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Monday, April 20, 2020

An Update/Plea From Roger Stone

If you haven’t heard the news, the Judge in my case, Amy Berman Jackson, has denied my lawyers motion for a mistrial based on the blatant and flagrant juror misconduct. The Judge has ordered me to prison 2 weeks from today.

There is no question that the Jury Forewoman posted anti-Trump and anti-Stone social media postings in 2019 including on the very morning I was arrested and 29 heavily armed FBI agents stormed my home at 6am to take me into custody. She also lied about it during jury selection and deleted her Facebook page after my trial to cover her tracks.

The US Supreme Court has ruled that every defendant is entitled to a jury that is “impartial and indifferent”. My jury however, was completely stacked with Trump hating Democrats and included not a single Republican, a single military veteran or a single blue collar worker and the Trump-hating Jury forewoman, who once ran for Congress as a Democrat was hardly "indifferent."

As my friend Tucker Carlson said, "Roger Stone's trial was over before it began."

President Trump himself said my conviction was “a miscarriage of justice”. I was convicted of lying to Congress in an elaborate set up between Adam Schiff and Robert Mueller when their was no underlying crime to lie about!

The real reason I was prosecuted and give an almost four year jail sentence is because I refused to testify falsely agains the President regarding numerous phone calls we had during the 2016 campaign.

At 67 years old and with some underlying health issues ,being sent to prison during the Coronavirus Pandemic constitutes a death sentence. It is essential that my lawyers move immediately for home confinement and that they ready an appeal of my conviction based on the outrageous partisan juror misconduct.

I find it ironic that Michael Cohen is being released from prison due to the danger of coronavirus infection at the exact same time they want to send me to prison.

Unfortunately, all of the fund raised by the Stone Defense Fund were depleted in my Washington D.C. based trial. I urgently need your help in this struggle for justice.


While some may have suggested that a Presidential pardon or commutation of sentence may be imminent, I can tell you firsthand that neither has been promised or is assured.

Won’t you please send another contribution to the Stone Defense Fund so I can fight for my life.

Please rush me your answer today as it is essential that I be able to finance the necessary legal motions needed to avoid federal prison and continue the fight for justice.


Roger Stone

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