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Sunday, June 25, 2017


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization

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Many are noticing that life in the U.S.A. isn’t what it used to be. I realize that no one gives a rip what I’m disappointed in, but I’m here to try to convince you that maybe you should. To that end, I’ve formulated a list of 12 rather specific attitudes or prevailing habits of mind in the current U.S. in particular I find not only bothersome, but fraught with unprecedented negative, already borne-out implications.

In compiling my annotated list, which I’ll present in its entirety below, I’ve tried to avoid generational complaints that can only pigeonhole me, and inherent differences in culture favoring one tendency over another. Note that I’m not here to partake in “intellectual showmanship”, as one critic charged, but to state what’s on my mind as best I can. Agree or disagree. My motive? Always, to motivate you.

The sources of my observations here are not my friends or daily in-person and online associates, but far more revealing stories in the media of all kinds and hundreds of articles, news items, and videos I encounter each week while posting on my blog,

My list of prevailing attitudes / habits of mind I find most objectionable and troublesome, that disappoint me the most in the world that surrounds us, limits, and enables us, is as follows:

1) Deadly Determination – In the case of high command of the U.S. military, as in those in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, etc., profitability and determination to attain predetermined set goals override any cost in human lives or safety, which no longer appear as a consideration. A parallel in business and politics is: if you need to cheat to win, don’t think twice.

2) Disappearance of Empathy – The points of view or vital or mandatory considerations of others are utterly disregarded and overridden by superior power.

3) Disappearance of Justice, Let Alone Equal Justice – Legal consideration or due notice of grievances, rights, or existing evidence have become largely optional and arbitrary, making a mockery of justice.

4) Self-Centeredness and Narcissism – The focus of advertising and what passes for entertainment are largely on aggrandizement of self-identification with star-power.

5) Closed-Mindedness to Disagreement – Contrary thinking or points of view are not tolerated and not respected.

6) Criminalization of Truth – Those with inside knowledge and whistleblowers are treated as meddlesome troublemakers.

7) Pervasive Larceny of Freedom – Universally recognized human rights are treated by the state as cancelable writs of privilege at best.

8) Disrespect For Others and Self – Although a false respect for human variation is honored as a politically-correctness value, in practice, individual deviants are suspected, demonized, and their tagging encouraged.

9) Disappearance of Moral Conviction and Courage – Even when violations of human dignity are recognized, few will bear the price of getting personally involved effectively on others’ behalf.

10) Betrayal of Accountability – Lies are now expected from miscreants or negligent actors caught in implicating behavior.

11) Replication in Place of Thought – Ready-made conclusions and judgments provided by media or peers are adopted to avoid ostracism.

12) Social Smugness – Refusal to consider the plight or conditions of different strata or segments of humanity identified by distant location.

Redundant and overlapping? Sure. Incomplete? Feel free to add items.

Why only negative observations and traits on the list? Just reverse them, and you will have a list of values for any nation to be proud of and probably thrive on!

Conclusion: All of these increasingly-evident and pronounced attitudes and tendencies, possibly along with others, I believe, add up to a sort of national psychosis, the emerging prevalence of which has contributed strongly to the unchecked assumptions that led to 9/11 and its coverup, the follow-on tendency of strategic persons to lie and deceive regularly to gain the society’s permission, however reluctant, to launch and sustain the fraudulently-sold militarized police state with its xenophobic overseas adventurism and runaway penchant for state control. Why is trust now passé? Because it is manifestly not deserved.

So, is there any hope of reversing the situation? My scientific bent inclines me to think, only when we reverse the conditions (in this case, habits of mind) that produce it. 9/11 and all its dreadful aftershocks didn’t happen in a vacuum. It’s all of a piece.

JH: 6/25/17

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