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Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Ongoing Problem Of Conveniently Malfunctioning Police Cameras

The World Lost An Area Of Tropical Forest The Size Of Bangladesh In 2017

Abel Danger: There Is A Plan Afoot To Steal The Mexican Election

Giuliani Says The End Is Near For Iran's Rulers

Russian TV Commentator Boasts Of Russia Electing Donald Trump - Oh My!

36-Foot Freaky Fish Looks Like Loch Ness Monster, Can Survive Being Cut In Half

Virgin Airlines Halts Forced Deportation On Flights

China, Canada, EU Not Buying Trump's Art Of The Deal Strategy

Iran: Trump's Request For Saudi Rise In Oil Output Amounts To Exiting OPEC

China's Robo-Bird Drones Take Citizen Surveillance To New Heights

Trump Era Ramps Up Tech Worker Revolt

Liberating Southwest Syria From US-Supported Terrorists

US And UK: Partners In Rendition And Torture

There Is Something "Fishy" About One Of Donald Trump's Potential Supreme Court Choices

Government Of The Google, By The Google, And For The Google

Arab States Intel Chiefs, Mossad Hold Secret Meeting, Kushner Present

Richard Forer: Trump Policies "Great Threat To World"

14 EU States Reach Agreement With Merkel On Refugees

Abel Danger: Kelly 306

The Transatlantic Bond: Preserving The West (Video)

Virtual Reality Back As A Warning, Astro-Mice, Fantastical Robotics

The Three Things North Korea Wants (Video)

The Trump-Putin Summit: What The Europeans Fear

Kim's Triumph Of Statecraft

Visualize Chinese Naval Power

Claim: Supreme Court Ruling Will Kill The Democratic Party

Japanese Space Rocket Crashes And Explodes Seconds After Launch (Video)

Russian Military Contracts First Batch Of 5th Gen Su-57 Stealth Fighters

Trump Claims Saudis Agreed To Oil Production Hike, Riyadh Doesn't Confirm

Israel And The Saudis Are Artificial States And The Cause Of The Disastrous International Order

Why Russians Believe In And Pray To Saints

Solzhenitsyn's Forceful Condemnation Of Jewish Influence On The Russian People

South Korean President: "I Fell In Love With Russia, I'm Overwhelmed With Emotions" / Would You Agree?

Trump Is Right - Mueller And His Team Have Massive Conflicts Of Interest: A Comprehensive List

Iran, Pakistan Stress Fight Against Common Border Threats

Sources, Agendas, Alliances, Messages - EVERYTHING Is Convoluted By Design

US Desperately Trying To Divide Iranians

Obama Ignores Raging Libs, Says Republicans "Angry All The Time"

2 Killed, 300+ Wounded, Israeli Drone Shot Down In Latest Clash in Gaza

UN Says Yemen War Adversaries Want To Pow Wow

Israeli Charade At The Golan Heights Border

Extremism And Nazi Resurgence In Europe Over The Refugee Crisis

US Mulls Pulling Troops From Germany As Trump-Merkel Tensions Mount

A Look At The Future? Venezuelan Military Seizes Control Of Water Supply As Economy Collapses

No Kidding! FEMA's Billing Code For Death By Guillotine Is ICD9-E978

Claim: Robots Don't Destroy Employment, Politicians Do

Secret Service Now Guarding Sarah Sanders

PCR: Who Really Controls The Two Countries? Fear That Trump Will Give It Away

Supreme Court: No Speedy Trial OK, If The Pentagon Does It

Another "State Of Democracy Report" Ignores Real Cause Of Plummeting Trust

Where Did Hillary's Server Come From? And Why Was It Used?

NSA Quietly Deletes Years Of Illegally-Collected Wiretap Data

Ron Paul: Socialism Or Trumpism? Where Are The Libertarians?

Boom! Trump Admin Prosecutes 601 People For Medical Fraud, Including Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists

Hanne Herland (Opinion): Correlation Between Social Disorder And Christian Decline

The US Dollar, The Ultra-Rich, And The American War Machine

PCR: Persecution Of Julian Assange Proves Western Free Speech No Longer Exists

Friday, June 29, 2018

Admitted: Obama/Clinton Were Co-Founders Of ISIS

#Walk Away: This Man's Walking Away From The Dem Party And He's Not Looking Back

Violent Threats From The Left Today, Mass Shootings Of Conservatives Tomorrow

Mark Dice: Grilling Out Is "Sexist", Feminists Say

Trump Call For Space Force A Step Toward Disclosure Of USAF Secret Space Program

Andrew Napolitano Reported Top Front-Runner For Trump's Supreme Court Pick

Kremlin Doubts Veracity Of CNN Report On Trump's Plan For Syria

Jordan Says Ceasefire Agreed In Southern Syria

UN Warns Of Catastrophe As 160,000 Flee Southern Syria Push

Squeezed: Why Our Own Families Can't Afford America

Mexico Election: Grieving Widow Defies Criminal Gangs

Honduras Is A Hellhole: Who's Responsible?

Venezuela: Toward An Economy Of Resistance

New House Bill Would Empower Trump To Punish Companies That Boycott Israel

The "Ultimate Deal" That Kushner Is Proposing To The Palestinians Would Strip The People Of All Their Dignity

Why Palestine Matters

EU Establishment Appeases Italy And Other Anti-Migrant Govts In Bid To Secure Bloc's Survival

It's A Historical Epoch: Interview With Russian Minister Of Foreign Affairs, Sergei Lavrov

Putin: New Rissian Weapons Decades Ahead Of Foreign Rivals

"You Stopped Ronaldo," Netanyahu Used World Cup Euphoria To Incite Iranians To Topple Their Own Government

Serious Death Threat: Congresswoman Maxine Waters Cancels Public Appearances

Prosecute Blair Govt Officials At Intl Criminal Court After Torture Report

FBI Refuses To Give Congress Material That Alleges Loretta Lynch Interfered In Clinton Investigation

Pentagon Strategically Moves US Army HQ Out Of Seoul After 70 Years

Obana Tells Dems They Are "Right To Be Concerned... We Are On The Brink"

9 Quick Facts About The "Merkel-Saving " Deal On Immigration And Migrants

Lavrov On Trading Snowden For Sanctions Relief: Russia's Position Is That The US Exile Commands His Own Destiny

US Now Wants Turkey Never To Use The Russian S-400 Air Defenses After Purchase

The Supreme Court Drove A Stake Through The Resistance's Heart With One Decision

Abel Danger: Kelly 305

John Bolton Just Did A Complete 180 On His Russia Stance After Meeting With Putin - Not So Mysterious

The Putin-Trump Summit Will Be Held On The Kremlin's Terms, Not Washington's

What Does One Trillion Dollars Look Like?

Elite Russian Fighters In Iranian Hands Set To Be A Game-Changer In The Middle East

Media Blames Trump For Newspaper Shooting

France Spearheads New Pan-European Military That Will Undermine NATO And The EU

The Russian Military Is Far Deadlier Now Thanks To Syirian Combat Experience

Trump's Plan For NATO Summit Is Bribe Sultan Erdogan, Isolate Frau Merkel

Dmitry Orlov: Europe Commits Suicide By Importing Barbarians, Russia Watches With Great Sadness

Chris Hedges: "America Shows Many Signs Of Impending Catastrophic Collapse"

"It's The End Of Merkel And The EU"

Sainted Western Allies Killed More Innocents In 1941-1945 Than Butcher Stalin Did

Rosenstein Won't Say If Obama Spied On Trump Campaign - Implyng What?

Britain's Psy-Op Skripal Attack Goes Down In Flames

Debating The Alt-Right

Rand Clifford: Tesla Threatened The Power Status Quo In Ways They Could Never Have Imagined

Syrian War Report: Tiger Forces Liberate Multiple Settlements In Southern Syria

Neocons: Coup D'Etat

The Cosmology Of Consciousness, Miracles...

Corbett: Can Chaos Be Good?

Why Sound Heals

The Police State Takes A Giant Leap Toward Pre-Crime

Plot E And American Soldiers' Brutal Practices In Wars Past

More Than Five-Thousand Inventions In Limbo And Under "Secrecy Orders" At US Patent Office - You Figure Out Why

How Long Before Chinese-Made Axon Police Drones Start Killing People Here?

Seventeen States Are Flat-Out Ignoring Federal Hemp Laws, And Markets Are Thriving

Extreme: NYT Op Ed Calls For The Complete Silencing Of All Conservatives FOREVER

US Dems, NATO Allies Express Fear Over Putin-Trump Summit

Mixed Messages: Open Conflict Between Immigration Enforcement Whistleblowers And Agencies

Corbett And Pilato: New World Next Week

A Minimum Wage Worker In Venezuela Could Afford 5 Cups Of Coffee Each Month And Nothing Else

House Passes Measure To Force Documents, While Rosenstein Grilled In Heated Testimony

China: Air Ambulances And Robot Doctors

Flesh-Eating Infection: Passenger Dies After Plane Is Diverted To Portugal

Scientists Literally Resurrecting Neanderthal Brains And Placing Them In Robots - Dinosaur Brains Next?

Life And Death: The Corruption Of Evidence-Based Medicine - Killing For Profit

Assailant With Shotgun Invades Newsroom, Kills Five - Clue: A "Live Shooter Drill" A Week Before

Belize Just Saved The World's Second-Largest Coral Reef

Nigeria Replaces India As The Country With The Most Extreme Poverty

Left-Wing Writer Warns Trump Admin That Opponents Will Carry Out Bomb Attacks Against Them

The "Amend The Marriage Equality Act" In Congress Seeks To Erase Real Marriage

Despite "It's As Good As It's Ever Been"- Nearly 40% Of Iowans Can't Afford The Basics, And The Problem Is Getting Worse

Abel Danger: UN Non-Government Organizations Involved In Sex-Trafficking And Child Pornography

Anti-Establishment Fervor Grips Dems

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Zarif: US, Not Iran, Squanders Its Citizens' Resources

"US Foreign Policy Goals Don't Change With A President"

Zarif, Iran's FM: World Must Guarantee Destruction Of Israel's WMD

Rosenstein Refuses To Tell Congress If Obama Admin Sent Spy Halper Into Trump Camp

"Tribal Identities" Replace Ideology In Democratic Primaries

Will Trump's Opponents Get Him Re-Elected?

What Refugees Produced By Washington's Wars Have Done To Spur Gun Ownership In Europe

World Cup 2018: Epic Fail For Russiaphobes, But A Great Victory For Football

Putin Shows Off Football Skills In Reg Square (Video)

Over 50 Cars Destroyed In Horrific Gas Tanker Explosion On Nigerian Expressway

Is Neocon War Cheerleader A Kremlin Double-Agent? Some Say, "Why Not"?

"Bodies Are Barely Cold" And Yiannopoulos Shoots His Mouth

Trump And The Numbers Game (Including Remarks/Assumptions Not Well-Founded)

There's No Migration Crisis - The Crisis Is Political Opportunism

Sources: Trump Weighing Senator Mike Lee For Supreme Court Nomination

Did Israel Inspire Trump's Family Separation Policy?

Trump State Department Criticizes Countries That Separate Children From Families

Why No Outrage Over US Killing Of Children?

Trump: A Lot Of People Have Jobs, Providing Advanced Weaponry To Saudi Arabia To Slaughter Little Children

Caitlin Johnstone: Anyone Promoting Regime Change In Iran Is An Evil Piece Of ---- .

Abel Dangr: Kelly 304

Three Cheers For Trump's Peace Trifecta

Philip Giraldi: The United States Withdraws From The World

Credit Card Wars - How America's Wars Fund Inequality At Home

Democrats Back Massive Pentagon Budget For War And Repression

US Has Giver Up On The Overthrow Of Assad?

Question By Question: Unmasking The Deep State

One Interview Just Blew Up Barack Obama's Most Awful Scandal

"Get Out Of My Vagina!" Shall We Say SHARP Differences Over Justice Kennedy Retirement On "The View"

What Robert Mueller Is Preparing To Do Will Leave You Speechless

Hope For America: Thousands Are Waking Up As They #WalkAway From The Democrats

America's Fake News Complex Is Keeping Its People In A Totalitarian Nightmare

US Forces In Southern Syiria Are Under Threat Because Of Israeli Interference

Russia Is Squeezing The West From Africa Without A Fight

Assange Is Not A Spent Force - He Will Yet Contribute Much To Mankind's Well-Being

Mark Dice: He Can't Do Comedy Anymore

5G Depopulation Death Trap

America Has Totally Forgotten History

"Black Cube" Pedophile Protector Nominated As White House Communications Director

French Firm Charged With Complicity In Crimes Against Humanity In Syria

Corbett And Pilato: New World Next Week

Radicalization Trends In South Asia: A Crucial Read

True Scale Of UK Role In Torture And Rendition After 9/11 Revealed

Neocons: Brzezinski's "Safari Club" Friends Did Dirty Work Behind The Scenes

Illnesses From Pesticide Drift Increase By 50% In Just One State

At Least 8 AT&T Facilities Help NSA Spy On Everybody

The "Walk-Away Campaign": Current And Former "Liberals" Are Seeing Themselves In The Mirror, And Don't Own It

There's A New Battlefield - It's Digital Technology (With "Digital Grenades")

PCR: Two Views Of The Putin-Trump Summit

HSBC Bank To Staff Branches With Humanoid Robots

Is America's Liberal Left Enforcing The Fascist Ideals They Preach Staunchly Against?

Democrats Are The Only Group Left That Believes The Mainstream Media

As Merkel Teeters, Austria's Kurz Seizes The Moment As Europe's New "Rock Star"

Upcoming Trump-Putin Summit Can Shift World Toward New Paradigm

Documentary "Farmlands" Explores White Genocide, Brewing Civil War In South Africa

OF COURSE Bitcoin Is Manipulated

Google And Facebook Are Fighting California's Privacy Rights Initiative

Facebook Seeks To Spy On You Via Hidden Inaudible TV Ad Messages

West Caused Migrant Crisis, Refuses To Take Responsibility - Like Repudiating Pregnancy You Caused By Serial Rape

North Korea Is Rapidly Upgrading Nuclear Site Despite Summit Vow

Abel Danger: Kelly 303

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Why You Need To Be Armed: Deranged Leftists Calling For Mass Executions Of...

Swedes Are Taking The Mark Of The Beast In Great Numbers

The Danger Is Real: We Need A New Declaration Of Independence For Modern Times

Nuclear Option Of China Dumping US Treasuries - 2

SupChina Access: A China-Perspective News Digest

1. Veteran protests: Is this time different?

In the last few days, the news out of China that has most animated my Chinese friends — especially those with official backgrounds — is the latest protest by People’s Liberation Army (PLA) veterans.
  • Over the last few weeks, veterans have held protests in several cities. The New York Times reported (paywall) that they were complaining about mistreatment, poor job prospects, and inadequate benefits. Last week, more than 1,000 veterans gathered in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, “after rumors spread that at least one veteran had been beaten while seeking government help.”
  • On Monday, “scores of armed police came…along with government officials to force everyone to go home,” a witness who supported the veterans told Agence France-Presse. (See also China Digital Times and the South China Morning Post for reporting and links.)
  • Veteran protests are not new: There was a similar protest in Luohe, Henan Province, in May, and here is a Chinese-language web page that lists various recent veteran protests. In 2016, about 1,000 veterans protested in Beijing outside the People’s Liberation Army headquarters, and in 2017, they did the same outside the offices of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) — the Party’s powerful anti-corruption organization.
Is this time any different? Maybe. Here is a Voice of America video segment about the protests. It includes plenty of phone footage of huge crowds of veterans, and commentary from historian and public intellectual Zhang Lifan 章立凡. Zhang summarized his comments in a Twitter thread. Here is an adapted translation with some additions from his comments on the VOA video:
The timing of this “legal rights defense [维权 wéiquán, i.e., protest action] is comparatively sensitive, coming in the “summer of problems” with the China-U.S. trade war and the slowdown of the Chinese economy. In the previous two occasions that the veterans petitioned in Beijing, both sides used peaceful means, and the government did not respond with strict repression. But this time, blood has been shed. I imagine the authorities are having a dilemma: If they repress the protests strongly, they have no way to climb down. If there is any large-scale violence, it will influence the military heart of the Party, and damage the prospects of military reforms that have not yet been made.
There are some other key differences:
One: This time, the veterans were highly organized, nationwide.
Two: Different from last year and the year before, this year, the 19th Party Congress has already established the Veterans Bureau. There’s a specialized government department in charge, but the problems have still not been solved.
Three: The government’s strategy to counter the protests is different from the past. In the past, they would simply obstruct the protests, now they are using military strategies [兵法 bīngfǎ — in the VOA interview, he mentions the authorities giving veterans tickets to places far from the protests and other classic Communist tricks].
Four: There has been violence [流血冲突 liúxuè chōngtú].
There is one piece of footage where you can see veterans in front of the city government offices repeating their oaths of loyalty to the Party flag. This demonstrates their legality/legitimacy of their cause, and their contribution to the government. Those who yesterday maintained stability have become today’s cause of instability. The Zhao family army [赵家军 zhào jiājūn — i.e., the army of the ruling classes] of yesterday has become the enemy of today’s Zhao family.
If it really comes to new soldiers attacking old soldiers, the risks are huge. Because when the new soldiers strike, they may start thinking about a day in the future when they will be veterans themselves.

2. Gloom and doom and trade boom update

Here is everything you need to know today from the front lines of the U.S.-China trade war:
  • Starting on July 6, U.S. soybean imports into China will have a 25 percent tariff, but there may not be enough soy elsewhere in the world for China to avoid using American beans, according to CNBC. China may also have no alternative to American liquefied natural gas (LNG).
  • Shifting production? “A group of senior Thai politicians and businessmen are meeting in China with Foxconn, the world’s largest contract electronics maker, and other companies to seek investment in Thailand,” reports the South China Morning Post.
  • Another signal: India’s Economic Times reports that “Apple has started commercial production of the iPhone 6s in India.” Last year in May, Apple began making the iPhone SE in India. The ostensible reason for manufacturing in India is to lower costs. “And — maybe not coincidentally — ” as Jamestown Foundation China Brief editor Matt Schrader tweeted, “diversify their assembly base away from China, and away from Foxconn.”
  • The world’s stock markets are generally down, but it depends on what time of day you check. This morning, the Financial Times ran the headline Markets rally as Trump softens China trade stance (paywall). But just last night, the FT said that China's bear market was spooking European stocks (paywall).
  • Trump’s softening was this: “President Trump said his administration will take a more moderate approach to limit Chinese investment in the United States, rejecting more aggressive restrictions that would have imposed new curbs on Beijing,” per the New York Times (paywall).
  • Meanwhile, “China’s central bank guided the yuan to a six-month low against the U.S. dollar on Wednesday, sending the Chinese currency tumbling once trading began minutes later,” reports the Wall Street Journal (paywall).
  • The tumble in the yuan “blindsided currency forecasters” and “is now triggering warnings of potential contagion,” according to Bloomberg.
  • Financial panic? In a separate report, Bloomberg says that a “leaked report from a Chinese government-backed think tank has warned of a potential ‘financial panic’ in the world’s second-largest economy, a sign that some members of the nation’s policy elite are growing concerned as market turbulence and trade tensions increase.”
—Jeremy Goldkorn

3. China will not cede a single inch — South China Sea

Jim Mattis arrived in Beijing on June 26, becoming the first U.S. Secretary of Defense to visit China in four years. The South China Morning Post reports that he met with his counterpart, Wei Fenghe 魏凤和, with whom he had what he characterized as a “very open and honest dialogue,” and with President Xi Jinping. Xi told Mattis:
Our attitude is firm and clear in terms of Chinese sovereignty and territorial integrity, that we would not lose a single inch of the lands we inherited from our ancestors, while we would not take a single penny of others’ possessions.
Xi also called for the “strengthening inter-military exchanges on all levels,” after the U.S. withdrew its invitation for China to participate in the biennial Rimpac military exercises following a confrontation in the South China Sea.
The South China Sea remains a sore spot for the U.S. and China.
  • Throughout April, China sent missiles to the Spratly Islands, a development that many Western security experts labeled “militarization.” Since then, other missiles have been removed and then put back on Woody Island, in the Paracels, another contested island chain.
  • Mattis may not have publicly criticized China’s sending of military equipment to the islands while he visited Beijing, but last month, he had decried the developments as “out of step with international law.”
  • China continues to argue that this is not militarization, with Liu Xiaoming, the Chinese ambassador to the U.K., writing in the Guardian that it is instead the American warships sailing through international waters that amounts to “militarization.”
—Lucas Niewenhuis

4. $9 billion spent on surveillance tech in Xinjiang in 2017

Evidence of a vast system of “re-education camps” in Xinjiang is growing even as the Chinese government continues to deny their existence. The camps are estimated to hold as much as 10 percent of the Uyghur population. They are closely related to what is probably the world’s most sophisticated citizen surveillance operation, documented last year in December by the Wall Street Journal. Yesterday, Agence France-Presse reported:
  • “Xinjiang saw security spending balloon ‘nearly 100 percent’ last year, totaling more than 58 billion yuan ($9 billion) — twice its spending on healthcare,” according to Xinjiang specialist Adrian Zenz.
  • “Facial recognition, iris scanners, DNA collection and artificial intelligence are also being used by Xinjiang's government to ensure there are ‘no cracks, no blind spots, no gaps’ for the region's more than 20 million residents to slip through.”
  • Chinese firms are cashing in. The Shenzhen-based firm Hikvision has enjoyed five government contracts in Xinjiang totaling $280 million, with much of it going toward camera equipment in rural as well as urban areas.
  • In other Xinjiang gulag news, Global Voices has more on Erfan Hezim, the “rising star footballer who is among more than a million Uyghurs sent to Chinese re-education’ camps.”
—Lucy Best

5. The only person in China who can’t talk about the World Cup

A screenshot that has been making rounds on Chinese social media apparently shows that Chinese sports forum Hupu has punished one user — let’s call him Mr. X — for making a joke with a seven-day timeout, suspending his posting rights for a crucial period of the World Cup.
  • “Messi says he wants to be captain for three more terms” Mr. X posted on June 23. Messi has captained the Argentinian national team in two World Cups: 2014 and 2018. This year, his team narrowly avoided being eliminated from the final 16. Given that Messi just turned 31, this might be his last chance to win a World Cup.
  • Mr. X’s remarks might seem innocuous, but for anyone who’s been following news from China, the joke is very likely a reference to Xi Jinping’s repeal of presidential term limits in February.
  • We cannot verify the authenticity of the screenshot, but if real, Hupu censors decided to mute Mr. X’s account for a week for “violating community regulations” by posting “sensitive content regarding pornography, gambling, drug abuse, politics, regions, religion or rumors.”
—Jiayun Feng

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