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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Petition: Shut Down Planned Parenthood

While most of the country is taking extreme care and making real sacrifices to save lives, Planned Parenthood and the abortion lobby are doing the opposite.
In Ohio, Planned Parenthood is defying a directive from pro-life Governor Mike DeWine to STOP abortions during the coronavirus pandemic.
In North Carolina, pro-life activists discovered this weekend that an out-of-state abortionist came to Charlotte to perform dozens of abortions.
And in states like Massachusetts, hospitals are being ordered to cancel endoscopic, orthopedic, and radiological procedures -- and even gynecological exams -- but abortion is still being considered an “essential” service.
Real health services are being shut down, but the killing of unborn babies continues.
They are also putting women at risk for complications that will further overwhelm hospital emergency rooms during this already trying time.
Abortion is not health care. SHAME on every abortion advocate who pretends to care about the health and safety of women.
Essential medical devices are DESPERATELY needed right now to treat Americans with coronavirus, but abortionists are instead squandering gowns, gloves, and masks as they kill unborn children.
The abortion lobby has been trying to exploit this crisis from the very beginning.
They have used this moment to appeal for more taxpayer funding, attack pro-life Republicans for protecting the Hyde Amendment, and push the absurd notion that a cure for coronavirus will not be discovered unless the body parts of aborted children are used in experiments.
There is absolutely no reason for Planned Parenthood’s elective abortions to still be taking place during this pandemic.
Hon. Marilyn Musgrave
Vice President of Government Affairs
Susan B. Anthony List

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