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Friday, April 29, 2016

SCADs - Depending on the Perspective

by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


For us, who have drunk the mother’s milk of the democratic, fair, free and open society, belonging to and operated by and maintained for the greater good of everybody, controlled by dispositions of the voters and responsive to public opinion, from the womb to old age, as the saying goes, the apparent instances of high officials breaking that supposedly sacred bond have come to be known of late as SCADs – specific and identifiable crimes against democracy by or under the aegis of the state. And the number and scope of such has grown much larger in our perceptions apace with our awareness generally, now encompassing not only 9/11 and the Kennedy assassinations and stealing the 2000 and 2004 elections, but an additional myriad of events big and small, serving to fray, deliberately or not, the public trust and will almost daily. Or, I would submit, constantly.

Because, from the perspective of the inside operators of government actions, reinforced by other cooperating elements of “the establishment”, such as the media, the professions and corporate America, democracy – the will and benefit of the whole society, the voice of the majority of us – is no objective or object of reverence at all. In fact, they operate all-powerfully for their benefit alone, to achieve their objectives, not ours. And they act more-or-less rationally, subject to their own set of peculiar myths, regardless of what we may think about anything.

Meanwhile, those few hardy, or foolhardy, souls on the inside who truly try to represent our best interests and views are regarded by their fellows as oddballs, out of step with the prevailing direction and little cognizant of what’s really going on. The prevailing direction of things, meanwhile, rolls along, largely oblivious to what we may desire, even if overwhelmingly. And while the successive acts that constitute the flow may be regarded as immoral or heartless, in so far as they are understood in the lower ranks of inside operators, they are generally viewed more as amoral and, on balance, worthy of their support regardless, because they are necessary to achieving larger goals within the effective mechanism of society.

And what we call “lies” told to us by our leaders are regarded on the inside as simply effective shorthand versions of events, such as parents might give their children to avoid difficult subjects – like the stork version to explain the arrival of wrinkled new brother Jonathan – both necessary and unquestionably forgivable. As such, hardly regarded on the inside as “crimes”.

Meanwhile, the subject of the “guilt” of those few truly effective and powerful higher up is avoided because the lower echelons have seen what happens to those among them who seriously question, and so don’t go there.

Most, if not all, of us who have not been initiated (or born) into the ruling class, meanwhile, have had it drilled into our heads for as long as we’ve had heads, that ours (literally, ours!) was a representative democracy and “we, the people” were its constituents, who owned the country. And the constituted leaders we thought we freely elected to represent our views and interests were sufficiently free of undue influence to effectively do that. And that their decisions were what steered the country on its determined path. None of which, meanwhile, was true.

The actual pattern of thinking behind and sequence of perceived and planned events pursued by the true drivers of our national career we can only surmise as “through a glass darkly”, just as we who are not doctors of physiology can only vaguely know the inner workings and transformations of ours and others’ bodies.

For instance, the unelected CFR, Council on Foreign Relations, made up of the topmost leaders of industry and government and the scions of the great families exclusively – the main real (and acknowledged!) constituency of Hillary Clinton, etc., largely decide matters of war and peace that have long been rammed down our collective throats by manipulating fear, anger, and lies. Trade deals too, although the local interest groups scorched by them have risen up to counter the corporate barons’ demands lately.

But still, with regard to the awful acts of psychopaths – what we deign to call SCADs, -- 9/11 and the like – murder and inciting terrorism against citizens are still crimes and need to be prosecuted as such. Our survival as a coherent society absolutely depends on it. So, let us keep seeking and demanding redress. Because, there is a compact to be applied on that account. And that’s no myth.

JH: 4/29/16

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Review of Paul Craig Roberts, The Neoconservative Threat to World Order: Washington’s Perilous War for Hegemony (Atlanta: Clarity Press), 2015, xii + 402 pages.

By James Hufferd, Ph.D., Coordinator
911 Truth Grassroots Organization


This is an important book by a major thinker and truth-teller, a star political economist who was an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under Reagan and onetime Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal. Notably, it was not published by a prominent publisher, and it was probably not professionally reviewed as, indeed, none or virtually none of the best fundamentally critical books by truth-tellers of the immediately past generation have been.

I seriously doubt that the title was of Dr. Roberts’s choosing, since, as he points out, its subject is not a “threat” of anything, but rather an ever-present, well-established reality already, an engine of worldwide fear and chaos in the here and now.

I must preface my remarks concerning the book’s substance, a sizable collection consisting of 105 of this prolific author’s published articles from the February, 2014 to July, 2015 period, by stating that I always check first for inclusion in books purporting to explicate current U.S. global deployment for possible attribution of the key role played by the Federal Reserve system of monetary supply and control. Because, I believe the role of the Fed to be that of purposefully leaving the United States in a situation of ever-deepening debt, enhancing the global bankers’ domination and opening the door to war financiers to propose persuasively to make up the vast shortfall in a way that enriches them alone, purely at the regular taxpayers’ expense. (As an aside, I believe that such largely explains the enormous income inequality that is now lamented.) But all I find on that score in this book is Roberts’s recognition that the Fed has been manipulated for the arguably nefarious purpose of rigging the bond and bullion markets to protect the dollar. In other words, in my opinion, Roberts either misses or chooses to ignore the main incentive in fact potentiating the U.S. ruling élite’s addiction to war.

Hence, the “neoconservatives” highlighted and blamed, as roguish and reckless as they may be, are just the set of militaristic opportunists and adventurists who have taken advantage of the desperate manufactured need for a perennial economic boost in order to keep the financial ship afloat. (The violently-resisted alternative being the abolishment of the Federal Reserve arrangement that has kept the plutocrats, a pathologically feared cabal, fat and satisfied. When JFK attempted as much, he did not survive the gambit).

Nevertheless, Dr. Roberts’s book admirably documents the unbelievably durable obsession with U.S. imperial domination expressed by the policy, now vying again for supremacy, of determined global warmongering, a policy that, even in the notoriously “dangerous” world of the present, requires a falsified and self-fulfilling official narrative of a world on fire with terrorism for its attempted justification.

The seemingly arbitrary timeframe highlighted in this book focusses attention very largely on the long dust-up between the U.S. and Russia over the Crimea and the disposition of Ukraine. Points well-documented include the role of the US. as provocateur, first by mounting and abetting the so-called “color revolutions” in former Soviet republics – including, ultimately, Ukraine itself – intended to pry them loose for western domination, to Moscow’s diminishment, and the unsupportable series of official statements and claims made U.S. officials over aspects of Russia’s activities and intents.

The main value of this sequential collection of mostly like-themed articles, with a thoughtful review of the effects of the 9/11 false-flag thrown in, other than as a historical record, is that the direction, objectives, and modus operandi of the leading edge of U.S. foreign policy are displayed in stark relief as an analytic witness. Thus, the world-menacing duplicity and lack of straightforward candor of the U.S. in its global positioning and recent role is placed squarely on the table.

The Neoconservative Threat to World Order, despite its failure to adequately explain the causal root of the syndrome it rightly laments, in my opinion, is an important book for understanding the contemporary world and, as such, is highly recommended reading. It follows Roberts’s equally-impressive earlier collection, entitled How America Was Lost (2014).
JH: 4/14/16

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tony Cartalucci - ISIS Serves U.S. Foreign & Domestic Policy Objectives

ISIS Serves US Foreign Policy: “Islamophobia” Industry Feeds War Abroad, Grows Police State at Home

By Tony Cartalucci

Global Research, March 27, 2016

Land Destroyer 26 March 2016

Region: Middle East & North Africa, USA

Theme: 9/11 & 'War on Terrorism', Police State & Civil Rights

It’s real simple. Create a threat, predicate expanding autocracy at home and endless wars of hegemony abroad upon confronting that threat, and all the while intentionally perpetuate fear, hysteria, hatred, and division to keep that threat relevant in the hearts and minds of as many people as possible.

Described above is an elementary tactic used by special interests throughout human history, and today’s special interests being no exception. Today, the contrived threat of choice is “terrorism.” It is a well-documented fact that organizations like Al Qaeda and the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS), are creations and geopolitical tools of the United States, its European allies, and its Middle Eastern subordinates, including Turkey and the Persian Gulf states.

The means of keeping this contrived threat fresh in the minds of the public is Islamophobia – the scapegoating of some 1.6 billion Muslims around the world for the deeds of US-Saudi indoctrinated, armed, funded, and backed extremists.

Image: Groups like the UK EDL, PEGIDA, and others are created and run directly by special interests – ironically the same special interests organizing, funding, and directing the very extremists Islamophobes are scapegoating all of Islam for. Many EDL/PEGIDA members are concurrently violent football hooligans and/or Neo-Nazis, thus, a lack of informed discernment should be no surprise.

The role the United States and Saudi Arabia played in the inception of Al Qaeda during the 1980′s to wage proxy war on the Soviet Union in Afghanistan is documented history. What is less widely known, is the role these same two nations played in the creation of ISIS -which admittedly branched off from Al Qaeda.

However, America’s own Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) admitted in a leaked 2012 memo that indeed, just as Al Qaeda was created to wage proxy war in Afghanistan, a “Salafist” (Islamic) “principality” (State) was intentionally created in eastern Syria to wage proxy war against Damascus.

The leaked 2012 report (.pdf) stated explicitly that:

If the situation unravels there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion (Iraq and Iran).

To clarify just who these “supporting powers” were that sought the creation of a “Salafist” (Islamic) principality” (State), the DIA report explains:

The West, Gulf countries, and Turkey support the opposition; while Russia, China, and Iran support the regime.

It is clear then, that if the US and its allies are behind ISIS, then attacks attributed to ISIS are either directly or indirectly related to US foreign policy. It is very clear that ISIS serves Western objectives in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) by waging war against precisely those governments the US itself has slated for “regime change.” ISIS also serves as a convenient pretext for direct military intervention abroad when possible.

What may be less clear to some, is what the US and its allies have to gain when ISIS launches attacks in France, Belgium, and other targets across both East and West.

However, it is indeed clear – clear that they serve to bolster the contrived threat of “global terrorism” and both the growing autocracy at home and expanding wars abroad.

Islamophobia Industry Run by Familiar Faces

Wouldn’t it be curious if those most vocal in promoting fear, hysteria, hatred, and division against Muslims to perpetuate the contrived threat of “global terrorism” represented the same special interests both involved directly in arming, funding, training, and exploiting the violence of terrorist groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS, as well as the same special interests profiting the most from the perpetual “War on Terror?”

It would be curious – and it also happens to be the verified truth.

A growing ecosystem of Islamophobia networks is centered around a cadre of Neo-Conservatives who led the United States into the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, as well as advocated for wars against Iran, Libya, Syria, Sudan, and many more in the wake of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in Washington, New York, and Pennsylvania.

One of the highest level former US government representatives publicly involved, John Bolton, was a vocal advocate for global war including in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and Iran, and has for years served as the gravitational center of at least America’s Islamophobia subsidiary. Around him orbits media personality, racist, bigot Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, and Project for a New American Century (PNAC) signatory, Daniel Pipes.

Not only is America’s Islamophobia subsidiary linked directly to US government representatives directly involved in both the arming, funding, and exploitation of terrorist groups and the various wars fought upon the pretext of “fighting terrorism,” but this subsidiary interlocks with those across Europe including the UK’s “English Defense League” and PEGIDA. The special interests characters like Bolton, pictured posing with Geller top, right, represent, have made literally trillions off of the wars predicated on the fear, hatred, and hysteria perpetuated by Islamophobia.

Further in the peripheries, are faux-alternative media cognitive infiltrators like WorldNetDaily run by Joseph Farah, a card-carrying member of the Neo-Conservative war lobby and an associate with many advocates who have played a direct role in the subversion and destruction of Syria. Farah himself is Syrian-Lebanese, and involved heavily in organizations created by the US aimed at the overthrow and reordering of the Levant. WND, Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, and many others who lead the American Islamophobia subsidiary, in tandem with their European counterparts, have invested years in fanning the flames of misunderstanding, hatred, fear, and hysteria among Western populations. They do this to both divert from the fact that the very interests they represent are the source of global terrorism carried out by Al Qaeda and ISIS – creations not of Islam, but of US foreign policy, and to create sufficient rhetorical justification for continued American intervention overseas across MENA and beyond.

The West has scarcely managed to justify its many and still multiplying wars abroad, and global consensus regarding America’s role in the creation and perpetuation of Al Qaeda and ISIS is reaching critical mass. It is not difficult to see that without the significant Islamophobia being spread through at least segments of the world’s population, just how much more tenuous US foreign policy would be.

Those in the Alternative Media Selling Out

It has been a stated matter of US policy, best articulated in former-US Administrator of the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs Cass Sunstein’s “Conspiracy Theories” paper, to infiltrate and redirect the alternative media, who even years ago, had already begun to significantly undermine US spheres of influence within global information space.

Called “cognitive infiltration,” the idea was to infiltrate the alternative media with messages not directly contradicting the truth, but contradicting it enough to slowly bring readers, viewers, and listeners back into government controlled narratives. That is precisely what WND and those that have since found themselves in close cooperation with them and paid lobbyists like Pam Geller and Robert Spencer have done.

Co-opted alternative media organizations that had for years warned the public of the dangers of false flag terrorism, US government involvement behind both Al Qaeda and more recently ISIS, and who had warned of Western attempts to scapegoat religions, races, and political systems to divide and control people, are now directly complicit in doing all of the above.

Now, throngs of weaker-minded readers who had drifted toward alternative media, have been successfully brought back through the vector of Islamophobia – employing many of the most elementary ploys used throughout the history of propaganda to manipulate and control public perception. With establishment media platforms and alleged alternative media personalities peddling precisely the same narrative so closely, these supposed alternative media platforms no longer are “alternative.”

What is left is for genuine alternative media to recognize this split and continue focusing on telling the truth overall – and in particular – the interests and agendas being served by the Islamophobia industry. Co-opted alternative media organizations that had for years warned the public of the dangers of false flag terrorism, US government involvement behind both Al Qaeda and more recently ISIS, and who had warned of Western attempts to scapegoat religions, races, and political systems to divide and control people, are now directly complicit in doing all of the above.

Image: It is a hard sell for US policymakers to justify the price in public treasure and blood paid to maintain global hegemony like that depicted on the map above. It would be infinitely harder without the contrived threat of “terrorism,” and to ensure the longevity of the “terror” narrative, much has been invested in the Islamophobia industry.

The goal should not be to fall into perpetual infighting with these co-opted individuals and organizations. The goal should be to treat these sell-outs precisely as the rest of the corporate-controlled media is treated – a voice to be exposed by simply documenting and reporting the truth.

Lying about Groups of People to Start Wars = Oldest Trick in the Book: Why are Some Still Falling for It?

While in hindsight, considering the lies that have been told to sell wars to the Western people, and the documented wealth, power, and influence these wars have brought special interests at the cost of the rest of humanity, it should seem obvious to people that those peddling Islamophobia have vested monetary and political interests in doing so, and that the truth certainly lies well beyond their simplistic generalizations, slurs, and vitriol.

But because indulging in racism and bigotry is a path of lesser resistance than informed inquiry, research, and self-guided learning, the establishment has found a means of diminishing the impact of alternative media. It will be up to genuine alternative media to find a way of restoring and even expanding upon its previous impact.

Lying about groups of people to justify perpetual war profiteering is one of the oldest tricks in the book. If the alternative media is unable to confront and confound such elementary tricks, something is systemically weak within the alternative media itself. If the alternative media is content with reporting whatever will bring in readers and revenue, they are no longer the alternative media – they are bad copies of establishment propagandists. If the alternative media is serious about the truth and a future for themselves, their friends, family, and communities, this Islamophobia – and all ploys like it – must be confronted and crushed alongside all the other lies told by special interests.

The original source of this article is Land Destroyer

Copyright © Tony Cartalucci, Land Destroyer, 2016

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


March 22, 2016 br/>
By Tony Cartalucci

Just days after arresting French-born Belgium national and terror suspect Salah Abdeslam in Brussels, a coordinated terror attack unfolded in the very same city, killing at least 28, and injuring many more.

NBC News has already announced that European officials are linking the attack to ISIS, though it is unclear whether or not Abdeslam’s network – which carried out the November 2015 Paris terror attacks – was directly involved.

Abdeslam’s “Terror Ring”

Police in Brussels were still hunting for several other alleged accomplices of Abdeslam, including Najim Laachraoui and Mohamed Abrini.

Laachraoui and Abrini, like virtually every other suspect involved in a string of terrorist attacks across North America, Europe, and Australia, were well known to Western security agencies, having both been documented as having traveled to Syria to fight against Damascus under ISIS, with Abrini having been arrested and jailed several times in the past, and Laachraoui already having a 2014 international arrest warrant issued for him in connection to a trial involving recruiting Europeans to fight for ISIS.

The International Business Times would report in their article, “Manhunt for last Isis Paris attacks fugitives: Who are Najim Laachraoui and Mohamed Abrini?,” that:

Mohamed Abrini, 31, is among Europe’s most wanted fugitives since he was filmed with Abdeslam at a petrol station on a highway to Paris on 11 November aboard a Renault Clio that was used in the attacks two days later. Described as “armed and dangerous” in a European arrested warrant the Belgian-Moroccan is believed to have travelled to Syria after serving short stints in jail for petty crime and robberies.

The Independent would report in an article titled, “Najim Laachraoui: Belgian police launch manhunt for suspect who could have made suicide belts for Paris attacks,” that:

Laachraoui is thought to have studied electro-mechanical engineering at a Catholic high school in Schaerbeek, the Institut de la Sainte-Famille d’helmet, graduating in 2012. He was already known to be in Syria in 2013, and was the subject of an international arrest warrant in 2014.

And because Laachraoui’s DNA is alleged to have been found at several scenes linked to the terror network, it appears that he too may have been in custody at least long enough to provide a DNA sample as a reference to now match him to evidence collected in the aftermath of the 2015 Paris attacks.

And even regarding Abdeslam himself, the BBC would report in their article, “Paris attacks: Who were the attackers?,” that:

Some reports have said he spent time in prison for robbery where he met suspected ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud. He had earlier been sacked as a technician on the Brussels tram system, for missing work. Dutch police said they had detained Salah Abdeslam briefly in February, fining him €70 (£49) for possession of cannabis.

In other words, all of the suspects have been under the nose, on the radar, and in the prisons of Western security agencies on and off for years, yet were still able to carry out at least one high-profile terrorist attack – possibly two, and with the vast majority of the suspects involved having traveled to Syria to fight alongside ISIS before inexplicably being allowed to re-enter Europe and rejoin society without consequence – as if inviting them to take their extremism to the next level.

Brussels Bombing Already Being Linked to ISIS

The Guardian’s “Brussels attack: were they revenge for Abdeslam’s arrest?,” attempted to link the bombings in Brussels to the arrest of Abdeslam and the Paris attack terror network. The op-ed acknowledges that these terrorist attacks are being carried out by locals – Europeans – using local resources.

Should the Brussels attack be linked to this same terror network, it will greatly complicate efforts by some to leverage this tragedy to further their agendas against refugees and even to change the dynamics of the war in Syria itself.

Europeans are clearly already being radicalized and then leaving to Syria to fight alongside ISIS and then returning – rather than a torrent of foreigners streaming in from abroad and carrying out violence against European targets.

Should the Brussels attack turn out to be the work of this ISIS-linked terror group, considering the familiarity European security agencies had with all the suspects long before even the 2015 Paris attacks, indicates criminal negligence at best, and complicity at worst.

But even if the attacks are the work of foreign ISIS militants, one should consider the West’s admitted role in the creation and perpetuation of ISIS in the first place.

The West Created ISIS as a Weapon of Geopolitical Coercion

ISIS’ own alleged agenda of transforming the world into a “caliphate” is cartoonishly absurd. In reality, it is clear that ISIS shows up and exercises force in regions of the world the US and its allies cannot intervene in directly. This includes North Africa, the Middle East, and even as far as Asia.

Far from a “conspiracy theory,” it would be the US’ own Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) that would admit as much in a leaked 2012 report (.pdf) which stated:

If the situation unravels there is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist principality in eastern Syria (Hasaka and Der Zor), and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want, in order to isolate the Syrian regime, which is considered the strategic depth of the Shia expansion (Iraq and Iran).

To clarify just who these “supporting powers” were that sought the creation of a “Salafist” (Islamic) principality” (State), the DIA report explains:

The West, Gulf countries, and Turkey support the opposition; while Russia, China, and Iran support the regime.

Between this admission, and an earlier exposé in 2007 by veteran journalist Seymour Hersh in his New Yorker piece titled, “The Redirection” where US and Saudi plans to use Al Qaeda to wage proxy war on Syria and Iran were revealed, it is clear that both Al Qaeda and ISIS are being used by the West to wage war on Damascus, Baghdad, Tehran, and even Moscow.

ISIS supply lines clearly, even admittedly run from NATO territory in Turkey where the US and its regional allies have categorically failed to interdict them and even appear to be aiding and abetting the flow of men and materiel into ISIS-held territory in Syria and Iraq. These supply lines are what has allowed pressure to be continuously placed upon Damascus and its allies over the past 5 years in ways nonexistent “moderate rebels” couldn’t.

In Indonesia, as Jakarta clearly began re-balancing toward Beijing, ISIS carried out its first deadly attack on the Southeast Asian nation. Thailand’s similar re-balancing also prompted threats from the US that an “ISIS attack” was imminent.

In Europe, where the flames of a “clash of civilizations” are being furiously and intentionally fanned, ISIS serves as a constant implement to empower extremists on both sides, while drowning out the voices of unity, moderation, and peace in the middle. It allows for a growing police state and xenophobic tendencies to flourish at home, while justifying further war abroad.

While some Western newspapers are already trying to frame the Belgium attack as “incompetence” by European security agencies, there must be a better explanation as to why this “war with ISIS” continues to drag on, when the source of ISIS’ fighting capacity appears to be within rather than beyond the West – and aiding rather than opposing Western special interests.

See video of Brussels, Belgium terror attack from below

Tony Cartalucci, Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and writer, especially for the online magazine“New Eastern Outlook”. .

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Wikileaks to Facebook - Stop Censoring Our Hillary Email Release

WikiLeaks to Facebook: “Stop Censoring Our Hillary Clinton Email Release” Searchable Database

TOPICS:Baran HinescensorshipFacebookHillary ClintonWikileaks.

. March 19, 2016

By Baran Hines

Whistleblower organization WikiLeaks delivered a clear message to social media giant Facebook on Friday, demanding the tech company stop censoring their content. The activist group posted a message to their Twitter account, saying “stop censoring our Hillary Clinton email release,” with a saved screenshot of a Facebook error message on the attempted post.

. Dear @Facebook: stop censoring our Hillary Clinton email release. No, really. Stop it. There is no technical excuse.

The message was in reference to a court-ordered release of the former Secretary of State’s emails which were managed on a private server, likely in violation of national security policies and federal law. The growing email scandal has revealed confirmation of multiple educated theories including that she knew Libyan opposition rebels were conducting an ethnic cleansing campaign and that the reasons for the war were tied to stopping Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s planned gold currency for African nations. WikiLeaks had been advertising their coverage; and on Wednesday, the group opened a searchable database for more than 30,000 email records.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.,
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization

* * *

Everyone in our very effectively marginalized, seemingly cozy little community of 9/11 truth activists, that has been systematically prevented from injecting its major questions and damning observations into the controlled mainstream dialog, even such as it is, now for fourteen and a half years tomorrow, is wondering why we never seem to get any real traction toward public confession or high-level incrimination. In fact, it has become apparent that a great many who we once counted among our determined adherents now focus their attention elsewhere or nowhere, having lost hope and interest long ago.

But the truth that we know – that the official story of what happened on 9/11/01 cannot be anything other than a cover-up pre-designed to drive the herd in a predetermined direction, because the forensic evidence clearly proves otherwise on a dozen or more different counts, remains as true as ever.

Yet now, among the remnant of us 9/11 truth activists left, some are all wrapped up in intramural disputes over the relative minutia of soft versus more durable plane parts, angles of approach, and shifting and variously interpreted recollections of witnesses, never attaining the across-the-board consensus in such matters as the greater public has never given a moment of thought and probably never will. And unless and until the ample evidence of 9/11 manages to crash its first courtroom, no one but future chroniclers seems likely to. Still, it could make teachable perceptions tidier if we could at least somewhat agreeably handicap likelihoods in such matters.

For me, the big story of the past year or two with regard to 9/11 Truth is our growing awareness of 9/11 as a more or less routine part of a far larger ongoing program of social engineering carried on to further the agenda of a controlling meta-group in the process of transforming our planet and especially the nature and fortunes of its human life and all life to suit and serve the few now in charge. And what a colossal and chilling near-consensus realization that is!

We keep seeing pronouncements, now mainly from AE911Truth and formerly more from the 9/11 Consensus Panel and the extended New York ballot campaign, of impressive and rather promising initiatives that, so far at least, haven’t yielded much in terms of moving the needle regarding either public, academic, or élite awakening, awareness, or recognition of what we tout as 911 truth – a realization that has served to increase discouragement among current and onetime activists.

Some, including I, focusing of late more on the overall nature and activity of the likely ultimate perpetrators of 9/11, etc., tend to look at the phenomena of the respective success of Jeremy Corbyn, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders as at least a somewhat promising – if not ultimately prevailing – partial breakaway or rebellion against the malign control system by segments of society who have partially awakened. And while these half-seeing rebellions may be quashed, the segments of society that mounted them will still be there into the future.

Meanwhile, some among us who have, probably perceptively, concluded that we aren’t likely to prevail under our own steam, look with highly questionable likelihood of fulfillment, to some who are probably at least generally in the know, like the unpredictable Donald Trump, to possibly provide an open sesame for general consideration of 9/11 truth at a level we or our spokespersons have been unable to tap. Though to so divulge might be too far out and dangerous even for Trump.

So, 9/11 truth could be blown open tomorrow, or it might never be. My advice? Don’t hold your breath for over 5 minutes.

JH: 3/10/16