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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

America's Embarrassing First Lady? I Wonder If It Ever Occurs To Those Like This Narcissistic Author That Half Of America Only Finds Them Frighteningly Mean, Condescending And Opaque

Melania Trump: America's Embarrassing First Lady

Melania has damaged the idea of First Lady

America’s latest First Lady Melania Trump is not someone who should be admired, and quite frankly, is a horrible role model for girls and women around the world.
And I say this not because she posed nude in photos that surfaced during her time as a model in her younger years. Melania has every right to define self-expression on her own terms. Even though she inexcusably lied about having a college degree, I don’t disparage Melania for being a college dropout. College isn’t for everyone and Melania committed herself to a fashion and modeling career. And she certainly isn’t the first person to take a phone number from a man who is on another date with someone else in a club.
If anything, these publicly known life choices reflect her keen self-awareness and sense of agency. This is how Melania Trump should be viewed – as a woman controlling her own destiny who is fully accountable for her actions.
We have no idea what ultimately attracted Melania to Donald Trump -- it could have been money, curiosity, or his narcissistic brashness misinterpreted as confidence. She may not have been aware of Trump’s racist past or his poor track record with women. Nevertheless, she decided to have a relationship with Donald and have a child with him. And she’s been all in ever since.

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