western Intel (CIA, UK Intel) Orcherstrates Protests In Russia

The Impending Collapse Of American Medicine

Paul Craig Roberts: France's Reward For Being An American Vassal

"Our Western Values" No Longer Exist

Growing Numbers Of Americans Preparing For Apocalypse

One Side OrThe Other Has An Unsustainable Position On Wiretaps


by James Hufferd, PhD
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


Our existential enemy is globalism, the feudalistic plan subscribed to by the global elite (that obviously-existent thin veneer of unimaginably wealth-endowed at the very top of humanity who fancy themselves as the driver of the carriage and us at best as hapless passengers or pushers conditioned to their every whim). Think masters and slaves. Of course, they’re all for that – it gives them what they want. But then, we keep making a fuss, a lot of unpleasant noise and rocking the carriage, even threatening to sack the driver and subvert their direction of it. Wouldn’t you be miffed?

So, their plan must include means of getting everyone on earth onto the same page, singing the same notes and chanting in unison; desiring outcomes and paths in sync with what they want. 9/11 was a violent shock event they pulled off as an attempt to get everyone on the same page, agreeable to the annihilation of the hardest-to-manage segment of humanity perched astride unifying routes affording imperative-to-control materials. And it worked, at least in the immediate aftermath of that falsely-attributed event – although the consensus has weakened, frayed and broken down to a considerable extent as doubt and awareness of the ruse and brutal over-exploitation of it as an excuse for genocide and diametrically-opposed mass-annihilation has developed, blotting out by now two decades of human affairs and opportunities for many millions of what would have been healthy individual lives.

The universally-abusive gross false overreaction, meantime, has fed the elite’s limitless appetite for spectacular gain in their power and wealth by effectively siphoning trillions of dollars of the slavish taxpayer productive earnings of their underlings upward to them to pay for their vastly-inflated price, otherwise unbeneficial production by the war industries, giving us in the US and the west a money-starved, oxygen-less domestic economy sustained literally by debt and the ravenous thirst for blood by the top echelon who, unelected, alone urge, bribe, and extort global deployment of our military including special forces to technologically desecrate painfully, bloodily and erase from the face of the earth nations that never meant us a second of harm in their lives. “Love thy neighbor?”

And we’ve remained too feeble to figure it all out and coalesce to resist. And so we continue to pay in a million ways, year after year, until we are stripped to bare bones, dry voices, and we ask ourselves why we feel so beaten down.

Even so, 9/11 wasn’t enough. They need to keep shaking us to explosive bewilderment and anger by staging repeated shock events in our midst, one after another after another, to render a dwindling consensus onto the same page with them, to agree, if far more feebly, to support the stupendous war machine against, realistically, hundreds or thousands, inflated by propaganda to millions, of unseen ragtag overseas enemies before they somehow come over here and overwhelm us, crossing our borders in endless, relentless streams and torrents.

Everything we see or hear in the media and the press is very intentionally manipulative. The geopolitical rival Russians are the next designated enemy, once the orchestrated fear of Middle Easterners breaks down. And it’s not a conspiracy by a few invisibles; it’s part of a staggering plan to literally pacify the world. We are the diabolical (for them), mentally feeble and-unhinged real enemy they need to subdue and scientifically lobotomize to reach the peace and endless happiness of their Valhalla, where their merger into the machines of their “transhumanism” will bring them eternal, blissful life. With us a fading footnote. Don’t doubt it for a minute.

It’s the seven billion of us, or them.

JH: 3/26/17

No Masters, People Living Free Of A Master Agenda

Nuclear Convoys Use Unmarked 18-Wheelers On US Highways

500 Kids Have Gone Missing In DC In 2017 - Officials Appeal To FBI

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Dire Charges Off, Mubarak Is Free

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McCain: New World Order Needs Full Restoration Of Neocons

Defense Advanced Research Proj. Agency Set To Control Our Minds

Russia Prepares For Explosive Split With International Banking

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Clash Of Worldview: Cop's Daughter Protests "Blue Lives Matter" (US) Flag

Bernie Sanders: Medicare For All Could Be The Answer

Dems, Checking Behind Every Tree, Try To Require Visitor Logs Of Trump

John McCain on Nunes: Infor Should Be Controlled, My Way Or Blast It.

Jake Tapper grills Devin Nunes in contentious CNN interview Some ‘question your impartiality’ - YouTube

Marine Le Pen In Moscow - A Good Thing

Charles Ortel Report, Interview - Clinton Foundation

Former ISIS Sex Slave's Survival Story

The Familiar Challenge Of Funding Us Public Improvements

Robots: 38% Of US Jobs Within 15 Years

FBI Secretly Gathers Millions Of "Faceprints" For Biometric Data Base

UK Police Also Routinely Hack Email Of Journalists, Activists

Immortality: A Wild Account, A Daring Gambit, Based On...

Created Control Flashpoints Spreading Into The Future

Magazine Responds By Being What It Charges Trump With Inspiring

3 Technologies Will Technocratize The World Within 10 Years

Kim Jong-Un Giving Piggyback Rides?

Parody Of Commercial News (CNN)

Muslim FBI Agents Describe A Culture Of Suspicion And Fear

Internet Privacy Regulation Reversed By US Senate

Russophobia, Related Trampling Of Rights Likened To Hoover's "Red Scare"

Judicial Watch Sues For Accountability For HRC's Mishandled Emails

Trump Admin's Early Wall Street Bent Is Troubling

Sadly, Trump Admin Unwilling To Call A Spade A Spade If It's Israel

Surprise! Dinosaurs Might Be From Scotland

Friday, March 24, 2017

Trump: Now Dems Can Own Obamacare When It Explodes

This Article Is True, But It Ignores Government Purposefulness

Mosul Reported: Heroics, Reality: Info Blackout, Mass Murder By Air

Special Operations Forces Said To Continue To Fight Terrorists Overseas

Pipeline A Go, But It Will Still Be A Battle

Intel For What? For Who? Neither For Us Nor Reality

The Globalist Elite Move To Rehabilitate Hands Bush And Blair

So, The Real Scandal Was A Conspiracy Against The President?

Citing The Blasphemy Of Opposition, Elite Editors Want Trump Removed

Unlike The Old Days, Russophobia Now Signifies Weakness, Desperation

Greece Caught In The Vice-Grip Of The Globalists

Will The Freedom-Loving, Sensible World Rescue, Revitalize The West

What America's Mischaracterized "Democratic" Coup In Ukraine Did

Reason For President Trump's New Tech Ban On Flights

Obama "Smoking Gun" Expected This Week

Federal Prosecutors: N Korea Stole #81M Fm NY Federal Reserve Bank

Megabanks The US Refused To Charge W Laundering Terrorist $$...

Rep Nunes, House Intel Committee Confirm Govt Spying On Trump

Missing American POW Found Living In Vietnam Jungle After 40 Yrs

President Trump Goes On The Offensive Against "Freedom Caucus"

Paris Climate Agreement Holds Despite Challenges

Trump Administration Health Care In Doubt

China's "Thousand Talents Program": Big Salaries For Top International Scientists

Govt Immigration Scam: Truly Anti-American Propaganda, Predation

Multibillion Dollar US Spy Agencies Galore: DC Sleuth State

US Warns Finland Of "Danger" And Finland Warns Back

US Forces To Stay In Iraq To Preempt Terrorists We Don't Want

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Head Of Judicial Watch: Comey Flat Out Lied

Dr. Helen Caldicott On Fukushima Unfolding Disaster

US Embassies Ordered To Identify Populations, Do Tougher Screenings

Two-Thirds Of Cancers Come From Random Genetic Mistakes

James Corbett - What's Really Happening In North Korea?

Healthcare Bill: First, Do The Job

The Retail Apocalypse, Hundreds Of Stores, Untold Thousand Jobs Gone

237 "Probably Civilians" Killed In "Possibly American" Mosul Airstrike

Hillary's Back: As If More Than A Few Wanted Someone Such

Why The Phobia Of Russia? That It Might Ally With The EU?

Government And Healthcare: A Colaboration Of The Powerful

Trump, Too, A Captive Of Deception?

Pundit Uncertain About Meaning Of Nunes's Revelation

False Flag Likely: Israeli-US Dual Citizen Arrested For Jewish Center Threats

Media Vying To Disrespect Trump Most

Trump Wishes Iranians Well, Gets Blasted For Misatributed Quote

Total Shutdown Of Trump Agenda Over No Evidence "Russia Collusion"?

Another London False Flag Attack?

Suspicious: UK Car Accident Crime Immediately Labeled "Terror Attack"

Those Plotting Overthrow Of US Govt Bounce Talk Of Treason To Trump

Documents Implicate Bush Sr Destroying Crime Evidence As CIA Head

The Biggies Of Influence Create "Reality" Of Countless Millions

How "Autorities" Regularly Create Consensus Without Sense

Trump Rakes Media's Knuckles For "Dishonest" Treatment of Russia‘Such...

Obamacare Repeal Vote In Doubt

South Korea Has Played The North To Achieve Objectives

Global Elite Count On The City To Replace Nation States

Trump Feels "Somewhat Vindicated" By Committee Chair's Statement

Palin: Trump Should Dump Comey Due To Clinton Ties

Black Caucus To Trump: "We Have A Lot To Lose"

Secret Service Needs Additional $60 To Protect Super-Active Family

Some Canadians Want Their Own Trump

Nunes: FBI Not Cooperating W Our Probe Into Trump Wiretapping