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Thursday, December 26, 2019

Joanne Tachera: 1 Million Trojan Horse Enemy

ONE MILLION TROJAN HORSE ENEMY: Hawaii to the Russia Hoax Attempted Coup D’Etat
Yes: Deep State actors revealed in the Russia Hoax attempted coup d’etat are simply the tip of the iceberg and their numbers constitute a half million to a million Trojan Horse enemy/traitors inside this country colluding to bring down President Donald Trump, the U.S. Constitution, patriots, and the country. I’ll explain how.
I had an idyllic childhood growing up in Hawaii.   When I got home from school, I changed into shorts and flip flops to beachcomb; I searched for Japanese glass balls and seashells along the beach for a quarter mile. I found many glass ball floats and shells.  In my teens, my brother surfed.  I was the designated driver for my brother and neighborhood teens that surfed with him near now famous Koloa or Jurassic Park ranch.  Rodney, son of the first Chinese American Senator from Hawaii--Senator Hiram Fong, and Kurt Mench who lived across the street from the Fongs surfed with my brother.
            Kurt Mench lived next door to Barack Obama’s real father, Frank Marshall Davis.   The two houses shared the same driveway.  We saw Mr. Davis, Barry’s father, often because he owned a boat that he moored in the ocean not far away. He took the boat out often.  I only saw Barry once at his real father’s house.  Reportedly, Kurt saw him more often. One afternoon, Barry came outside father’s house to watch my brother and Kurt attach surfboards to the surf racks on my car. Barry, as a teen, had an Afro, the first and only Afro I had seen growing up in Hawaii.  I worked at the Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station where there were patriotic, enlisted African Americans. They wore Afro wigs weekends.  Barry’s was a real Afro.  There was a difference.  Barry didn’t live with real father; he lived with grandparents in Honolulu near Punahou School which he attended.    
As Barry became famous and ran for president, I began researching about what we didn’t know about him in Kahaluu on Oahu.  I found out that we did not know where he was born; that remained a mystery.  Grandparents kept lots of secrets.  
            Real father’s story was researched and detailed by Joel Gilbert [see Dreams from My Real Father book and video]. I learned that, according to Barry, his mother Ann did not consider herself an American.  Strange, I thought.  If she was not American, what ancestry did she consider herself?  Later I learned that Barry was tenth cousin to President George Herbert Walker Bush.  Strange, that had to be on his Caucasian side; it wasn’t likely on his African American Communist Davis side.  Who were Barry’s grandparents?  According to Joel Gilbert, grandfather Dunham surveilled his father, Frank Marshall Davis, for the CIA. 
            Grandfather Dunham wanted hidden, kept secret from his CIA employer, that his daughter Ann had gotten pregnant by the man whom he surveilled, Frank Marshall Davis.  Grandfather wanted it hidden and secret that his grandson was the son of his surveillee.  It was grandfather who had recruited Barack Hussein Obama Sr. from Africa where Senior was a CIA agent on their payroll.  Grandfather arranged for Senior to come to Hawaii for a semester to stand in as Barry’s father.  After staying for only one semester, Barack Hussein Obama Sr. moved on to Harvard for a Ph.D. He never married Ann.  Nor did Frank Marshall Davis. Davis was already married to second wife Helen Canfield.  He had five children by her.
            Grandfather Dunham wanted desperately to fool his employer and, thus, ensure his continued employment.  He did everything to construct a believable façade around the birth of Barry Obama, most likely including having him born, according to Kenyan custom at a hospital where “grandmother Obama” watched.  There is no record of Barry’s birth at Queen Kapiolani Maternity Hospital nor at Leahi Hospital, the two principal maternity hospitals in Honolulu at the time.  Nor is there a record of him having been born in Washington State, even though mother Ann reportedly enrolled in the University of Washington several weeks after his birth.  It is possible that Barry could have been born in Canada as there were several free clinics across the Canadian border that catered to unwed mothers. However, there is a birth certificate with a baby’s foot print from Kenya that reportedly is his certificate of live birth, at least according to “Kenyan relatives.”  We do know that the Hawaii Director of Health who released Barry’s faked Hawaii birth certificate was murdered in the ocean off Molokai.  (Yes, murdered.  All the other passengers and pilot from the twin engine plane landed in the ocean, put on life preservers, and were rescued.  They survived.  She was seen alive, floating with a life preserver and conversing with other passengers and then mysteriously she was dead floating with a life preserver and head above water. Not one of the other passengers died as a result of the plane’s crash landing in the ocean. Her death was determined a heart failure by the police chief, who happens to be, according to law, the designated coroner in that jurisdiction.) One woman Nancy Ruth Owens claimed to have been the one who faked the birth certificate; reportedly, she confessed to the FBI. Her psychological stability is questionable; she may have multiple personalities due to childhood abuse. [See Jerome Corsi.  Book. Where’s The Birth Certificate? The Case that Barack Obama is Not Eligible to be President. “I AM The Zodiac Killer” channel.
            Sometime about a month after Barry’s birth, grandfather had his birth announced in the Sunday Honolulu Advertiser & Star Bulletin.
            Who were grandparents?  Both grandmother and grandfather were CIA agents.  Strange.  These were early days of the OSS/CIA.  Things get even stranger when one examines their background.  We look to the relationship (tenth cousin to George Herbert Walker Bush) to figure out where they came from.
            George Herbert Walker Bush wasn’t always a Bush; he wasn’t even born in the U.S.A. although he pretended to be an American. He was an illegal alien who came as a young teen with his parents. He was born Georg Hugo Waldemar Scherf in Berlin, Deutschland, and was Hitler’s first cousin. [See  Otto Skorzeny.  Bush Family and the Nazis;;] If Georg hadn’t cheated Otto Skorzeny out of his $100 million dollar inheritance left him by Argentina’s Eva Peron with whom Otto had had an affair, we might never have known of the relationship of Daddy Bush and Hitler.  (One Nazi doesn’t double cross another Nazi without repercussions.)
            Otto Skorzeny was Hitler’s bodyguard and responsible for keeping track of those who travelled in Hitler’s circle. Georg Scherf (aka Bush) was his cousin. Later, after World War II ended, Otto Skorzeny, and Nazi war criminal Reinhard Gehlen, worked in the OSS (early CIA) for Allen Dulles.  They staffed the intelligence agency with German Stasi and Nazi War Criminals.  (This OSS/CIA was the one that Barry Obama’s grandparents worked for.)  Grandfather Dunham surveilled Communist Frank Marshall Davis and grandmother worked in a bank where she rose quickly to bank vice-president, likely due to money laundering funds for illicit activities of the OSS/ CIA.  Grandmother volunteered at the probate court, where she had access to the Social Security numbers of dead persons whose estates were being settled. (Barry later used a dead person’s Social Security number instead of getting his own.) 
The OSS/CIA together with the Hollywood propaganda machine lied to the American people. Hollywood told Americans that the CIA hired fifteen hundred German Nazi scientists to build the atom bomb.  The truth is that they did hire fifteen hundred Nazi scientists.  The additional truth is that the Dulles brothers, Allen and John Foster, were two lawyers that had worked for Wall Street bankers and in Germany.  [books. G. Edwin Griffin, Jr. The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve.  Irwin Schiff. Federal Mafia: How It Illegally Imposes and Unlawfully Collects Income Taxes . Ben Urwand. Book. The Collaboration: Hollywood’s Pact with Hitler. ]
Allen was tasked with heading up Eisenhower’s new intelligence agency, the OSS, and John Foster was Secretary of State.  (Many have called the Dulles brothers traitors and that is likely true.)  The Dulles brothers together were responsible for and brought 50,000 German Stasi (secret police) and Nazi War Criminals and their families to this country between 1945 and 1960 and giving them new names and identities.  This operation, called Operation Paperclip, was the largest Nazi exodus and ratline out of Germany post World War II.  (Hitler and other Nazis travelled ratlines to Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, and Chile. A small number went to Samoa.) Ronald Reagan, who was head of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) in Hollywood spearheaded fundraisers to bring these Germans to the USA.
[Research substantiates the previous paragraph:
·         Ralph Ganis and Dick Russell, book The Skorzeny Papers: Evidence for the Plot to Kill JFK. 
·         David Talbott, book The Devil’s Chessboard: Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government.
·         Annie Jacobsen, book Operation Paperclip.
·         John Loftus, book America’s Nazi Secret, and
· which is a 650+ page online Kevin Conley Ruffner book draft  Eagle and Swastika: CIA and Nazi War Criminals and Collaborators containing a synopsis of CIA collaboration with Nazis post World War II.  
·         Mary Ellen Reese. Book. General Reinhard Gehlen: The CIA Connection;
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·         Glen Yeadon and John Hawkins.  Book. Operation Paperclip Casefile and  (pdf.) The Nazi Hydra in America: The Suppressed History of a Century.]  
      Is that enough citations for you to see the nexus of the intelligence agencies, their babies, and grand-babies?  That is why I call them “Stasi diaper babies” and “grandbabies.”
These lies about the American government using only fifteen hundred Nazi scientists was propagated in high school and college textbooks and disseminated to American teens and young adults. This lie left thousands of otherwise patriotic American school children unprotected, vulnerable against further lies and deceits to come.
Patriotic Americans were/ are labeled “domestic terrorists.” They were/ are placed on watch lists. Stalked.  Condescending Baby Bush programmed the public.  He recommended after 9/11 that we, patriotic Americans, take no stock in “conspiracy theories.” Cowboy Georgie told us to shoot, then aim. He denigrated scientific crime analysis and curious intellectuals searching for the truth. Yet, when examined from a scientific, empirical vantage, “so called conspiracists” have far more facts and truths than those who “diss” them. In elementary school, it was usually better to be the nerd than a dummy or a bully. Baby Bush, a consummate bully, turned that and a goat upside down.  He “knew” Osama was responsible.  “You’re either with us or against us.” However, when he spoke to the 9/11 Commission, Baby Bush held Dick’s hand.
Few Americans remember that Mr. “Hope and Change” Obama kept cousin Baby Bush’s same Cabinet after he took office.  Why?  Perhaps so he could focus on other matters, involved in winning “the hearts and minds” of Americans.  Perhaps to focus on what good Nazis do, confiscate property and liberty. He shipped more jobs overseas and allowed foreign entities access to our technology. Without jobs and struggling financially, Americans found it difficult to speak out via the legal system. Taxation came under Obamacare. [Trevor Loudon and Rodney R. Stubbs, book Barack Obama and the Enemies Within.  Webster Griffin Tarpley.  Book. Obama: The Postmodern Coup:  Making of a Manchurian Candidate.  Aaron Klein.  Book.  The Manchurian President:  Barack Obama’s Ties to Communists, Socialists, and Other Anti-American Extremists.]
These Stasi diaper babies and grandbabies are well paid for their loyalty to the 4th Reich and for working against us, patriotic American citizens. They receive two paychecks: one for their government and/or “other deception” employment and the second one from the secret government. Secret government funds are comprised of proceeds from drug trafficking, child and human trafficking, pedophilia, pornography, and prostitution.  Their bills and debts are placed online and others go in and pay the bills for them so there exists no record of the extra monies that they make.  This means that individuals such as Andrew McCabe who was fired, likely a “Stasi diaper baby,” afterwards complained that he no longer had a paycheck. McCabe set up a “GoFundMe” site appealing to other “Stasi diaper babies” to donate to him because he “no longer was getting paid” [code for] two paychecks. Poor baby! He was fired (for cause), no longer entitled to two paychecks. From the sympathetic, he raised close to a million dollars for legal fees and a “People’s Pension.”  
Most of the intelligence agencies and the Department of Justice are filled with these “Stasi diaper babies,” or their “cousin” sympathizers such as Mueller, McCabe, Weisman, Brennan, Clapper, Rosenstein, Ohr, Strzok, Paige and others. Mr. Comey, what “higher loyalty” is there than the United States Constitution? Their actions belie their beliefs. Compartmentalization exists so patriotic Americans who work for these agencies are supervised within the philosophy of “need to know;” they don’t learn directly about treasonous or seditious employees.  
The big secret is that Mr. Obama currently is head of the 4th Reich (he took over from Daddy Bush) and directs an army through the Senior Executive Service.  The Senior Executive Service staffs the second in command at every federal agency; Mr. Obama appointed the SES during his eight year presidency.  As long as SES are employed in these federal agencies they work against President Trump, the American democratic republic, and its Constitution. [, , and] Mr. Obama stayed in Washington, D.C. for almost three years so that he could continue to direct them.  [According to one company owned by “Stasi diaper babies,” Mr. Obama is currently “President of the Government of the United States of America,” and President Trump is “President of the United States of America.”  They are that blatant. Hubris knows no bounds.
These “Stasi diaper babies” are in State and local agencies and governments.  They are judges. They work to overthrow the US Constitution. They work to take away property and civil rights. They work to weaken law abiding citizens. IRS weaponization happens via audit of political enemies.  Civil asset forfeiture exists absent criminal conviction. First Amendment, “Free Speech Zones.” Censorship of Conservatives on Social Media.  Eliminate Conservative Views on Search Engines. Second Amendment, False Flag Events. “Gun control. Take away guns.”  Not so subtle disenfranchisement via electronic voting machines.  And so on.  The end justifies the means in their minds. It pays for them and their children. Let others, “the deplorables” and “smelly Walmart shoppers,” be damned. [Trevor Loudon. Book. Enemies Within; Communists, Socialists, and Progressives in the US Congress.]
I would not be surprised if Obama ran Michelle, or should I say Michael, for the 2020 Democrat presidential candidate.  At this point, she is unannounced.  She has been on book tour and on magazine covers.  She speaks at church conferences and other conventions.
The big secret is that this Trojan Horse enemy are an enormous group.  This Trojan Horse army have been organizing since 1945 ~ 1960 within the walls of our country.  Enemy numbers are likely half a million to a million enemy inside the country at the present time.[ Malia Freeman. Article “Why, Really the Nazis Won the War.”] They are criminals.  Psychopaths.  Narcissists. Amoral.  Satanists.  Cannibals.  Pedophiles. Et cetera . . . et cetera. They only value achieving the end result: total subjugation and tyrannical overthrow of the United States Constitutional government and its patriotic citizens.  President Trump is simply the current bull’s eye and a formidable one at that.  
L. Joanne Tachera, Patriot and Citizen Soldier
100 x 100 x 100 = 1,000,000. There is a multiplicative factor.  Even though we are occupied by a seditious  Hollywood media machine: “If a hundred patriots tell a hundred patriots and those hundred patriots tell another one hundred, one million people will know and this won’t be a secret anymore.” We Americans outnumber them 350 to one. They can’t shut everyone up.  They work to divide or silence us. As Paul Revere, I intend to shout “They have landed. They are here. Look around you.”

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