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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


“The truth always turns out to be simpler than you thought” – physicist Richard Feynman            

Bearing that in mind, our basic task as 9/11 truth investigators is, simply put, to determine and to impress upon the public what the evidence shows. If said evidence unambiguously indicates who is responsible (as most of us tend to believe), then that’s automatically part of the burden of our message. If it only shows, as some insist, that the myth-producing official story is untrue and nothing more, then that is.

We can’t reliably provide all the details of how and why, because we don’t have all the evidence. And that’s where theories, involving conspiracies or otherwise, come in – possibly right, but at the risk of making us an uncertain trumpet when we lack proof fully substantiating our claims. But yet, all that is needed is what the evidence clearly indicates. Emphasizing what we cannot prove divides and obscures that which we can.

How should we best respond when people don’t agree with what we regard as clear from the available evidence? Should we demand that everyone run around like we tend to sometimes, yelling “the British are coming!” (read: “the Zionists” or “the psychopathic imperialists”), like Paul Revere times John Brown? Too often, we come off like that, when we insist that having the awareness that the powers-that-be, and not Muslim terrorists, were responsible for 9/11 means that the bearer must suddenly morph into a sort of crazed revolutionary, all in for whatever it takes to restore justice and make the world whole. It would be better to admit to ourselves from the outset that not everyone, even if they know the War on Terror is a lie, will or probably should react by becoming a sort of contemporary Don Quixote. Some people – perhaps even as smart as we are – just aren’t wired that way. They can instead simply talk to their neighbors and co-workers, or do whatever the spirit moves them to do.

Because, what we really need, anyway, are convinced voters by the millions to threaten retribution against the cover-uppers, and not more bomb-throwers or firebrands. And to produce such a convinced public, we need persuaders, not insulters. The problem is brainwashing and brow-beating, not lack of brainpower somehow, or even apathy for no good reason, to which we ourselves are supposedly the rare and happy exceptions. We need to overcome a lot of bunk and insults to intelligence from both sides. And we can do it – just as Oliver Stone convinced America, though seemingly in vain, about the murder of JFK. Not in vain at all, though, really, because he proved it can be done. Not by overwhelming numbers, but by overmatching applied brainpower.

JH: 9/16/14

James F. Tracy: What is the Source of the Beheadings Propaganda Videos?

Who is Behind the Islamic State (ISIL) Beheadings? Probing the SITE Intelligence Group

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Are We Being Had... (again)?

Are We Being Had… (again)?

by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


This is my considered assessment a little in advance of the imminent thirteenth anniversary of the unofficial initiation of the continuing horrid saga highlighted to date by the notorious state crimes actualized on September 11, 2001.

The question I’m posing in “celebration”, in light of current “event” sequences, is: Are We Being Hosed, or Had? And my own answer is: Yes, almost certainly.

I have repeated too many times to mention the refrain that all of our so-called “news” – not just all of our international news, not just all of our domestic “news”, not just some of our “news”, but ALL of our “news” is totally manufactured to suit the precise specifications of the “state” (“state” referring in this case specifically to the “New World Order” and, more precisely, the miniscule, totally psychopathic elite tightly perennially and all-but-imperceptibly directing that complex of complexes).

The “news” the “state” wants for the purpose of selling its long-term agenda and mollifying its controlled masses it will create as it goes along. And what is consequently the proportion of the relationship of the wholly-manufactured so-called “news” to the unbiased truth of what is actually happening in the world? It is essentially the same as the ratio between the pork in pork and beans and a cow.

To illustrate: Based on historical precedence primarily, and also on the superbly-informed alternative reportage of Dr. Michel Chossudovsky in his article I posted on this web site back on July 3, ISIS and the “Islamic Caliphate project” are extremely likely to be (just like al-Qaeda is now widely known to be) nothing more than tremendously hyped creations of the CIA and other western intelligence services. In the article I referred to, Chossudovsky informs of credible reports that the leaders of ISIS (or “ISIL”) were recruited from the more unhinged proto-Muslim fanatic elements out there and trained in the Jordanian desert in 2013 as clandestine “foot-soldiers of the western military alliance” to forward the western and Israeli goal of dismemberment of Iraq, respond to the desire for a continued and heightened role for private sector paramilitary forces, and provide renewed justification for projected “counter-terrorism operations”.

So, do all of the heinously murderous and generally na├»ve now comprising a reported great surge internationally of common recruits know of the western sponsorship of their cartoonishly loathsome “pro-Muslim” (disastrous for Islam) units of mayhem? Of course not. Does western (including U.S.) intel order beheadings of westerners, or of anybody? Not specifically – unless it would somehow serve them. But, a beheading like that of an American photojournalist last week automatically when widely-reported becomes a core of revulsion and sparks fear that ISIS, unlike al-Qaeda, our now more-visible sometimes ally, will soon pull something equally atrocious, or a 9/11, on a mass scale here.

No need for them to actually do it! It only needs to be made to look like they did to mobilize in convenient abject cowardice the vast majority of the population – something we in the budding (but never flourishing) 9/11 Truth Movement have warned they could pull on us again ever since 2001.

And now, if it happens, we must believe our own warnings and proclaim and report what the lockstep media doubtless never will.

Would our leaders, or who controls them, really do themselves or condone the despicable sorts of things ISIS is reported to have done? And would their (supposedly, our) media likewise denounce horrific western killings that are equally wicked and ugly? For the clear answer, read the other article that I posted on the web site today, by Gary Leech. Have any of you heard that unfathomably evil act and unknown numbers of others like it denounced on the nightly news or seen it/them splashed in red, bold headlines across daily newspapers from here to Trafalgar? No? Were such acts as these in some way less evil or did they leave their victims any less dead, defiled, or mourned by surviving relatives, if any? Were any of them actually ordered by the CIA? Probably not. But their equal counterparts selectively screamed siren-loud, emphatically: yes.

The headlines out of Ferguson likewise screamed: “Riots and Violence by Angry Demonstrators”; but the stories scarcely mentioned the crowds of peaceful protesters cowed by huge war machines and drenched on American soil into submission with tear gas, a horrific agent banned from use on foreign battlefields because it’s so withering and unsusceptible of countering or defending against. Okayed for use domestically against American citizens, but never fully reported.

Latest evidence again points at U.S. or, perhaps more likely, its ally, the military of the CIA-prompted gang that illegitimately displaced the elected government of Ukraine, having shot down the commercial airliner the U.S.-led west blamed hysterically on Russia. And, in apparent desperation, the U.S. administration last week ordered a Russian humanitarian aid convoy to leave the eastern part of Ukraine or face “serious consequences” – as if either eventuality was likely to happen.

And Gaza – don’t get me started!

So, do I suspect that ISIS is the real threat to our and world safety and continued existence, or more-of-same? More-of-same. Let us not be had ever again!

JH: 8/24/14

Gary Leech - It's a Matter of Reportage vs. Non-Reportage

Are We Not Savages Too? The Beheading of James Foley By Gary Leech August 23, 2014 "ICH" - "Counterpunch" - - Without question, the beheading of US journalist James Foley was an inexcusable and savage act of violence by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The killing of non-combatants should always be condemned. But there is a clear discrepancy in the response of both the Western media and the general public with regard to the killing of Western civilians compared to Islamic civilians. The number of Western civilians killed by Islamic militants pales in comparison to the number of non-combatants that have died at the hands of the US and its military allies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia and Yemen. And yet, the outrage at the killing of these innocent Muslims, many of who are women and children, is virtually non-existent in the West. According to several studies, more than 1,000 Afghan civilians were killed by the US military in the first six months of Operation Enduring Freedom. The number of non-combatants killed by coalition forces surpassed 3,000 by the end of the third year of the occupation. The killing of civilians by the US military continued thereafter with drone strikes accounting for most of the deaths in recent years. According to the UK-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism, some 2,400 people were killed by US drone strikes in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen during the first five years of Barack Obama’s presidency. The study claims that as many as 951 of these deaths were civilians and that almost 200 of the victims were children. These numbers are corroborated by another study conducted by the Columbia Law School which reports that approximately 600 people were killed by US drone strikes in Pakistan in 2011. According to the report, as many as 155 of those killed were civilians. Together, these two reports suggest that 30 to 40 percent of people killed by US military operations in Afghanistan and Pakistan are civilians. This percentage corresponds with that reported in a study headed by public health expert Amy Hagopian of the University of Washington. Hagopian’s comprehensive study of civilian deaths during the US invasion and occupation of Iraq (2003-2011) reveals that Baghdad was at the epicenter of the violence for much of that period and that 35 percent of those killed in that city by US coalition forces were civilians. Some may argue that civilian deaths are inevitable in a war and that militants, not civilians, are the intended target of US operations. In accordance with such arguments we use terms such as “collateral damage” to eradicate the human factor and to justify the deaths of these innocents. But the rate of so-called collateral damage is extremely high if, as these studies suggest, 30 to 40 percent of those killed in US military operations over the past 13 years have been civilians. This means that when the US military plans an operation it can assume that approximately one out of every three people it kills will be a civilian. It is difficult to dismiss such a high rate of civilian deaths over such an extended period of time as merely accidental; clearly, military commanders are authorizing operations with the full knowledge that a significant number of civilians will be killed by US forces. President Obama addressed the issue of civilian casualties earlier this year when he stated that “we can take targeted strikes, understanding that anytime you take a military strike there are risks involved. What I’ve tried to do is to tighten the process so much and limit the risks of civilian casualties so much that we have the least fallout from those actions.” There are two troubling aspects to Obama’s statement. Firstly, the “risks involved” are not borne by Americans, they are almost 100 percent assumed unwillingly by civilians on the ground when operations involve drone strikes or aerial bombing, which have constituted the majority of US operations in recent years. And secondly, Obama’s use of the word “fallout” suggests that his primary motivation for reducing the number of innocents killed is the avoidance of bad press that might result from military actions rather than saving human lives. But the conscious killing of civilians by the US military cannot always be easily dismissed with such Orwellian doublespeak as “collateral damage,” there have been many cases in Iraq and Afghanistan where there was no question regarding the intention of US troops to murder civilians. In his book, Black Hearts: One Platoon’s Descent into Madness in Iraq’s Triangle of Death, Jim Frederick describes the 2006 extrajudicial execution of an Iraqi family of four—a father, mother and two daughters. According to Army Specialist Paul Cortez, his unit was on patrol south of Baghdad when Army Specialist James Barker suggested that they find an Iraqi woman to rape. “We’ve all killed Hadjis, but I’ve been here twice and I still never fucked one of these bitches,” Barker stated. Having chosen their target, the soldiers entered the house and locked three members of the Janabis family in the bedroom with Private First Class Steven Green standing guard over them. Meanwhile, Cortez took the 14-year-old daughter Abeer into the living room and began raping her. According to Frederick’s account: In the bedroom, Green was losing control of his prisoners. The woman made a run for the door. Green shot her once in the back and she fell to the floor. The man became unhinged. Green turned his own AK on him and pulled the trigger. It jammed. Panicking, as the man advanced on him, Green switched to his shotgun. The first shot blasted the top of the man’s head off. Then Green turned to the little girl, who was running for a corner. This time the AK worked. He raised the rifle and shot Hadeel in the back of the head. She fell to the ground. … As Green was executing the family, Cortez finished raping Abeer and switched positions with Barker. Green came out of the bedroom and announced to Barker and Cortez, “They’re all dead. I killed them all.” Cortez held Abeer down and Green raped her. Then Cortez pushed a pillow over her face, still pinning her arms with his knees. Green grabbed the AK, pointed the gun at the pillow, and fired one shot, killing Abeer. There is a term that US presidents love to use in their efforts to assume the moral high ground in international affairs. Both George W. Bush and Barack Obama have used it repeatedly in reference to Iraq and Afghanistan. That term is “the civilized world.” It is used to portray us Westerners as sophisticated and “civilized” and Islamic militants as barbaric “savages.” As with the term collateral damage, it is used to appease our conscience with regard to the brutal acts of violence that we repeatedly inflict on innocent people. After all, if we represent the civilized world then we must stand for all that is good. And if we stand for all that is good, then any innocent women and children that die from our actions must merely be unfortunate victims of a tragic occurrence. While we may be comforted by such rhetoric and self-agrandization, I doubt our self-serving attitude provides much solace to a Pakistani mother who has watched her child get blown to pieces by a missile fired from one of our drones. Every form of colonialism throughout history has given birth to a violent resistance movement. And it should not be surprising that the current imperialist model in the form of capitalist globalization has also spurred a violent response. There were no extremist groups in Iraq before the US invasion. It was the US invasion and occupation that opened the door to al-Qaeda’s entry into Iraq as part of the broader insurgency that rose up to liberate the country from its foreign occupiers. And it was this insurgency that gave birth to ISIS. Therefore, it could be argued that our widespread killing of civilians in Iraq helped to create a fertile recruiting environment for extremist groups such as al-Qaeda and contributed to the emergence of ISIS. There is no question that the beheading of James Foley was a barbaric and savage act. But was Foley’s death any more barbaric and savage than the rape and killing of 14-year-old Abeer? Is it any more tragic than the deaths of the many other Iraqi and Afghan civilians who have been summarily executed by US troops? Is it any more heartbreaking than the killing of thousands of civilians in aerial bombardments ordered by US military commanders fully aware that the targeting of residential areas would result in the deaths of many innocents? The lack of graphic video footage of the killing of innocent people by our bombs and missiles does not make these deaths any less brutal or horrific. So while we must condemn the tragic and gruesome killing of James Foley, we also need to take a good look in the mirror and reflect on our own complicity in the slaughter of innocent civilians. Perhaps then we will realize that we are not so civilized after all. Gary Leech is an independent journalist and author of numerous books including Capitalism: A Structural Genocide (Zed Books, 2012); Beyond Bogota: Diary of a Drug War Journalist in Colombia (Beacon Press, 2009); and Crude Interventions: The United States Oil and the New World Disorder (Zed Books, 2006). ). He is also a lecturer in the Department of Political Science at Cape Breton University in Canada.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


Due Process – What We’re Missing Most

by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


The unavoidable, irrefutable evidence that unelected but nevertheless ubiquitous powers-that-be, the ranks of the NWO’s worldwide organization, have their all-controlling murderous, larcenous and toxic hands in everything now, upending and permeating all but the protected with stench and wilt, has reached all but a declining coddled and time-warped minority.

It’s as if you spill a quart of month-old rancid broth on your counter en route to the InSinkErator and try to blot it up with a paper towel, all but a last little remnant of which has gotten fouled and saturated and remains for a moment unaffected – dry. The sad part of the analogy is that the part that has already become soaked – that is affected and cannot be exorcised – falls apart. Only aberrant fibers of some kind (you and I) actually strengthen and grow more resistant. And we must hope against hope that there are at least a few more aberrant, resistant fibers waiting in the ever-shrinking still-clueless dry reserve to stand united with us and respond with resolve and acumen to the enslavers’ putrid brew!

Because one clarifying moment of realization, one view of the face of the monster, could undo for everyone in the population a thousand mornings of their fog-machine and distorting mirrors, and full realization of the deadly evil is coming.

What is the one great gift that America has had the ability to bestow, and now in its absence, we’re missing the most since 9/11/01?

It’s not shared and attainable abundance, even though recent statistics show that the average American household’s net worth is down by 35% since 2003. For way too many of us, the milk has soured and the honey has dried up in the bottle, and 35% of 0 is still 0.

It’s not bric-a-brac and bling: luxury automobiles are still present in our lives, at least in TV ads. And a great many trip over their accumulative electronic gadgetry and sports and celebrity memorabilia on the way to their beer, wine, or aspartame of choice cooler.

Porno fills many a screen, radar or otherwise, while induced longing zaps a trillion hearts and untold hours of productivity annually. Pills industries and crack and quack consultants vie with fuels, war-games, and Wall Street. No, American culture is alive and unwell.

So then, what was it that America, at least arguably, legitimately once possessed the world’s top reputation for, but is shockingly bereft of now? It’s the expectation of diligent resolution of crimes. Fact is, America’s wide-open society has always been a champion generator of criminality. While refusing to restrain or legally guide conduct (and reliably yelling bloody murder whenever the least restraint was imposed, that elsewhere in the world would be swallowed as a matter of course), our system could be counted on at least to diligently seek resolution in the name of justice institutionally after the fact. Law enforcement was rightly regarded as a major component of our national security alongside a rascally overpowering good guy military establishment to subdue malcontents overseas. In consequence, even the most seemingly obvious suspects were entitled to have their day in court. No longer. Now, the real perps are never seriously prosecuted, but more often promoted and lionized.

And, beginning with 9/11, our biggest perpetrated crime ever, the establishment’s prosecution was framed and aimed, instead of toward judge and jury after thorough investigation, directly to the court of public perception on TV, substituting innuendo, selective exhibits, cooked or planted “evidence”, and often false or bought witnesses and “expert” testimony, in place of scientifically-gathered pristine real forensics and witnesses carefully vetted for authenticity and objectivity.

And that new populist template, attempted and failed a generation earlier by Senator Joseph McCarthy and generated from scratch to launch some of America’s most profitable wars, has been used in a number of major recent instances (Boston Bombing, Sandy Hook, overthrow of Ukraine) and is now nonstop daily fare: our new “Guiding Light” and “Days of Our Lives”. And if you are a patsy or in their way, you are going down, guaranteed. No balm in Gilead any more. Justice (like truth) is now an out-of-step matter for the rest, we can’t even remember what it meant. The NWO has arrived faster than light.

To stop this overwhelming trend toward planned institutional collapse and societal implosion in its tracks, our legal archaeologists and architects need to unearth and strive to restore the part of the Constitution’s First Amendment, in our justly-vaunted Bill of Rights (adopted from the Magna Carta), that reads: “Congress shall make no law … abridging the right of the people to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” and somehow make that operational and normal as it has never been before.

JH: 7/30/2014

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Impeded Pace of 9/11 Truth

The Impeded Pace of 9/11 Truth

By James Hufferd, Ph.D.,
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


It’s starting all over again with the plane shoot-down in Ukraine! Once again, the alarms are blaring loud and crazy! The much complained-of slow pace of 9/11 Truth, to begin with as slow as the progress of most any other variety of truth (that is, slow indeed) is slowed even further by the whole explosion of the establishment, government, and information industry proclaiming in concert, over and over and over from the start a message contrived to convince everyone of a parallel unsubstantiated message suiting their precise purposes. Don’t wait for the evidence. If it indicates otherwise (as it usually does), ignore it. Talk over it. In the case of the Malaysian plane in the Ukraine, we know who did it – Putin! An investigation on the ground is hardly necessary! And in general in these cases, if you, John Q., don’t want family trouble, marriage trouble, employment trouble, friend trouble – stay far away from any “outrageous conspiracy theories”! We’ll tell you what happened, who did it! You saw it on TV for yourself, in most cases (though not necessarily in this one). What could be simpler? The case of the mis-identified toxic gas deployers in Syria comes to mind, as well as 9/11 itself. But, in this case, it’s Putin! Putin! Putin! That sort of thing has started up again now, the alarms are clanging, the hounds are out – and I find myself overcome by a raging fever of searing, severe doubt.

What anyone who has paid attention to the bad nightly (not to be confused with the Daly) theatre masquerading as our national/international news these past dozen and more years with no more than normal human skepticism has eventually come to realize is that the government/corporate establishment’s chief behind-the-scenes spinners of its nightly stories, typically purvey identical tales on every highly-financed TV network and outlet, and must really not be all that imaginative. In most instances of mega-events and mass-scale tragedies of whatever sort, the major outlines of the story seem to be virtually unchanged from one to the next, most following the same scenario. And, whenever possible, the story as told over and over and over and over, a hundred or a thousand or a million times a day to the exclusion of practically all else, will have a designated villain who caused whatever it is, who is positively or at least emphatically identified in practically the first five minutes, and whose name is spat out from then on, over and over and over – Putin! Putin! And the pudding’s proof is never produced.

And now, they’re saying already that the evidence in the field has been “tampered with”! Hedging! Their message? Don’t trust the evidence! Right from the beginning, we are told that the Malaysian plane that went down in that contested eastern part of the Ukraine – still in the absence of physical evidence – was shot down either by actual Russian Federation troops in the area or by pro-Russian rebels using a Putin-provided Russian missile and Russian equipment, and possibly on Putin’s orders. (When I hear – as I have – an “unconfirmed report” of pro-Russian rebels hightailing it out of the area early yesterday towing a missile launcher, it reminds me of the “unconfirmed sighting” of Santa Claus and reindeer I saw announced, with imagery, on the news last December!)

But no, it couldn’t have been Ukrainian militants who downed the commercial jet, we’re told, because after all, why would they shoot down a foreign airliner over their own country? Duh! Well, why would the pro-Russian forces shoot down a foreign airliner? (And what was a Malaysian Airlines flight doing in a completely verboten piece of war zone sky over there anyway?) There’s really no need for a ground investigation, we’re told. Blame the Russians and their surrogates on the ground! It’s a slam-dunk that they either did it or caused it!

And how convenient of them to do so, just on the very day the U.S. administration trots out, to a universal chorus of disgusted jeers, new, harsher sanctions against the Russian Putintate after being unable to get them (or him) to rush in and try to annex a large new chunk of Ukrainian territory, which presumably would have been enough to provoke unified NATO action to oust this monster (who, by the way, doesn’t exactly play ball with the international central banking regimes and has threatened to replace the dollar as the acceptable medium of payment for his enormous reserves of natural gas going to the west).

So, how on earth might one possibly read the situation if not just as the government and its news lackeys have been spending every minute of every hour since the crash contending? Well, try this – I go back to the fate of this Malaysian Airlines jet’s unfortunate likewise U.S.-made sister craft that vanished from the skies back in March, and now seems more likely than not never to be located. In that case, there was rather firm (though, of course, not confirmed) evidence of a mysterious nonverbal signal transmitted from the grid coordinate position of the U.S. base on Diego Garcia in the midst of the Indian Ocean and claiming to come from the lost plane. Suggesting the likelihood that the flight had been diverted there by Global Hawk remote control, presumably to prevent a certain passenger from transferring a critical technological prototype he had with him in his possession. The sophisticated piece of hardware had been developed in China, the subsequent account went, and the authorities wanted it. Certainly, whatever the case, the grand coincidence of a second plane from that same miniscule fleet of U.S.-made commercial jets cannot be overlooked.

And who’s to say that this plane, likewise manufactured to conform to the plausibility of Global Hawk diversion, was not likewise diverted, this time to a position 33,000 feet over eastern Ukraine, where it became the target of a clandestine NATO ground unit? Such a unit, if it existed (and such seem to be secreted everywhere) could even have been equipped with the identifying Russian BUK missiles, positive identification of which will presumably be regarded as the “smoking gun” tying the notorious shoot-down to the Russians and Putin – who thereby could be transformed fully into a pariah ripe for the usual drill – removal.

So, is that what really happened? Sitting here in the very midst of the Fruited Plain, with no evidence as yet analyzed in any case, how on earth would I know? But, such would fit the known M.O. of the NWO – and, of course, to hell once again with all those who died. False Flag? It would fit, and so very conveniently just now! Only one thing seems fairly certain – we’ll probably never know.

My question? Who calls the shots in such cases? Answer: Somebody, for sure, who has full-time to devote to weaving and choreographing harebrained deceitful plots (that at least seem to work), and whose day job must be to do so.

UPDATE: late tonight, it’s reported that a transmission was intercepted from rebels in Ukraine informing President Putin they had just shot down a plane. By cell phone, I wonder?

JH: 7/18/14