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Saturday, June 16, 2012

What Does and Doesn't Lead to Truth?

What Does and Doesn’t Lead to Truth?

by James Hufferd, Ph.D.                                                                                Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


     In America’s creed (the commonly-acclaimed beliefs or preferences that distinguish us as Americans – in our own minds), there are five tenets. (See my e-book on entitled Troublesome Country. I know this sounds shameless, but read it! Read it! Much pertains to 911 Truth and will astound.)

     The five tenets of America’s creed are: 1) The people should control the government. (In practice, a sham: In practice, what the people want means nothing). 2) The government shouldn’t control the people. (The government/establishment-controlled media in fact controls the public’s thinking), 3) All people are created equal. (Laws prod and punish the poor and weak by design; the powerful are abetted, and in practice exempted, and subsidized), 4) Liberty and justice for all (i.e., due process, to be routinely and invariably applied for all crimes whatsoever), 5) National and personal independence (Our abundance ought to permit us all to provide well for ourselves). The fact is, if we would but practice and really insist upon these five tenets we all say we favor, everything would be much different. (And that’s why their promulgation was properly called a Revolution).

     Instead, the people control nothing. The government/establishment has us all practically in a death-hold. Ordinary people are ruled and controlled (in effect, practically herded), while the powerful walk unaccountable and uplifted. Criminal law is applied or not, depending on who did it. While foreign-controlled banks keep us buried in debt and very exorbitantly sell us our own currency, backed by nothing and costing us 100% of all that is collected in taxes, despite a clear but roundly-ignored Constitutional prohibition precisely forbidding that, because it was already being urged.

     So, you might say, as bad as all that may be, what does any of it have to do with 9/11? Well, did anybody ever ask your permission (or, for that matter, use of your taxes) for a predatory, bullying, and murderous foreign policy to cow the world, or for black operations to pump up, by deceit, public demand to run amok murdering and maiming? Did you say you wanted a government/establishment that would clog the airwaves and the majority of brainwaves in America with disinformation designed for thought control? Do you want to see white-collar mass-murderers and extortionists walk, while clueless pot-puffers rot in lock-up and suspects who can’t afford a decent lawyer are there for fried?

     Does big, smug central banking, mostly invisible, ultimately controlled by a single family that hordes in excess of half of all the world’s money and, fittingly, owns both wire-services emitting what passes for our world news, deserve to eat your lunch, keep you poor in a fabulously-rich country and, of late, cancel and cash out your future?

     So now, do you think we should compromise and only hold the vassal 9/11 perps to answer in so many slick words for a few “indiscretions” they might agree to admit to, and then reconcile and give them a big, wet national hug some week in passing? Or, must we insist steadfastly on finding the full truth and exacting full justice for unmitigated mass-murder and treason – just as if those élite murderers were your average Joe Blows down the road?

     I heard a good new slogan for us on an edition of Dateline the other night: “We just need a fair judge.”  That’s about it.

     And, if this be a rant, make the most of it!

     Can we change any of it at all? If enough won’t support the way it is, if we insist on practicing what we always say we believe instead, I’m thinking it will have to give way. No contest!

     Spread the word!


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