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Monday, April 27, 2020

Donald Merkel/West Alabama Physicians: Truths And Lies About Covid-19

Coronavirus TRUTH and LIES

Primary Author: David Williams, MD 
Revised April 23 with updates to section regarding COVID-19 deaths and the addendum.
Coronavirus is a huge story, so journalists must apply the highest ...

This is being written on April 19, 2020. Although there is a central author, it is being written on behalf of multiple physicians in West Alabama and will be distributed through multiple medical offices. Between us we have well over a hundred years of practice and have treated hundreds of thousands of patients suffering infectious diseases. Including mission trips we have treated patients on five continents.

TRUTH: COVID-19 is an actual medical disease that will lead to tragic deaths.
LIE: We don’t know much about coronavirus.
LIE: COVID-19 is more infectious and more dangerous than influenza.
LIE: The fact one doesn’t know he or she has COVID-19 makes it more dangerous.

TRUTH: COVID-19 is more dangerous to the elderly and immunocompromised.
TRUTH: That doesn’t really mean anything in and of itself because everything is more dangerous to those unfortunate individuals.

TRUTH: It is now almost impossible for anyone in the general public or general medical community to know the actual number of deaths from COVID-19.
TRUTH--THIS IS MUCH WORSE THAN WE THOUGHT: On April 14, the New York Times reported New York City officials at the Health Department had increased its death toll by 3,700 who NEVER TESTED POSITIVE for the virus. They were “presumed” to have died from it. REVISED April 23, 2020. This is actually much worse than we thought.

How does a virus that killed 46,438 globally in three months (and which about 96% of those 75 to 84, and 90% of those 85 and older survive) suddenly kill 143,984 in the next three weeks, according the same

Team Trump can't even figure out what lies to tell about the ...


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