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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Pope Heads Out To Tour Ravaged Middle East

US Democrats Disagree About Whether Election System Is "Rigged"

Sen. Elizabeth Warren rebukes 2016 Obama comment: 'The system is as rigged as we think'

Apr 26th 2017 5:56PM

Former President Barack Obama is getting hit from within his own party. This time, it's Senator Elizabeth Warren.

In her new book, The Fight is Our Fight, Warren wrote about the future of the Democratic Party post following their devastating 2016 election loss to Republican Donald Trump. The Boston senator also aired out her disagreements with the former commander-in-chief.

Warren pointed to a speech that Obama gave last summer. Obama said, "the system isn't as rigged as you think it is." In the book, Warren fires back saying, "No, President Obama, the system is as rigged as we think. In face, it's worse than most Americans realize.">br/>
Warren elaborated on the comments from her book uring a recent interview with VOX. She explained that money in Washington comes from more sources than the contributors and lobbyists that make headlines.

"It's bought-and-paid-for experts who testify before Congress and are quoted in the press," Warren told Vox. "It's think tanks that are funded by shadowy money and always have a particular point of view that just seems to help the rich and the powerful get richer and more powerful."

Warren has remained in the spotlight since Trump took office, and her name has been floated as a possible candidate in 2020.