Architectural Services are divided into different phases.

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Architectural Services are important in building any structure or infrastructure. In the construction industry, these services are most useful for marketing. The services available help in the creation of best designs for landscape, buildings etc. Architectural Services have a major role to play from conception stage until the building is built. For all design work, you can use pre-built or design software, such as Revit Architecture Auto CAD 3D Studio Max and others. You can see architectural services for more information.

Construction Phases: Conceptual Design The Conceptual Design phase is the initial stage in any construction project. An Architect creates Conceptual Designs, where they conceptualize a construction. Prior to the invention of Revit and Auto CAD, conceptual designs had been done on paper as sketches. They were then drafted. Today, there are many software programs that make conceptual designing much simpler.

The Construction Drafting and Drawing Method
Construction Drawings begin after the conceptual designs are finalized. These drawings are created to help with the construction process. The drawings are complete and cover the entire structure. For accurate construction, this is essential. The plan includes a Roof Plan (also called Reflected Ceiling Plan), Sections and Elevations as well as Electrical Plan. You can create these drawings using either Auto CAD, or Revit.

Building Information Modeling
The Architectural Building Information Modeling stage is crucial to any Construction Project. The construction process is significantly reduced in time and cost. BIM means a model that contains all the elements and information related to building construction. BIM allows you to see how your model will function and look after it is constructed. Revit Architecture has become the software of choice for creating Architectural Building Information Models.

Renderings and 3D models for architectural projects
Architectural3D Rendering can be used to visually enhance any model. Architects create 3D Model using Revit, Auto CAD 3D, 3D Studio max, Maya etc. They are then rendered with V-RAY or Scanline to make them look photo-realistic. These images are then used as marketing tools. Visually enhance the interior, exterior, site, landscape, water body, sky, light, and furniture. This software can be used. Architectural firm, interior designers, construction firms etc. use this software extensively.

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