Metal Recycling – a Key Component of the Global Manufacturing Supply Chain

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Every year, metal catalyst recycling companies recycle over 81.4 millions tons of iron, steel and copper. They also recycle 1.8million tons of Copper, 4.5million tons of Aluminum and around 1.4million tons of stainless Steel.

Metal recycling companies transform otherwise wasteful resources into raw materials that fuel manufacturing, support the global economy and trade, as well as contribute to sustainable resource management.

Metal recyclers are part of an industry worth $65 billion. They process ferrous metals such as iron and steel, the most commonly recycled metals.

Metal recycling, a high-tech industry employing tens and thousands of workers to transform discarded metals in useful commodities.

Metal Products That Are Most Recyclable – Metals are recyclable to create useful raw materials. Aluminum and steel can both be recycled. Aluminum and steel are the two most commonly recycled metals.


Soda cans


Parts for autos




Tin Cans

Parts for autos

Bridge Parts


Buildings torn down

The waste metal can be recycled to make new building materials and car parts, which will help our economy as well as the earth’s resources.

Metal Recycling Advantages It is more sensible to recycle metals than to continue to deplete the Earth’s resources. Metal recycling has many advantages.

It takes less energy to recycle a metal waste than to create new metal.

Recycled metals can reduce CO2 and other air pollutants.

Reduced land and water contamination

Reduced environmental damages caused by mining.

Recycling metals is possible.

You can get paid for scrap metal by recycling companies.

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