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Friday, August 31, 2018

Zarif: Iran Will Remain A Powerful Regional Actor

Pope Is Becoming The Trump Of The Church

Growing Polarization Within German Public Sparking Anti-Immigrant Violence

So Very Sad: Historian - Sexualized Military Violence Weakens The Enemy, Unifies The Army

"War" In Washington Against Peace Deal With North Korea

Clinton Prosecution: Trump Preparing Ground For Arrest Of Corrupt Deep State Actors

It Begins: US Makes Preliminary List Of Possible Targets In Syria

Saudis Push Diabolical Plan To Make Qatar An Island, Cut Off By Nuclear Waste Dump

Blast Killed Donetsk (Eastern Ukraine) People's Republic Leader, 11 Casualties

Brazil Central Bank Intervenes As Real Crashes Near Record Lows

Airship Police Cars, Autonomous Drones The Future Of Emergency Services

Trump Ties North Korea Talks To Trade Deal With China

New Bombshell Epic Claims Of CIA And Saudi Lies

Abel Danger: Reverse CSI 22

A Looming Great Battle: Eurasian Integration VS Western Sanctions As Foreign Policy

Want A Live Horror Flick Right Out Of The Living Dead?: It's The Neoconservative Comeback

What The Media Eulogizing A Great Warmonger And War-Criminal Means

After North Korea Stabs Trump In Back, US Ramps Up Military Exercises

John McCain's Final Deathbed Snub Is Sending Shockwaves Through Washington

How A 20-Year-Old Movie Foretold The Mueller Witch Hunt

The Blood Of Americans Is Once Again On This Evil Woman's Hands. Is It Just A Coincidence... Yet Again?

Tucker Carlson: The Democratic Party Is Radicalizing Before Our Eyes

Ron Paul: The Torture Of Julian Assange - A Blight On The US Justice System (Video)

The Stakes Are Damn High: Were 18 To 20 CIA Sources Killed Or Imprisoned Because Hillary's Emails Turned Up In China?

Marines 3-D Print Concrete Barracks In Just 40 Hours

A Different And Chilling View: Earth's "Big Freeze" Approaches As Sun Remains Devoid Of Sunspots Through All Of 2018

CIA Whistleblower Speaks Out On Climate Engineering, Vaccination, 9/11

Three Volcanoes Erupt At The Same Time & New Evidence Of Gamma Ray Intensity

Perspective: America's Economic Wars Will End In Disaster, Same As Its Military Adventures

CIA And Saudi Arabia Conspired To Keep 9/11 Details (More Than Any Of This Suggests) Secret, New Book Suggests

The Economy: Winter Is Coming

Corbett: Report - Lawyers' Petition For 9/11 Grand Jury

Korea: Fake News And What's Really Going On

Vendettas Don't Die: Meagan McCain Glares At Our VP, Trump's Representative

The Unpardonable American Sin: Any Association With Trump

How Israel Spies On US Citizens - Their Fears Of A Souring American Mood

More Than Niche Development: Women With Great Technological Skill Can Find Their Community In Europe's Poorest Country

PCR To Vladimir Putin: Stand Up

Al Gore's Advice To Trump: You Didn't Heed Any Of My Suggestions. So, RESIGN!

Thierry Meyssan: An Astute French Friend Of Liberty's Plea To President Trump To Reverse The Entrenched Worldwide Destruction Program

Forbidden Knowledge: How The Establishment Is Pitting Us Against Each Other

Thursday, August 30, 2018

This Is 21st Century Neo-Liberal Fascism. Enjoy

The Strange Silence Of Sergei Skripal

White Helmets Kidnapped 44 Children To Stage Chemical Attack On Idlib

US Media "Conditioning" Public For Bombing Raids On Syria

Israel Says Not Bound By Post-War Syria Agreements

US Policy Toward Iran Reflects Saudi, Israeli Influence

Syrian Kids Abducted To Be Used In Fake Chemical Attack

Trump Threatens To Withdraw US From World Trade Organization

Trump Cancels Promised Raise To Federal Employees

Zarif Blasts Warmonger Netanyahu For Nuclear Annihilation Threat

The Social Media Purge Of Conservatives Is A Giant Election Meddling Scheme

The Final Stage Of The American Empire (Video)

Pope Francis "Embittered By Accusations But Has No Intentions Of Resigning"

Mark Dice: Don't Monkey This Up

Loopy Lindsey?: "I'd Go For Renaming It 'John McCain, DC'" After The Leading Warmonger

Sadly, Political PR Rules Even Postmortem: Palin Pointedly Excluded From Funeral

Robot Teachers Invade Chinese Kindergartens

Korea Peace Derailed, Now Taiwan War On Track

Corbett: Lemmings Don't Jump Off Cliffs

Are Trump Regime Hardliners Sabotaging US/North Korea Talks?

Caitlin Johnstone: An Irrepressible Grassroots Media Rebellion Is Going To Happen

Senior Facebook Engineer: "We Have A Problem With Political Diversity"

Chuck Baldwin: Agenda - WAR -- More False-Flags Are Coming To Lead To War With Syria And Iran

A Bit Of Unraveling? Las Vegas Shooter's Girlfriend Apparently An FBI Employee

World Military Chiefs Ignore US Threats, Flock To Moscow Fair

Israeli Government Has A Free Hand To Censor Facebook - Are You Nuts Zuckerberg?

German Cityi Erupts In Spontaneous Protest Against Migrant Violence

Lavrov Warns West, "Don't Obstruct Anti-Terror Ops," As Idlib Assault "Hours Away"

Archbishop Reportedly Flees Italy, Fearing For His Life, After Accusing Pope (Washington's Pope?) Of Sex Abuse Cover-Up

Here's A Directory Of Alt Media Sources On Syria - To Reliably Dispel Propaganda

Graphic Stats: Watch As 200 Countries Advance And Stay Behind Through 200 Years

More Than 6,000 Christians Killed In Nigeria In 6 Months: Media Blackout

Israeli Evil And Illegality Re Palestinians

Ex-Congressman Jason Chaffetz's New Book Proclaims The Reality And Nature Of The Deep State

Israeli (Not Russian) Spying On Trump

Backstory: Putin Halted The Planned Balkanization Of Russia And Washington Hated It (And Him)

Doctors Spooked By Israel's Mystery Weapon - Israelis Firing Experimental Weapons At Gaza Civilians

Abel Danger: Reverse CSI 21

Thomas Luongo: Reparte To The Geniuses Of The Left - Damned Entertaining

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Still At It: Israeli Court "Legalizes" New West Bank Settlement

Study: Over A Fifth Of UK Girls Commit Self-Harm

Committed? 63,000 Russian Combat Troops, Including 90% Of Its Combat Pilots, Have Rotated Through Syria Since 2015

A New Catchy Tune: "John McCain's Last Dance"

It's Time To Stop Celebrating Criminals

Experts Gather For UN-Hosted Meeting On Killer Robots

Actually, Many Prefer Trump's "Rude" Honesty To Others' Beautiful Lies

Desperate Dems Push To Drop Nationwide Voting Age To 16

CNN Host Sloughs Off Antifa Violence Onto Blacks

The End Of South Africa Is At Hand - Millions Will Flee

Leftist Network And "News" Site In Absurd Denial About Leftist Violence

PCR: Post WW 2 Supremacy: America's Narcissism Has Dashed It All

Mark Dice: MSNBC Can't Believe It's Happening

Mysterious Sperm-Count Drop May Polish Off The West

Failed US Government-Backed Violent Coup In Nicaragua

Curiouser And Curiouser: Now Child Abuse Charges Dismissed On Technicality In NM Desert Compound Case

How US Education Became A Debt Sentence

Here's How We Ended Up With Predatory, Parasitic Elites

Ex-Police Detective Releases Shocking Expose Of Pedophile Ring, "Suicided" Days Later

Meanwhile, Only 3,000 Out Of 700,000 Clinton Emails On Wieiner's Laptop Were Examined

Conveying Government Position Into Personal Wealth: Comey Was Paid $36 Million In 2009

Glenn Greenwald: Feel Like Making A Difference In Brazil?

Americans who visit Brazil are often blown away by how much the country has in common politically with the U.S. 

Historically, both were shaped by slavery and mass European immigration. Today, almost every major social and political issue is mirrored: crippling inequality, rising xenophobia and uber-nationalism, entrenched racism, political corruption, police violence, mass incarceration, a failed war on drugs, limited access to health care, declining educational achievement, and avaricious corporations paying little to no taxes and exploiting public resources. 

Another similarity I discovered while living in Brazil is the appalling lack of a strong and diverse press. A small handful of oligarchical families own just about every mass media outlet in the nation. Americans are increasingly waking up to the fact that independent journalism is essential to any truly democratic society. In Brazil, everyone — regardless of class or education level — understands that the media exploits their platforms not to protect democracy, but to threaten it if things aren’t going their way.

That is why — in the middle of a media-driven impeachment crisis aimed at a center-left party that its owners disliked — we created The Intercept Brasil in 2016: to fight back against these entrenched interests, give voice to those who have been ignored for so long, and support independent journalism in the fifth most populous country on the planet.

We’ve made huge strides since we first launched, and we’re well-positioned to take on the 2018 elections — one of our biggest challenges yet — but we need your help. Earlier this month, we launched a crowdfunding campaign in Brazil to support our special election coverage. 

If you believe in The Intercept’s mission and values, and that Brazil deserves better than its corrupt oligarchs are willing to provide, then please support our campaign. 

More than 1,200 readers have contributed to our crowdfunding campaign. But Brazil's economy is weak, and unemployment is at 12.4 percent. That's why we’re asking for your help to push us over the line to support our coverage in Brazil.

Make a $15 contribution to support The Intercept Brasil. 

US, Disrespectful Of World Court, Nevertheless Urges It To Dismiss Iran's Lawsuit, Insists Sanctions Lawful

Unbelievable!: Florida GOP Governor Nominee Kicks Off Fall Campaign With A Racist Dog-Whistle

Trump Vows Action Against "Rigged", "Illegal" Google, An Arm Of The Deep State

No, The UN DID NOT Report China Has Giant Internment Camps For Uigur Muslims

Humanity Forging Through: Many Teens Refusing To Use Social Media

Patrick J. Buchanan: The Interventionists Are, For The Moment, Leaderless

Atheists' Court Loss Exposes Litigants' Disdain For Views Of The Majority Of Americans

Permitting/Condoning Illegal Immigration Means Importing Blindly Many Deadly Diseases

Cures Cripple Profits: Total Failure Of The Pharma-Controlled Cancer Industry Exposed

Forbidden Knowledge: Sue Black Catches Pedophiles By Looking At Their Hands (Video)

The Real George Soros: "It's Not Easy Being God"

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George Soros - Not Easy Being God, Joy Tiz
In this collection of essays, Joy Tiz, author of Obamanutz: A Cult Leader Takes the White House, provides an unnerving analysis of the man who thinks he’s God—billionaire radical leftist and social engineer George Soros.

This collection of exposés unmasks George Soros for what he is: one of the most detrimental forces on the planet; a man who may have shaped our world more than any man in two millennia.

What is his personal agenda? What is his vision of the New World Order? What was his relationship with Barack Obama? Where is he dumping his money? Who are his allies? Who are his enemies?

Softcover, 108 pages.

About the Author

Joy Tiz was born in Chicago, long enough ago to remember when many Democrats were actually normal people who were just wrong about everything. Joy holds a Master of Science in psychology and a JD in law. Tiz writes about politics and current events. Her book Obamanutz: A Cult Leader Takes the White House exposes the machinery that enabled Barack Obama to grab the highest office in the land. Joy Tiz, has been quoted by Ann Coulter and heard on Lou Dobbs radio, The Rusty Humphries Show, Bill Cunningham, KSFO in San Francisco, WOR in New York, Premiere Radio Networks, Air America and major news shows all across America.
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Amazing Apologetics For Cover-Up, Denial Of Knowledge Of What Actually Happened On 9/11

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

China Has Withheld Needed Samples Of A Dangerous Flu Virus

When Should The Media Report On Murders By Refugees?

Tech Giants Meeting In Secret To Plot "Final Solution" For Stealing ALL Of Future

Abel Danger: Reverse CSI 20

Mark Dice: It's Happening To ESPN, Too

Pink Floyd Legend Roger Waters Slams Skripal Case As "Nonsense"

Abominable US-Mexico Trade Deal

Trump Regime Terror-Bombing Of Syria Imminent

Ron Paul: Another False-Flag Gas Attack For Syria - Bolton Warns Of Furious Response

Perpetual Abuse In The Catholic Church

Where Do You Live? - Air Pollution Drastically Reduces Intelligence

Dmitry Orlov's Outstanding Tribute To John McCain

White Helmets Accompany Large Delivery Of Poisonous Chemicals To Militants In Syria

American Officials Admit Russian Diplomat Expulsions Ousted US Spies

Donna Hancock, F.C. Budinger: IF All Evidence And Reason Indicate Something, Why Would You Want To Deny It? Climate Change

PCR: The New York Times Is Now A Baloney Company - Who Swallows This Drek?

There is Enormous Russian Influence On US Politics, Indeed - It's Just Not Coming From Pro-Putin Sources

Iran Claims It Now Controls Strait Of Hormuz, And This Could Trigger US-Iran War

John McCain: The "Canary", The Fire, Congress's Initial Reception, Roots Of Trump's Attitude Toward

US Attorney Has Received A Petition Demanding 9/11 Investigation

Corbett: The Social Media Regulation Psyop

You Fly Girl!: Japan Just Appointed Its First Female Fighter Pilot

America's "Stance": Dictatorship VS Democracy?

Monday, August 27, 2018

Benjamin Fulford Geopolitical Update: August 27, 2018 - This One's A Doozy

PCR: Watching America Collapse

Warning: If Trump Falls, His Followers Might Go After Jewish Enemy Collaborators

Upcoming: How To Grow Food Without Adequate Water

Abel Danger: Reverse CSI 19

Iran Urges UN Court To Halt "Economic Strangulation" By US

Washington Post: Farm Wages Are Just Too High

Pope Dodges Questions About Misconduct

Putin Issues Dire Warning To West, As NATO Admits It's No Match For Russia

Russia Claims US, Britain Are Preparing For A Missile Attack Directly On Syria's Bashar Al-Assad

For Most US Workers, Hourly Wage Has Same Purchasing Power As 40 Years Ago - While Economy Appears Running Like A Top

We're Down To This: Court Backs Activists Who Feed Homeless

Criticizing Capitalism And Capitalism's Contradictions: Two Interviews With Richard Wolff

Could This Really Be The Beginning Of The End? - Family Survival Evening Post

Earlier this year, the United States Department of Treasury very quietly released its own internal projections for the federal government’s budget deficits over the next several years.
And the numbers are pretty gruesome.
In order to plug the gaps from its soaring deficits, the Treasury Department expects to borrow nearly $1 trillion this fiscal year.
Then nearly $1.1 trillion next fiscal year.
And up to $1.3 trillion the year after.
This means the national debt will exceed $25 trillion by September 30, 2020.
Remember, this isn’t some wild conspiracy theory. These are official government projections published by the United States Department of Treasury.
This story alone is monumental– not only does the US owe, by far, the greatest amount of debt ever accumulated by a single nation in human history, but $25 trillion is larger than the debts of every other nation in the world combined.
But there are other themes at work here that are even more important.
For example– how is it remotely possible that the federal government can burn through $1 trillion?
Everything is supposedly totally awesome in the United States.
The economy is strong, unemployment is low, tax revenue is at record levels.
It’s not like they had to fight a major two front war, save the financial system from an epic crisis, or battle a severe economic depression.
It’s just been business as usual. Nothing really out of the ordinary.
And yet they’re still losing trillions of dollars.
This is pretty scary when you think about it. What’s going to happen to the US federal deficit when there actually IS a financial crisis or major recession?
And none of those possibilities are factored into their projections.
The largest problem of all, though, is the federal government is going to have a much more difficult time borrowing the money.
For the past several years, the government has always been able to rely on the usual suspects to loan them money and buy up all the debt, namely– the Federal Reserve, the Chinese, and the Japanese.
Those three alone have loaned trillions of dollars to the US government since the end of the financial crisis.
The Federal Reserve in particular, through its “Quantitative Easing” programs, was on an all-out binge, buying up every long-dated Treasury Bond it could find, like some sort of junkie debt addict.
And both Chinese and Japanese holdings of US government debt now exceed $1 trillion each, more than double what they were before the 2008 crisis.
But now each of those three lenders is out of the game.
The Federal Reserve has formally ended its Quantitative Easing program. In other words, the Fed has said it will no longer conjure money out of thin air to buy US government debt.
The Chinese government said point blank they were ‘rethinking’ their position on US government debt.
And the Japanese have their own problems at home to deal with; they need to scrap together every penny they can find to dump into their own economy.
Official data from the US Treasury Department illustrates this point– both China and Japan have slightly reduced their holdings of US government debt since last summer.
Bottom line, all three of the US government’s biggest lenders are no longer buyers of US debt.
There’s a pretty obvious conclusion here: interest rates have to rise.
It’s a simple issue of supply and demand. The supply of debt is rising. Demand is falling.
This means the ‘price’ of debt will decrease, ergo interest rates will rise.
(Think about it like this– with so much supply and lower demand for its debt, the US government will have to pay higher interest rates in order to attract new lenders.)
Make no mistake: higher interest rates will have an enormous impact on just about EVERYTHING.
Many major asset prices tend to fall when interest rates rise.
Rising rates mean it costs more money for companies to borrow, reducing their leverage and overall profitability. So stock prices typically fall.
It’s also important to note over the last several years when interest rates were basically ZERO, companies borrowed vast sums of money at almost no cost to buy back their own stock.
They were essentially using record low interest rates to artificially inflate their share prices.
Those days are rapidly coming to an end.
Property prices also tend to do poorly when interest rates rise.
Here’s a simplistic example: if you can afford the monthly mortgage payment to buy a $500,000 house when interest rates are 3%, the same monthly payment will only buy a $250,000 house when rates rise to 6%.
Rising rates mean people won’t be able to borrow as much money to buy a home, and this typically causes property prices to fall.
Of course, higher interest rates also mean the US government will take a major hit.
Remember the federal government already has to borrow money just to pay interest on the money they’ve already borrowed.
So as interest rates go up, they’ll be paying even more each year in interest payments… which means they’ll have to borrow even more money to make those payments, which means they’ll be paying even more in interest payments, which means they’ll have to borrow even more, etc. etc.
It’s a pretty nasty cycle.
Finally, the broader US economy will likely take a hit with rising interest rates.
As we’ve discussed many times before, the US economy is based on consumption, not production, and it depends heavily on cheap money (i.e. lower interest rates), and cheap oil, in order to keep growing.
We’re already seeing the end of both of those, at least for now.
Both oil prices and interest rates have more than doubled from their lows, and it stands to reason at a minimum, interest rates will keep climbing.
So this may very well be the start of the great financial reckoning.

Always Safe, Always Prepared

Frank Mitchell

Chris Hedges: Becoming Serfs

American War Machine Continues To Grow And Seek Confrontation

Mueller Counts On Giving Trump Choice: Resign To Save His Son From Illegal Conviction

Neocons, Psychos Cheer: Future War Will Mean Destruction "Beyond Our Comprehension"

Endless Afghanistan War Shows That Not Only Winning Isn't Everything, It Isn't Anything - Pentagon Loves It

Meanwhile, Putin Spends Weekend Hiking And Wildlife Gazing In Siberia (Photos, Video)

The Russian Military In Place To Cover Syria's Final Offensive With Huge Naval Armada, Hypersonic Missiles

McCain's Jewish Mob Ties, Went All The Way To The Top

Russian Official Shocks By Urging Tactical Nuke Deployment In Syria After Bolton Warning

Meanwhile, Back In The US Of H...

Genetically Modified Children (New Film)

Censorship Spells The Decline Of Civilization

Acting On Behalf Of Spiteful Washington, The UN Is Undermining Syria's Economic Restoration

Vietnam Suing Monsanto For Devastating Agent Orange Defoliant Damage

Chossudovsky: Who Is Nikola Tesla?

Trade Wars: Is There An Off-Ramp? Toward A Global Catastrophe

Abel Danger: US Preparing To Strike Syria Under Any Pretext - For Israel, To Force Iran Out Of Syria

Did Secy Of State Henry Kissinger Agree To Starve Americans For Israel In The Event Of An Oil Crisis?

Dave Hodges: How It All Will End (Audio)

What The McCain Eulogies Tell Us About The Media And The Regime

Sunday, August 26, 2018

World Through An Aperture: Several Gorgeous Chapters

Iran Warns Saudi Of Consequences If Activists Executed

Hezbollah Resistance Leader In Lebanon: Israeli Army Can't Avoid Defeat Despite Advanced Weapons

Expert: UK Public Should Have Final Say On Brexit Details - It's Their Country

Who Doesn't Want The Truth?: McCane's Hawkish Stance Led To The Death Of Millions

Irish Abuse Victims Protest Pope's Visit

India Tests Glide Bombs, Cheaper Than Missiles

Merkel Nixes Calls To Bring Back Conscription To Germany

"Syria Never Used And Will Never Use Chemical Weapons": Syrian Ambassador To Russia

Look Out, Birds!: The Flying Car Is Coming And Japan Wants In On The Tarmac

PCR: Covered Up By US State Dept. - Israel Tried To Assassinate US Ambassador To Lebanon

Russian Ministry Of Defense: Foreign Specialists Have Arrived In Syria To Stage Chemical Attack

Need A Ride? '62 Ferrari Auctioned At $48.4 Million

NATO Spots 50 "Suspicious Vessels" Spying On US In Aegean Sea

Start Of Shooting At MADDEN Tournament In Jacksonville Caught On Video

Corbett: Longest Bull Run In History! What Could Go Wrong?

10 Signs You Have An Underactive Thyroid

Tell President Trump And Congress The 1986 Vaccine Act Must Be Repealed

Why Is Planet Earth On Fire? And Why Is It Taboo To Discuss It?

Could This Be Pope Francis's Waterloo?

Majority Of Young Americans Live In A Household Receiving Welfare

Government Is A Hate Crime

"Foreign Specialists" May Stage Chemical Attack In Syria In Two Days To Frame Assad

Stephen Lendman: Trump Regime To Formally Reject Palestinians' Right Of Return

Stephen Lendman: Trump Regime Cuts More Aid To Palestinians

This Was In The News: So, Do You Believe It?

Here's A Complete History Of All Of John McCain's Calls For Wars And Needless Suffering And Death

Hero McCain - Brace Yourself

QAnon Backer Meets With President Trump In Oval Office / Background

Trump Meets Top QAnon Backer In White House As Australia Becomes Latest Nation To Rout Soros Forces

25 August 2018
Hello Folks,
Well, if you thought that last month was enough to spin the heads off of even the most experienced of us who have tracked, analyzed and written about global intelligence matters for decades, Sister Ciara’s special report yesterday— 11 Weeks That Shook The World”—The Endgame Begins!—shows clearly that what we’ve all seen so far in the “President Trump-Deep State War” is nothing compared to what’s about to happen—and it matters not if you love him or hate him, Trump absolutely has to be given credit for having more chutzpah (the quality of audacity, for good or for bad) then all of his enemies combined for his meeting in his White House Oval Office on Thursday with the internationally syndicated radio, television and YouTube legal and media analyst known simply as Lionel—whose full name is Michael William Lionel and who is the major media influencer behind the mysterious person and/or group known as QAnon who have shaken the Deep State to its core—with Trump following that extraordinary meeting the next day by his calling to congratulate Australia’s new Prime Minister Scott Morrison whose conservative-populist forces became the latest nation to throw off of themselves the yoke of globalist billionaire provocateur George Soros.  

President Donald Trump meets with QAnon advocate Lionel (right) in White House Oval Office on 23 August 2018

Now before I go on, and based upon the stunning information revealed by the Sisters this past week describing how the American people are in the grip of “cognitive dissonance, and its mainstream media is suffering from the mass psychosis known as “confirmation bias—I feel compelled to warn you that if you’re not familiar with the truth, what you will read hereafter will not only be unable to be assimilated in your mind, it may very well lead you to suffering a complete mental breakdown!  

So, and for you fearless few who have doubtlessly led your lives failing to ever heed warnings of any kind, as all rebels like you are known for—I first must describe to you the battlefield where the main battles of the Trump-Deep State War are being fought—and is known as the “Dark Web” that’s a small part of the “Deep Web”—whose contents are not indexed by standard web search engines for any reason, and stands opposed to the “Social Web” you go on every day (FacebookYouTubeGoogleTwitter, etc.)—and that you should NEVER EVER think about entering unless you’re prepared to spend thousands-of-dollars to install a gazillion specialized software applications, encryption keys and Tor Browser—and spend, at least, 5 years of your life learning to master the complexity of it all.
Because of its anonymity, and everyone on the “Dark Web” belonging to either state intelligence agencies (NSA/CIA/SVR/MOSSAD, etc.), hacking groups or international criminal organizations, the vast majority of its communications are highly encrypted—particularly because they are messages sent to and from spies—and that sees a constant battle among its inhabitants trying to decrypt each others’ messages and then expose them for others on the “Dark Web” to see.
Beginning in early February 2017 (a month after President Trump took office), though, a new presence began appearing in the “Dark Web” that was quickly determined to be emanating its encrypted messages from the United States—and whose thousands of messages spooked hacking groups because its encryption sophistication could only have been created by a nation state having unlimited resources and hundreds, if not thousands, of highly skilled computer programmers to write its code (that has to be constantly updated on a near hourly basis)—and that, of course, made this new “Dark Web” presence a target for EVERYONE
This new “Dark Web” presence, however, had a few tricks up its own sleeve and struck back hard against those trying to hack its encryption—with 2017 going down in history as the greatest year for cybersecurity disasters—the absolute worst of them being the Stuxnet/Industroyer, which, literally, smoked every computer it touched, and is described as being “like something out of a Tom Clancy novel”.
By late October 2017, the only ones still playing around with this new “Dark Web” presence trying to break its encryption were a few nation states (as it’s very expensive to replace smoked down computers)—but that, on 27 October 2017, saw one of these nation state’s hacking teams (everyone knows it was MOSSAD) gleefully proclaiming that they had made a breakthrough by decrypting a single word, “PACER”—but that no one knew the meaning behind.
24 hours later, though, on 28 October 2018, the entire “Dark Web” was stunned when this “new presence” popped up on the “Social Media” anonymous message board 4Chanidentifying itself as QAnon and declaring that the definition of “PACER” is the acronym for a US Department of Justice computer programme known as Public Access To Electronic Records—that identifies how many “sealed indictments” have been issued in the United States, and whose average number per year has never exceeded 1,700.
QAnon went on to provide indisputable evidence that PACER was churning out thousands of “sealed indictments” every month that now total over 40,000—and that QAnonasserted were being used to secretly indict everyone connected to the Deep State—and that even Time Magazine couldn’t ignore the facts of and saw them naming QAnon as one of the “25 Most Influential People on the Internet.    

Once QAnon went public on the “Social Web”, everyone of good sense on the “Dark Web” ceased trying to break its encryption, after all, NO ONE knows how far and wide Trumpis casting his “sealed indictment” net, or who it will fall on next—but that saw Pulitzer Prize winning reporter Glenn Greenwald (of Edward Snowden fame), nevertheless, unleashing his investigative reporters in an attempt to discover the identity of QAnon—but who only got as far as writing their 4 December 2017 article describing how Trump was building a global, private spy network that would circumvent official US intelligence agencies—after which he was “warned” to stop his investigation, and that he wisely did as he was already under an assassination threat from British intelligence.
The “warning” Greenwald received from the mysterious QAnon network on the “Dark Web” to stop his investigation is not the only one they’ve issued either—as in their never ceasing thousands of daily encrypted communications, there sometimes appears unencrypted words in English everyone knows (in our world at least) are “subjects” and/or “persons” not permitted to be openly discussed or written about—but whose prohibition pertains only to the mainstream media, not us, or those like us—and is why we’re one of the only news outlets you see such “subjects” being made public such as Russia’s top three intelligence officials secretly flying to Washington, or the very forbidden “persons” not to be publically be named such as Stefan Halper and Joseph Mifsud being mentioned.
Now while you’re following me down this Alice In Wonderland rabbit hole, let me tell you where it gets very interesting—and that actually began two months prior to when QAnon emerged from the “Dark Web” and made its presence known on the “Social Web”—and whose specific date is 18 August 2017 when former Trump campaign chairman, and former US Navy intelligence officer, Steve Bannon resigned from the White House as a top advisor to President Trump.
Among the many globalist secrets discovered by the forces loyal to Chancellor Kurz in their raids was a George Soros created “master plan” to use tech giants FacebookGoogleTwitterYouTube and Apple, led by a coalition of George Soros-funded progressive groups, to subvert the 2018 Midterm American elections so they can take back power in Washington from President Trump’s administration—that Dr. Robert Epstein, the senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology, is now warning “can shift upwards of 12 million votes this November—and whose implementation is well underway with the latest examples, within the past 24 hours alone, being Facebook censoring the phrase “Speak the truth, Love God, Defend America and their banning anyone daring to post the words of America’s National Anthem The Star Spangled Banner—that conforms to these leftists’ ideology that now sees them, also, having US schools drop the Pledge of Allegiance and replacing it with student-authored oaths to a “global society.

Though George Soros actually believes that he’s a god, his more earthly actions can be understood by your knowing that President Trump has cost him $1 billion so far—and that after Bannon was armed with the secret globalist evidence given to him by Chancellor Kurz of Soros’s “master plan” to destroy Trump—saw him working with pro-Trumpnation Hungary to throw Soros out of there entirely, the pro-Trump nation of Poland throwing Soros out of their countryItaly outplaying Soros in their just held elections, and now “Going Full Trump” (with President Trump offering them aid to pay their debts if they need it), and, within the past 48 hours, Australia now joining these other nations in throwing off the “yoke of Soros” too.
Now I’m telling you about these other nations fighting for President Trump so you can understand that you’re not alone, and, also, to show you that this war we are now in is global—that, in turn, should lead you to understanding the full and grim significance the new FEMA plan that includes immediate preparedness being made for the American people that envisions a scenario involving “large nuclear detonations over the 60 largest US cities. (The Sisters will be reporting more about this to you in the coming days once their documents have been translated.)
It’s not my, or the Sisters, fault that the vast majority of you have been deprived of knowing true history—that if you fully knew about would prove conclusively that President Trump’s “Plan B” to win his war against the Deep State, thus freeing the American people from globalist tyranny, is to wipe them out with total war, and that both Russia and China will willingly aid him in doing—and are RIGHT NOW preparing for—all of whom would rather suffer the catastrophic consequences of war than live another year under the threat of these vile monsters.
President Trump’s “Plan A”, of course, is to continue marshalling the American people behind him so his forces can win the 2018 Midterm Elections, after which he and his QAnon allies will start rounding up his nation’s enemies and doing away with the Deep State threat—but whose “Plan B” is being put into place because he knows (and you know this too) that if defeated, the Deep State will not only destroy him, but every member of his family too—with their then moving on to obliterating his supporters.
YOU, therefore, are the only ones standing between President Trump using “Plan A” or “Plan B”—with your choice of his using “Plan B” being the easiest, because all you have to do is nothing, ignore reality, and go back to sleep—but, and if you choose “Plan A”, it means that you have to wake up and start aiding those of us on the front lines of this war to keep it from reaching your doorstep—and starts by your going below to give us a mere $20 so we can continuing spreading the truth the Deep State doesn’t want anyone to know about—and, at least to me, seems like a smart investment in your own future.  
Thank you for listening and aiding us in our hour of desperate need, and, as always too, please feel free to write me at with any comments/questions/suggestions, and remembering to put ATTN: BRIAN in the subject line.
All the best folks,

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The US pension system has gotten so bad, Congress is actually planning for its failure.
As the government was working on the recent, new budget deal and subsequent boost in government spending, Congress quietly snuck in a provision forming a committee which would use federal funds to bail out as many as 200 “multiemployer” pension plans – where employers and labor unions jointly provide retirement benefits to employees.
As is often the case, this rescue “plan” is too little too late. The US pension system is beyond repair. And if you’re depending on pension income to carry you through retirement, it’s time to consider a Plan B.
Before explaining how dire the situation actually is, let’s take a step back…
Pensions are simply giant pools of capital used to pay out retirement benefits to workers.
Typically, employers and employees contribute a percentage of the employees’ salary to a pension throughout his or her career. Then, upon retirement, the pension is supposed to pay a fixed, monthly amount to the retiree.
There are both government and corporate pension plans.
Boston College estimates the nation’s 1,400 multiemployer plans (corporate) are facing a $553 billion shortfall. And around one-quarter of those are in the “red zone,” meaning they’ll likely go broke in the next decade or so.
But Congress’ committee, assuming it works, wouldn’t even rescue the red zone plans, much less the remaining 1,200.
And it doesn’t even begin to address the real problem – the $7 trillion funding gap faced by the government’s own pensions.
Congress is stepping in because the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (PBGC) – the pension equivalent to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) – is completely insolvent.
Like the FDIC, the PBGC is an insurance program funded by premiums paid by its participating members (pensions). Its entire income is made up of premiums collected and the investment income it earns on those premiums.
So, as the markets crash, not only will the PBGC’s portfolio get slaughtered… so will those of the pensions it guarantees (which will then require more funds). And as these pensions fail, the PBGC will collect less in premiums. It’s a vicious circle.
But things are plenty bad already.
The PBGC, which only covers corporate pensions, had a $76 billion deficit in 2017. It has total assets of $108 billion on its books compared to potential loss exposure of more than $250 billion.
By its own estimation, its fund to cover multiemployer pensions (which makes up $65 billion of the deficit) will be insolvent by 2025.
Pensions are in such bad shape today for the simple reason investment returns are too low. And pensions can’t cover their future obligations.
Pension fund managers invest in assets like stocks, bonds and real estate in hopes of generating a safe return.
Most funds require a 7%-8% return in order to meet their future liabilities.
But with interest rates near record lows, these funds are having to take on more risk in order to meet their minimum return requirements. They’ve reduced their bond allocations and started buying more stocks, private equity and other riskier assets.Some funds, like Hawaii’s pension fund, went even further and dabbled in the incredibly risky strategy of selling put options. By selling a put, you collect a small premium if markets stay calm or rise. But you’re exposed to unlimited losses if markets crash – like they did when the Dow fell 2,400 points in a week last month.
At the end of last year, equities made up nearly 54% of public pension fund portfolios. The $209 billion New York State Common Retirement Fund has over 58% of its assets in stocks. Kentucky’s $20 billion pension for teachers is 62% in stocks.
These giant funds, which are supposed to pay for public and private employees in retirement, are piling into stocks at record high valuations. And when the volatility hits, it will be devastating.
Consider America’s largest pension fund, The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS), lost 5% of its assets ($18.5 billion) in just 10 trading days leading up to February 9.
Pension funds should never experience this kind of volatility. But the current macro environment is forcing them to make dumb decisions in hopes of generating a minimum return.
You’ve got to make long-term plans for retirement. The pension system is broken. So the time to take action is now.