A good alternative to traditional therapy is distant healing

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Understanding the history of humanity and the laws that govern the universe will help you to better understand how distance energy therapy can work as a complementary treatment. You can jump to another section if this article does not interest you. On amazon plant therapy you can learn more.

Universal Life Cycle

Scientists discovered in 2011 that the speed of expansion is increasing, not decreasing, as was previously believed. While the speed of expansion increases, the ‘growing forces’ are felt by all the life within the universe. Once the expansion is stopped, all life in this universe has reached its maturity.

The life cycle is the same for all life on earth. It includes birthing, growing, reaching maturity, reproducing, declining and dying. Every year, all objects will vibrate at a faster pace. It is evident in the sun’s increasing heat and energy output. The sun is essential to all life, including us. The fossil record shows that the sun has been growing life for millions and years.

The Growing Force

Scientists are unable to classify the force that is growing, but the scientists believe that it may be equivalent to dark energy, the invisible part of the cosmos which accounts for 70 percent of its total mass. Five percent (the visible portion of the Universe) is made up of objects like the earth and stars, down to atomic levels. The remaining twenty-five per cent of the universe consists of dark matter. It is my belief that dark energy contains a growing force, like an invisible light. This is also the source of conscious intelligence in all life forms. Because it is energy and not matter, it can’t be seen. The energy that created us is similar to it.

The fact that objects gain mass while moving in space is an intriguing one. All objects are affected by the force, and we’re no exception. Energy is defined by Einstein’s famous E=mc2. It equals the mass divided by the square of speed of light. As an object gains mass its energy grows and it vibrates faster. Since you can’t be destroyed and you will always exist, your mass and energy increase each time you go through a new life.

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