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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Offer For A Free "Closer Look At The Left's Agenda"

Dear Friend,
Today’s Left is pushing the most grandiose big-government ideas seen in our country in more than a century.
But while they’re flush with ideas, they’re short on details.
Fortunately, Hoover Institution senior fellow and esteemed economist Michael Boskin has taken it upon himself to help them fill in the details of some of their most talked about ideas. He’s published these details in a new 24-page commentary titled “A Closer Look at the Left’s Agenda: Scientific, Economic, and Numerical Illiteracy on the Campaign Trail.”
If the next election goes in their favor, some version of the “Green New Deal,” “Medicare for All,” and other ideas popular with the far Left are likely to pass. There has never been a more important time for Americans like you and me to understand the impact if these ideas were put into action.
As you know, an informed public is key to protecting our free and prosperous society from ideas that would reap catastrophic consequences!
Greg Stamps
Online Development
Hoover Institution

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