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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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A Little Inside Job / False-Flag Info On Manchester Explosion

Published on May 22, 2017
Ok so I was searching online crisis actors needed in Manchester England, especially on Craigslist as gvt loves recruiting on Craigslist for crisis actors. I ran across a page that kept bringing virus alerts to my phone and since after Obama cracked down and signed a bill to crack down on "false news sites" in reality sites that spoke out against him and Hillary Clinton on all the curruption that was brought to light , sites now alert you if it's quote ( fake news) in reality news gvt don't want getting out of the bag they label as "conspiracy or fake" I ran across some random page where a man claims his friend was at the concert with a crisis actor as can see top of screenshot and if read it will make you ? Not including that there are NO actual videos of the so called explosion, though a video was recorded outside the arena of a flash going off yes there could have been a real explosion though was it a terror related event or someone setting it up as Manchester England ran a terror drill last year in a mall ironically which I'll leave that link below. I know not all is false flag related which the gvt does use false flag events to further their agenda of control and power putting fears into people to gain control and power though to there are real terrorists and people who want to cause him. Either way you Make decision for yourself just off to me there's no real footage inside with so many with camera's
Link terror drill Manchester-

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