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Sunday, April 26, 2020

The Donald Report - April 26,2020

 "Impossible is just another
      form of motivation"

                President Donald Trump


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This Was How The World Turned Yesterday

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BOMBSHELL! CDC Confirms Test Kits Contaminated With COVID-19

Top health agency deliberately spreading virus to inflate numbers, keep country in lockdown?

BOMBSHELL! CDC Confirms Test Kits Contaminated With COVID-19

Federal agencies and numerous media outlets have confirmed that Chinese and CDC test kits are contaminated with the coronavirus. Is this a deliberate action to exacerbate the crisis and keep American on lockdown? Watch the full breakdown below!

U.S. GAO - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Use of ...


'Health Ranger' Mike Adams Shatters Conservative Media CV Narrative

As covid-19 deaths surpass 50,000 in the USA, at what point do pandemic DENIALISTS become complicit in the ongoing fatalities?


Mike Adams
As of today, over 50,000 Americans have now been killed by the Wuhan coronavirus. Most of these deaths occurred in just the last 30 days.
By next Tuesday, the number of deaths in the USA will exceed the total count of U.S. casualties in the Vietnam War, which took years to mount up. Yet "denialists" continue to push their dangerous disinfo, claiming the virus isn't real and isn't killing anyone.
Today I ask: At what point do the denialists become complicit in the ongoing deaths?
Also today: See the full numbers of how the coronavirus will soon exceed USA deaths from the entire Vietnam War, a conflict that lasted years. We are fighting a biological war now, with China, and the sooner Americans wake up and realize that, the better we'll be able to survive it.

Not Worth My Time! Trump Cancels Future Daily Briefings

Not worth my time! Trump cancels daily briefing

President says press conferences are pointless because the media ‘spreads lies’ and asks ‘hostile questions’

President Donald Trump has declared that the White House news conferences were ‘not worth the time and effort’ because the ‘Lamestream Media asks nothing but hostile questions.’
An embattled Trump took to his favorite social media platform on Saturday to slam ‘fake news’ and to cancel the White House press briefings.
‘What is the purpose of having White House News Conferences when the Lamestream Media asks nothing but hostile questions, & then refuses to report the truth or facts accurately,’ he asked in the Saturday tweet. ‘They get record ratings, & the American people get nothing but Fake News. Not worth the time & effort!’

Trump followed up with a declaration that he never called the pandemic a ‘hoax’ during a rally in South Carolina.
‘I never said the pandemic was a Hoax! Who would say such a thing? I said that the Do Nothing Democrats, together with their Mainstream Media partners, are the Hoax,’ he said. ‘They have been called out & embarrassed on this, even admitting they were wrong, but continue to spread the lie!’

Last week President Trump talked with DHS Science officer about putting UV light into the body. A company Aytu recently uploaded a video showing the exact therapy Trump was talking about. So YOUTUBE removed the video.
Prior to the tweets, the White House called the press pool and announced that the press briefing was cancelled.
In the absence of his campaign rallies, the president has relished the opportunity to take the lead during the televised afternoon updates, which have stretched for as long as two hours as Trump boasts achievements against the outbreaks and applauds the high television rating the briefings receive.

Trump Questions Economic Impact Of Coronavirus – YouTube ...


North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Reported By Japanese Media To Be In Vegetative State

North Korea's Kim Jong Un Reported By Japanese Media To Be In Vegetative State

A variation of the rumor was repeated by a Beijing television executive whose uncle is a Chinese foreign minister – telling her 15 million followers on Weibo that Kim Jong Un is dead based on a “very solid source.”

Update (4/25/2020): Taiwan News relays that Japanese media, citing the medical team treating Kim Jong Un, is reporting that the 36-year-old has been left in a vegetative state following a botched heart surgery.

Special Report Graphic Royalty-Free Stock Photo | #14485923

*Now more than ever please consider listening to why Coronavirus is NOT a NATURAL VIRUS and see David Icke take Alex Jones to school.  Reposting this classic merger of minds from a couple of issues ago, especially for new readers

Behemoths Godzilla [Alex Jones] and King Kong [David Icke] Join Forces and Plan 'Gates-Globalist' Counter-Attack

David Icke Emergency Broadcast: We Are At The Crossroads

The Most Powerful Meeting of the Titan's Interview In Both 'Monsters of Liberty' Combined 56-Year Careers

Know Now What MSM, Including Fox News, Might Cover In About Two To Four Weeks As Blockbuster Breaking News

Will Alex Jones Make Certain That President Trump Listens, Takes Action By Shedding His 'Deep-State' WH Swamp Advisors And Begin To Implement Bold Actions To Destroy The Invading Enemy?

David Icke Emergency

Broadcast: The Free-World

Is At The Crossroads Of

Freedom Or Death

Will Godzilla vs. Kong mark the end of... - Godzilla vs. Kong ...

David Icke joins The Alex Jones Show to break down the crossroads humanity has reached and which path leads to assured destruction

Find out what the technocrats have in store for humanity in this all-encompassing interview


OMG Shocking News Daily Newspaper Headline Stock Image - Image of global, gossip: 31451595


Only 21 Days To Cannibalism After Total Starvation In A Worst Case Scenario

Food Banks Warn 'Perfect Storm Scenario' Now Here


America In Lock Down, Cracks Appear In Supply Chain, No End In Sight  

"On Monday Susan Duclos gave us a great contrast between how the 'global elite' are now dealing with the covid-19 pandemic compared to how 'the common man' is attempting to survive it and as she pointed out in her story, while the 'global elite' are scurrying off to their bunkers, some for the 1st time and completely clueless, millions of Americans all across the country are now waiting in food lines for their next meals.   

With MSN, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Guardian and numerous other mainstream outlets recently putting out stories about the global elite bugging out to their bunkers, ANP has gone ahead and reached out to Vivos Underground bunkers for a comment on what is now unfolding and after receiving a very prompt reply from them, absolutely have to emphasize their warnings to us here and now.

Asking them 3 questions, we received their partly 'tongue and cheek' response that speaks louder than words.:

ANP: Are civil unrest, food shortages, and chaos possibly ahead? More tyranny?

Vivos: All of the above and more to come!

ANP: How long do you think this lockdown will go on and how long will the American people take it?

Vivos: They are now getting very frustrated and beginning to protest the government’s taking of their civil liberties. Watch this poetically dramatized many decades ago. (ANP: See 1st video at bottom of story!)

ANP: 9 meals to anarchy has been long warned and looks like we're heading that way now?

Vivos: Yes, and 21 days to cannibalism after total starvation. The next phase to come will be looting, rioting and a total depression with the ‘have-nots’ going after the ‘haves’ to take whatever they want....."

By Reader Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline - Live Free Or Die

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FBI Raids Detroit-Area Medical

Facility ‘For Using Intravenous Vitamin

C to Treat COVID-19 Patients’

Vitamin C being used widely as a treatment for coronavirus in hospitals throughout the world

Fbi Police GIF - Fbi Police Raid - Descubre & Comparte GIFs

The FBI on Thursday raided a Detroit-area medical facility for reportedly treating non-hospitalized coronavirus patients with intravenous vitamin C, which the FBI appears to be claiming is a “fraudulent treatment.”

While it may not be a “cure,” vitamin C is being used widely as a treatment for coronavirus in hospitals throughout the world and has been shown to be effective in patients with sepsis and severe acute respiratory failure in past studies. Multiple clinical trials to study its effectiveness at treating the coronavirus are currently ongoing.

FOX 2 Detroit, which simply parroted the line fed to them by the FBI, claimed vitamin C is a “fake treatment” and quoted FBI spokesperson Mara Schneider saying the clinic was accused of providing “fraudulent treatments for COVID-19” and allegedly “did not observe proper protocols to protect patients and staff from the virus.”

Airborne Chewable Tablets, Citrus - 32 ct | Rite Aid



Bill Will Make Billions

Bill Gates is not a virologist. He’s not a medical doctor. He doesn’t even have a college degree. Yet through his foundation, he owns and controls vaccine makers, as well as patents on viruses including the coronavirus. He owns pharmaceutical companies. He controls medical organizations and their stooges do his bidding.

Bill’s father headed Planned Parenthood and was friends with one-world government billionaires such as George Soros and David Rockefeller. They were all eugenicists in favor of population reduction. Bill clearly stated he could reduce world population through vaccines. Sterilization elements have been put into his vaccines and jabbed into the veins of hapless African victims. His polio vaccine was used in India—often without consent—and it caused polio and many deaths.

Bill Gates expects us to march lockstep, submit to mass media brainwashing, and demand whatever vaccine he will roll out.

He is wrong!

—Ben Garrison

Click here to finish reading only at GrrrGraphics...

Social distancing requirements could have counter-intuitive outcomes, according to one study, which suggests the behavioral changes triggered by social distancing could ultimately worsen the disease outcome and increase the size of the final epidemic.
Read Article
Hundreds of millions of adults and children are now either in quarantine in their homes, or engaged in "essential" travel in the public sphere, while maintaining an unnatural distance from one another, because they have been told this is the best way to protect their individual and the public's health from a deadly virus. But what are the consequences of the social isolation caused by this mass social distancing experiment?
Read Article


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UK government REMOVES China from its official coronavirus death toll comparison

Amid global outrage at Beijing’s ‘cover-up’ and disbelief that the country has only had 4,636 deaths.


China tried to patent potential coronavirus drug Remsvidir the DAY AFTER Beijing confirmed virus was transmissable between humans

China’s understanding of the virus was far advanced from the impression given by its public stance.


FBI Raids Detroit-Area Medical Facility ‘For Using Intravenous Vitamin C to Treat COVID-19 Patients’
Could this dispute not have been solved with a simple letter or a phone call?


83-year-old turned away by 6 hospitals during 10-hour search for a bed...Mexico today, US tomorrow?

The Mexico City man, who was displaying coronavirus symptoms including difficulty breathing, spent 10 hours searching for a hospital that would admit him.

Speech Nazi Jack Dorsey to block 5G "conspiracy theories" from Twitter as "harmful activity"

Americans who continue to use the largest of the social media platforms are enabling their founders to behave like authoritarian demigods who stifle, not encourage...

Coronavirus can survive in the human eye for an extended period of time

While scientists assumed that the coronavirus (COVID-19) was mostly found in the nasal passages, a new report in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine indicates that it survives much longer

Surviving the coronavirus pandemic: 10 Common mistakes to avoid when SHTF

Preppers follow different sets of rules to prepare for various survival scenarios. While most of these guidelines cover things like essential survival skills and what kinds of supplies to stock ...

Prepper tips: 7 Ways to protect yourself from the coronavirus

When the coronavirus (COVID-19) was declared a global pandemic, people all over the world were at a loss. After all, the disease is new and there is currently no cure. But preppers know that ...

Treating wounds and infections: The healing properties of honey

Raw honey is considered a superfood due to its antioxidant and antibacterial properties. It contains plant compounds that accelerate w


A radiation expert has warned a cell phone tower near an elementary school in California may be responsible for at least four students developing cancer. Owen Shroyer breaks down the evidence on The War Room.

                                Image result for BANNERS, POSTERS BOMB BLASTING

"You'll Find Out What I'm Going To Do"

                                      Trump Is Playing 4D Chess Image Gallery List View | Know Your Meme ...

"A strategically oriented new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing possible end game scenarios for the “Coronavirus Pandemic War”, says the crashing of US oil prices to their lowest level in 21-years as storage ran out yesterday, when coupled with Germany’s largest newspaper openly accusing Communist China of exporting the coronavirus and demanding $161-billion in damages, makes it no surprise that after the China Stock Index suffered its worst crash in history a few hours ago, it was fearfully exclaimed by one expert speaking for all of them: “I've Never Encountered Anything Like This”—an exclamation of dread bowing to the reality that in just a few weeks time, a virus measuring barely one billionth of a meter has effectively destroyed the entire world—not just any world, but a globalist-socialist world whose elite Western architects have been building since the end of World War II, and by 2000 were being aided by elite Chinese communists—but who are now all watching in stunned and shocked horror as their crown jewel socialist project European Union begins to crack apart to the point that its godfather Jacques Delors warns it’s now “in mortal danger”, as well as other elite socialist architects warning it could “collapse at any moment”—

The Big Pig's Top 10 Accomplishments for 2017

...and with it immediately needing an impossible to get over $1.6-trillion to keep it from it breaking apart, sees its true fate described in the just published headline “The European Union Is Dead But Does Not Yet Know It”—a death being celebrated by these socialist elite’s worst in history enemy President Donald Trump—who yesterday eviscerated them with words striking at the very heart of what they stand for when he stated: “What happens when you’re in a war, and you have a supply chain where half of your supplies are given to other countries?...Who are the people that thought of it?...These are globalists…It doesn’t work”—and when asked about his intentions towards these globalist-socialist forces who “attempted the takedown of a duly elected president”—saw President Trump ominously responding with the fearful words: “You’ll find out what I’m going to do

Trump's coronavirus musings put scientists on edge - POLITICO




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Democrats Weaponize Pandemic To Enact Anti-America, Extreme-Left Pet Projects

 How Quarantines Became 'Politics As Usual' For Liberals That Want Total Government Control

"As we watch television media personalities lecture us about proper "social distancing" and quarantining when sick, as they break quarantine themselves while being confirmed COVID-19 positive, and walking around in public infected wearing their face mask around their neck rather than covering the mouth and nose, they are also the first to champion liberal governors across the nation cracking down on their uninfected citizenry while violating their civil rights.

Yes the uninfected are being ordered to stay at home unless it is "essential"  business, with state officials arbitrarily deciding what is and is not "essential." Those same governors are demanding small businesses shutter, yet to those running those businesses and their employees, work is "essential" to feeding their families and paying their bills.

Some of the worst stay-at-home orders and expansions are from some the most liberal of governors. Such as "that woman governor," from Michigan that decided to forbid people from visiting with their family and neighbors.

Or the New Jersey officials that arrested a woman for organizing a protest for a "prohibited event,"which  constitutionally she is guaranteed the right "peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." NJ also ticketed and charged others for utilizing their constitutional right to protest as well.

That same Governor Murphy was forced by Tucker Carlson to admit  that he "Wasn’t Thinking of the Bill of Rights," when he implemented his stay-at-orders because it was "above his pay grade."


Welfare, open borders, nanny-state mentality of deciding what people should and shouldn't eat or drink, the unconstitutionality of ordering people to lockdown and ordering the healthy to quarantine, all parts of the liberal agenda.

Total control that once taken from Americans will only be taken back by an all out civil war, because once liberals strip a right, or steal control, they always try to keep it and most of the time it can only be wrested away from those power-hungry tyrants at the point of a gun....."

By Reader Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine


Ends Stock Illustrations – 1,017 Ends Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime

Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News


Question?  Chem-sprayed skies and the current situation, is there a connection? New science reports confirm that Covid-19 has been found attached to atmospheric pollution particles. How did that happen? Further, more lethal versions of the coronavirus are now showing up. Is the current pandemic the greatest foe we collectively face? Or are there far greater challenges looming on the horizon? With each passing week the walls continue to close in from countless directions, how much longer can the human race continue on the current course? The latest installment of Global Alert News is below.

If our collective efforts to sound the alarm can force a critical mass of public awakening, the power structure cancer could be overturned from the inside out. All are needed in the critical battle to wake populations to what is coming, we must make every day count. Share credible data from a credible source, make your voice heard. Awareness raising efforts can be carried out from your own home computer.

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