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Friday, December 29, 2017


by James Hufferd, Ph.D., Coordinator
911 Truth Grassroots Organization

_ _ _ _ _

The American “Founding Fathers” in assembly mutually pledged “our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor” in support of the Unanimous Declaration of Independence, a sobering, decidedly low-percentage gamble early in the war of the American Revolution, at a time when the father of them all, Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania, waggishly warned that they had better “all hang together, or assuredly… all hang separately”. A serious prospect. Proof, if ever there was such a thing, that they meant exactly what they said. And their rank and file equals wore bloody rags on their feet in the winter snow, enduring. Together, these guys did their part, although others (or they themselves) may have fumbled later.

Now the question: Have you heard or seen any of the semi-concealed multi-billionaire, obviously super-arrogant Central Bankers who tighten a leveraged vice with undreamed-of levels of Torquemada-like torque to squeeze the world into humble submission, or warmonger Neocons, while pulling down regularly their millions and millions of dollars in blood money, out-of-sight overseas lucre (mostly from American taxpayers and extortionary prices, by the way), ever say (and/or be construed to mean) anything even remotely similar? You haven’t?

Then, how do they always seem to manage to keep the upper hand and continue to strangle us? 1) They’re tightly organized and disciplined, 2) They have all the money in the world – literally – to apply and buy whatever knowledge (note: not wisdom), skills, and technology required – reminiscent of the advantages the British held over the American colonists, 3) Generally speaking, they have no empathy or conscience to restrain them, understanding and valuing only, or primarily, money and power, which yield the benefit that they can do literally anything to forward their pursuit of control and ever-greater, by quantum degree, wealth. No matter who or how many die in whatever manner or how much pain, anguish, and calamity they cause others: just so they and they alone win. Which is precisely why and how those sordid willfully-controlling individuals, and not others, attain the positions they must fight to hold. At least nine times out of ten.

If you don’t think these are monsters, just look at what they’ve done, when everybody knows there’s a better way, at least for everybody else, the other 7 billion who share the planet. And then there’s the fact that we’re to swallow that whatever best suits them to tell us is the truth. Give me a break! Case closed.

That’s our enemy in a nutshell, which is where they belong. Instead, they hold sway. In the government. In the industries. In command of the battlefield. In the propaganda mills. A legend in their own mind.

Lots of people are on our side, in opposition to their tightening control, in favor of individual rights and evidentiary thinking and the ability to control each one her or his own life and be justly rewarded for meaningfully contributing and participating. Yearning to all live free of the terror and onus imposed by the craftily-organized powerful united cabal and deceitfully blamed on selected scapegoats and “enemies”. Lots of “enemies”. And lots on our side. Many talk the talk but, unfortunately, relatively few contribute much of anything to defeat and overthrow the deadly global organizers of the NWO. In other (actually the same) words: many know, and many talk the talk to each other. Which is free and easy.

To do more than that, and stand to make a difference in the long battle requires longsuffering determination. Requires ingenuity and lots of creative thinking, since our side isn’t at all tightly organized, with explicit marching orders, while they are.

It requires a heart for the rights, freedom, and happiness of ordinary people, no matter who they are or where they reside. It requires a dedication to the triumph and proliferation of real, verifiable truth and justice – for all. And, in the long run, it requires the ability to accept and encourage the contributions of others with whom you may not agree on even one single other thing.

If we sort out among ourselves and self-select on the basis of just those traits, replacing their ruthlessness and conformity with free expression and caring, dedicating and pooling our different skills, we will win the battle against oppression and madness, because we will have more powerful values, and because we are more. Most people on the planet are with us.

So, with effort, we should win against Washington the syndicate, like the army of Washington, an exemplary man, vanquished their predecessors in the dawning light of the modern age. The contrast in visions and prospects is just too astounding and, I believe, ultimately consequential. But it will take gumption.

Do I see any hands? Any Washingtons?

JH: 12/29/17

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