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Sunday, June 25, 2017

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Dane Wigington - Deep State Sleuth

Your children, your neighbor’s children, your dog and the other doomed creatures of Planet Earth will thank you for paying attention to this informationbr/>
by Gary Kohls

To my justice seeking friends who are concerned about the planet:

One of the best weekly commentaries on the internet comes from Dane Wigington of This week’s analysis is at Please take the time to listen to him every week, watch the images and then study the website. Your children, your neighbor’s children, your dog and the other doomed creatures of Planet Earth will thank you for paying attention and then doing something about the information.

Wigington does deep and irrefutably-true analyses of the serious realities of global warming, corporate fraud, political fraud, Big Pharma fraud, the Pentagon’s perpetual war and other de-stabilizing agendas and the many global crises arising from those corporate-led activities. He exposes the agendas of the Deep State power-mongers and the military-industrial complex that the Deep State orchestrates. tells us the unwelcome, unpleasant, but vitally important realities that are denied daily and go unreported in the major media, even by otherwise-trusted talking heads whose corporate sponsors manage what gets discussed.

Geoengineeringwatch does not sugar-coat the information like is done by the corporate-owned media which is temporarily profiting from the many breath-taking crises that their paymasters are actually responsible for.

Wigington articulates better than anybody else the truth about the Deep State’s hidden agendas, which have been kept from Americans for decades. And so, coming out of a culture that has been kept in the dark about unwelcome truths and unbiased science, America’s political class (so easily corrupted by campaign bribes and the desire for fame, celebrity and wealth) are also ignorant about 1) the Pentagon’s military destabilization of the rest of the world; 2) the role of the US government (CDC, FDA, NIH, etc) and the role of corporate medicine (the AMA, AAP, AAP, AAFP - even OB/GYN trade associations) in their dumbing down of average Americans concerning the lethality and lack of efficacy of the over-vaccination schedules that American children are forced to endure; 3) the toxic chemtrails that are being used by un-elected entities to alter the planet’s weather systems; 4) etc, etc.

This weekly commentary should be required listening for all politicians, journalists, parents and everybody who calls themselves human. Sociopathic entities (both corporate and individual), especially corporate-controlled politicians and journalists, will pretend to not be interested and, in fact will try to demonize or discredit Wigington and his audience, so be aware of that as you try to alert your congresspersons or your talking heads about the onrushing dangers to the planet that are being perpetrated by unelected evil entities that have achieved unjust power over the people – and are profiting from those hidden agendas. (One example is the fact that Monsanto holds the patents to the manufacturing of aluminum-tolerant seeds.)

Remember, the future of every living thing on the planet (including the planet itself and its air, water and soil), including our progeny, depends on everybody’s duty to warn others about oncoming dangers that most folks are not seeing.

Real scientists, it should be emphasized, and truly honorable politicians and journalists are the ones who are willing to ask questions about everything (and then discuss them in public) including the science of chemtrails (those long-lasting jet trails [that are being sprayed by military jets only on occasional days] that gradually diffuse into a long-lasting cloud-like haze, perhaps briefly blunting the sun’s heat rays). Chemical analyses of chemtrails have revealed nanoparticles of aluminum, barium and strontium, in addition to other toxins.

Real scientists and curious citizens should be knowledgeable about the science of normal contrails as well (that only actually show up as rapidly disappearing-from-sight ice crystals behind normal jets that are flying at very high (and very cold) altitudes. Contrails only show up briefly – if at all – shortly before they evaporate. Contrails naturally contain water vapor and the normal by-products of combusted jet fuel – and never visibly linger in the atmosphere for more than a few seconds).

So click on and be amazed that nobody in the media (including every weatherman in sight! who is muzzling their science-based voices?), in your neighborhood or among your in-laws is seeing or wondering about the dozens of chemtrail images that are regularly appearing in the sky above virtually every city everywhere, where jets are flying every day of the year, even when the skies are clear of any jet trails whether contrails of chemtrails.